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Amazon Author Pages: Author page for all books!

Visit my personal website at  where you can purchase my books as soon as more of them are available.  I will keep you abreast of the dates of publication and availability.   My husband is presently working on illustrations for another adorable book from Jemsbooks.  Thank you for your support.  I deeply appreciate it.

Here are all Jemsbooks in the order of publication:

My first children’s book, Louey the Lazy Elephant, is available on and  Kindle. Louey is a different kind of book – done in coloring style. It was the first book that my husband, John, and I did together back in 2013. He keeps saying that he wants to update it but I love Louey just the way he is – adorable and sweet.

Your kids will love Louey.   Pick up your copy now.  Louey will be thrilled to go home with you!  Here are the links:

Kindle: – Louey

Kindle: – Louey

Louey_the_Lazy_Eleph_Cover_for_Kindle (2)

All covers

Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon  (2013) 


See more about Ricky on my post, Rambunctious Ricky is coming to town.  Go to links above and pick your copy of Ricky today.  He would love to meet your children and share his adventures with them.  They will be delighted and laugh out loud at Ricky’s antics.


Jerry the Crabby Crayfish (2014) 

Lamby the Lonely Lamb (2014) 

Jesse the Precocious Polar Bear (2014) 


Hunting Mariah (2014)


Broose the Moose on the Loose (2014)

Middle-grade series Book 1Davey & Derek Junior Detectives, The Case of the Missing Cell Phone (2015)

Sebastian Meets Marvin the Monkey (2015)

Book 2 of Series Davey & Derek Junior Detectives, The Case of the Mysterious Black Cat (2015)

How Far Is Heaven (2016)

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Book 3, The Case of the Magical Ivory Elephant (2016)

Colby the Courageous Cat (2016)


Book 4 Davey & Derek Series, The Case of the Brown Scraggly Dog (2016)

An Angel Among Us (2017)

Book 5, of Davey & Derek Series, The Case of the Sad Mischievous Ghost (2017)

Jeffrey the Jittery Giraffe (2017)

Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab (2018)

Mariah’s Revenge (Sequel to Hunting Mariah) (2018)

Lucy the Talented Toy Terrier (2018)

Abby & Holly, School Dance (Book 1 of Series) (2018)

Abby & Holly Book 2 coming in fall of 2018

Davey & Derek Book 6 coming in winter of 2018

Fairy tale coming in winter of 2018

A YA fantasy Series coming in 2019, 2020 and beyond!

There is always another story spinning around in my head!

Thank you for your support!

Remember:  Reading Gives You Wings To Fly! Soar with Jemsbooks all year through!

Thought for the day:  Nothing is impossible if you truly believe!

Blessings & Hugs!




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  1. Liz Thompson says:

    Thank you for the blog award! I will go about doing what you ask. I wasn’t sure how to contact you so I hope you read this! Liz

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