Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – While the Bombs Fell by Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton

I am excited to help spread the word of Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton’s new book, While the Bombs Fell. Check it out on Sally Cronin’s lovely Cafe and Bookstore below. I will add this book to my TBR list and look forward to reading. Happy reading everyone!

via Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – While the Bombs Fell by Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton

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Who Loves Short Stories?

If you love short stories, I have the perfect short story for you! I am beginning a new Segment on on Short Stories. I will share a little about each of the short stories in 15 different posts.

I published a short story collection, An Angel Among Us, in 2017It is an eclectic collection of 15 short stories. I dedicated it to my friend, Anne Gillis Benedetto, who passed in January of 2017. The first story titled, An Angel Among us, is especially for her.



I was fortunate enough to connect with Anne through social media. She and I were friends in high school and spent time together at our fifth class reunion. That was the last time we saw each other until we connected on FB. I was thrilled to see her there and connected immediately. I followed and enjoyed all her little messages written with her fabulous sense of humor even in tough times.

During her last year of life she shared the agony of losing her beloved husband a year previously and then discovering that she had stage 4 breast cancer. All she wanted to do at this point in her life was to join him. She kept writing back and forth with me and many of her friends to share her last words. Her life was beautiful with her husband and she did not want to go on. She endured great pain and suffering before being taken to her final rest. Thank God. She now resides with HIM and her beloved husband. I miss her terribly and her wonderful smile and kind heart. She always had something nice to say about everyone and quipped with her amazing wit about everything. She put a positive spin on even the negative things in life. God bless you Anne!

If you would like to read this story and her last letters to me please check out, An Angel Among Us. Anne truly was an angel! I shared this story with her in her last months and asked if I could include it in a collection and publish this title dedicated to her. She was thrilled and excited. Unfortunately she did not see the final book published. She died a month or so before I could complete it. At least she saw her story. That brought tears to my eyes then and now to know that she liked it.


A collection of short stories that covers several genres including romance, grief/loss, mystery, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal. This book is dedicated to a courageous friend who passed this year. The first story is specially created for her and is the inspiration for the title of this book.

Reviews on Amazon:

Sarah Reviews

March 11, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

Author Janice Spina is a prolific and eclectic writer, whose creativity knows no bounds and whose books entertain readers of all age groups. Having had the pleasure of reading many of Author Spina’s earlier works, I looked forward to reading her newest creation and am happy to report that her first-ever short story compilation is ever so gratifying.

“An Angel Among Us” is fabulous. The characters that populate the short stories are from all walks of life, real and well-developed. Their touching stories resonate, as the protagonists confront and face up to life’s many challenges. Loss, regret, love and hope are ingredients you’ll find in abundance in this stirring and heart-string tugging book. Highly recommended!


Michelle Clements James

5.0 out of 5 stars A thumbs up!

March 23, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I have read many of Janice Spina’s books and have never been disappointed. She writes with clarity and warmth. She doesn’t shy away from delving into another genre, as is evidenced by this eclectic collection of short stories.
The author’s tribute to her friend is heartwarming and is just the first story in this delightful collection. I recommend An Angel Among Us to everyone, as there are stories from multiple genres that are sure to appeal. This book can be read all at once or story by story. It is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time but want something to read with their coffee or before bed or whenever they have a few minutes without committing to a full-length book.
An Angel Among Us gets a thumbs up from me.
This book was gifted to me. I was neither paid nor required to give this honest review.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by and for your kind support.

Watch for more short stories’ blurbs shared here from this book.


Reading is good for your health!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Watch for New Book from Jemsbooks Coming Soon!


I have completed Book 2 of Abby & Holly Series and it is now in the hands of my lovely Beta Readers! I am excited that it is done. Now I look forward to their feedback and suggestions.

I will post a Cover Reveal for this book with it’s title. Watch for this soon!

If you haven’t checked out Book 1, Abby & Holly, School Dance, yet you can purchase it by clicking on the cover to the right of this post or at the following links.

AH FrontCover





Book Blurb:

This is Book 1 of a series of Abby & Holly books. These two girls were first introduced in Book 5 of the Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series.
The girls are first cousins on their mothers’ side. They moved to the quiet town of Lindon, New Hampshire and live in a grand old Victorian which is haunted.
The cousins are excited about attending the 6th grade dance. When their friend, Justine, is bullied, Abby and Holly, along with the help of a ghost and Davey & Derek, work together to formalize a plan to put a stop to the bullying.

In Book 2 I touch on another sensitive subject. I will share the blurb and more about this book in the Cover Reveal Coming Soon! Keep a look out. This is a book that you will want to read along with your children.

All my books have life lessons from the young children’s books to the MG/PT/YA books. As an author of books for all ages I want especially to instill in children of all ages that it is important to be kind, caring and sensitive to others’ feelings, respect and love one another, accept differences, and encourage one another to be the best that you can be. We are all special in the eyes of our Creator and we are loved.

