Janice’s Kitchen Corner

Here are the recipes I have shared here: Mushroom & Goat Cheese CupsCrab CakesPork PiesBaked ChickenChili,  Shrimp Scampi, ShortcakesPot Roast, Basil Pesto ShrimpSpicy Bean SalsaStuffed Zucchini,  Cole SlawBeef and Broccoli with Wine, Zucchini BreadZucchini ItalianoGrapenut Custard, Spinach Pita PizzaPortuguese Seafood StewMarinated MushroomsStuffed Portobello MushroomsChicken Marsala, and Rice Paper Veggie Shrimp Wraps. In the past I have also shared recipes for Portuguese Bisquits and Drunken Chicken.

Selfie in May 2021

Hi, I’m Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina,
An Indie Author and Lover of Food, Photos and Books!

Here are photos of some of my recipes that I have shared in posts here.

Crab Cakes
Spicy Bean Salsa
Portobello stuffed mushrooms
Baked Chicken Wings
Chicken Pot Pie
Shrimp Scampi
Rice Paper Veggie Shrimp Rolls

There are many more recipes to share in my posts. I hope one day to put them all into my very own first cookbook. I am still on the fence about it though. It could cost a lot of money and no one would be able to buy it. But for now, enjoy my recipes. I will keep you informed if my idea comes to fruition.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy all my recipes. Happy eating!

Take care, God Bless, stay safe & well.