Thank you for coming today. I hope you will enjoy my books and continue to support your children in everything that they aspire to do in life. Thank you for your support! I wish you a wonderful day every day!


Blessings & Hugs!


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Is Summer Almost Over?


Here in the East in New England, USA, it has been a hot summer with intermittent rain storms, then a cool spell, but now once again we are getting some humid days. But looking around I notice the trees are already displaying their new coats in colors of red, orange, and yellow. They are a harbinger of what is to come – autumn or fall as some call this incoming season.

I’ve enjoyed the summer, cookouts on the deck, getting together with family and friends and wearing shorts and flip flops (which I never used to wear until last year, who figures? Flip flops – not shorts. LOL!) I only wear one kind though – Clarks. They are the most comfortable for me. No, I am not getting any kickbacks from them for saying this. Ha!

I’ve also loved watching my roses, dahliahs, hibiscus, marigolds, and Rose of Sharon bushes in all their brilliant and glorious displays of color. They are a joy to me. Here are some more photos I snapped recently to enjoy before they are gone until next summer. Sigh!

In the fourth photo down below is my mint plant. This plant and the hibiscus will be coming into the house for the winter after being cut back. The hibiscus will stop flowering right after being cut back but will continue to grow dark green leaves all winter long with an occasional flower. The mint plant is purely to keep little critters like mice away. It helps keep bugs at bay, smells fragrant, and also produces nice mint tea.

You can see how the colors of the Rose of Sharon blossoms are variegated from whites to pinks and purples. These bushes are amazing as they keep evolving in colors and textures, especially since they all came from the same mother bush that was originally violet but is now all white.

Here are some of the 17 Rose of Sharon bushes we have all over our yard, some in the front, along the sides and out on the side that faces the street. They are variegated in colors and textures. The mother plant in the lower left photo used to be a violet color but now has evolved into white flowers. It’s totally mesmerizing watching them each year as they continue to change in front of our eyes. Who can figure?! It doesn’t matter what color they are – they are all beautiful and bring so much joy to my days each summer as I wait in avid anticipation for the moment the first flowers bloom. God works his magic to delight me and make my days more fulfilled by all the beauty around me. I am thankful for his blessings. I hope you have gotten some pleasure out of viewing them.

I can’t believe the year is flying by so quickly. That’s what life is doing to me – flying by in the wink of an eye. As I add one more year to my life I feel the need to push myself more to complete all the things that I have on my bucket list more urgently.

Writing this year has been productive. So far I have published four books and have two more that I plan to complete before the end of 2018. Next year I plan to write at least 4-5 books also. I feel compelled to reach at least 40 books before He calls me home. Since I began so late in life to reach my dream to be an author, it is even more important for me to complete all my projects for my progeny to have to remember me by. I hope I make them proud.

Each year we travel to new places and return to some familiar places. This year we will be going to Aruba and next year to Greece. We have a few more places on our bucket list to visit then we may just sit back and enjoy our lovely home with our tropical fish and one beta named Red Robin (named by my two youngest grandchildren).

Thank you, readers, for stopping by to read my post. Please come back again soon.


Watch for two new books coming this year one for young children and the other one for middle-grade/PT/YA.

Visit, Amazon or for all Jemsbooks!

Reading is good for your health! Start reading and get healthy today! Please leave some love for authors by reviewing their books wherever you purchase them. We authors will love you back!

(All photos are the property of Jemsbooks aka Janice Spina.)

Blessings & Hugs!


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J.E. Spina: Hunting Mariah

Thank you so much, Caroly Balawyder, for this fabulous review of my thriller novel, Hunting Mariah! I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! 🤗
If you haven’t read this book yet, please check out this wonderful review! I am so excited!!!


Carol Balawyder

Hunting Mariah

It isn’t because Hunting Mariah reminded me of my own in progress novel that I really loved this book, although that didn’t hurt. There’s a serial killer’s hunger for school girls whom Spina gives reasons for his macabre behavior as she allows us to get inside his insane mind and his intensifying obsessive need to kill. He will stop at nothing until he satisfies his warped hunger to hunt down Mariah.

The novel contains many plot angles that drive it forward. Of course, there’s why Mariah is being hunted by the serial killer in the first place – a mystery which the author is able to maintain throughout the novel. Why is she kept in isolation in a psychiatric ward and what are her memory blanks about? Why can’t Tony, a man who obviously cares deeply for Mariah but for reasons revealed only much later in the novel, return his…

View original post 97 more words

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Interview with Author Teri Polen!


Teri Polen

Teri Polen

Please help me welcome author Teri Polen to Segment of Interview and Author. 

Hi Teri, it’s so nice to have you here today. Please feel free to begin. The spotlight is on you!

Please tell us about yourself.

I’m a young adult writer of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  My first book, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was released in December 2016, and my second, The Gemini Connection, a YA sci-fi/thriller was published in June 2018.

jjspina: I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy but have never read all three in one book. Sounds intriguing!

What is your target audience for your book?

As a YA writer, my target audience is readers from age 12-years-old and up.  YA books aren’t only for teens–a large percentage of YA readers are over the age of eighteen.  One of the book clubs I’m in, Pardon My Youth, is for readers of YA books age 18 and over, and our members ages range from 18 to over 70.  Being the mother of sons, the audience I’d love to snag is teen boys, as they seem to read much less than teen girls.  Both of my books, as well as the one I’m currently working on, are written from a teen male perspective.  That may sound odd, but having sons and being around their friends, it’s what I know.

jjspina: Ooh, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy is quite a combination that is sure to grip teens.

What hobbies do you have when you are not writing?

Like most writers, I read, read, and read.  My happy place is on a beach under an umbrella, book in hand, and I’m totally content to stay there all day.  I also love movies (especially Marvel), yoga, rock/alt-rock music, and weight-lifting.

jjspina: That scenario sounds heavenly to me too but give me some sunscreen, plenty of water and a good book! Love movies, Marvel too!

What would you do if you were not a writer?

I’m convinced I’d be involved with books somehow, whether as an agent, editor, or librarian.  Books are my passion.

jjspina: I guess we authors all have books in our blood!

What process do you need in order to write?

Compared to other authors, I feel like I’m on the slow side when it comes to writing.  I only work on one project as a time, and don’t have a trunk full of ideas stashed away.  After wrapping up one book, it generally takes a few months for another idea to marinate and take hold.  I get to know my characters, and usually interview them to get a feel for their likes and dislikes, make a playlist, and spend time on world-building.

jjspina: Whatever works for you, Teri. It sounds like you have a good plan.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy is a place I’ve always wanted to visit–not so much the touristy locations, but maybe rent a villa in a smaller town.  I have a friend who’s doing exactly that for a month, and the pictures she’s sharing are just beautiful.

jjspina: Now that is the way to learn more about a country – live with the natives, so to speak. I hope you get to do that one day.

What projects are you currently working on?

My current WIP is a young adult sci-fi novel involving genetic engineering, something that’s always fascinated me.  I’d never planned to write a series, but I could see this one becoming a duology.  I’ll have to see where the characters lead me.  Recently, a reader of my first book, Sarah, asked if there would be a sequel.  I’d never planned on writing one, but know the direction I’d take it if it becomes a reality.  It’s something I’m keeping in mind.

jjspina: This sounds like a fascinating subject to write about, Teri. Best of luck with it and a sequel. 

Author’s Bio:

Teri Polen reads and watches horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and anything Marvel-related are likely to cause fangirl delirium.  She lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband, sons, and black cat.  Her first novel, Sarah, a YA horror/thriller, was a horror finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  Visit her online at

Buy Links:

Contact Links:








Thanks again for the interview, Janice!

It was my pleasure, Teri, to get to know you better and your books. I wish you much success with your books and any future endeavors. Please feel free to come back again to share new projects now that you are part of Jemsbooks Blog family.

Thank you, Readers, for stopping by to learn more about this creative author. I hope you will take some time and peruse her books and links above.


Please remember to give some love to authors by reading and reviewing their books wherever you purchased them. We authors will love you back!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Bullying Must Never Be Tolerated!

Recently the town I live in has taken a stand on bullying. They plan to meet and devise an updated policy on handling bullying. Here is the article by Alex Guittarr of Londonderry Times on September 6, 2018 as posted in the local newspaper.

Children have to understand there are consequences for their actions at all times in school, in the home and on the outside. I commend Londonderry School District on their dedication in making their school environment safe for children.

Bullying article Londonderry Times 2018

Two of my books have dealt with bullying, Davey & Derek Junior Detectives, Book 1, The Case of the Missing Cell Phone and my newest Series, Abby & Holly, School Dance Book 1. 

AMAZON (all Jemsbooks)

BN.COM (all Jemsbooks)

As a young child and even as I grew older I suffered from bullying in school and out. We didn’t have bullying policies back then. All we did was go home and cry to our parents about any problems. My mother most of the time told me to ignore them and they would go away or stop bothering me. Sometimes that worked but other times they became more merciless with their bullying.

With today’s ever advancing technology and all the online sites bullying has become epidemic in proportions. This makes it even more crucial that we protect our children from this abuse.

Because of my former experiences I always watched out for others who were mistreated all through school and continue now to advocate for the oppressed. Please educate your children about how they should behave toward others in school and out.

For this reason, all my young children’s books and middle-grade books have life lessons that encourage children to behave, care for one another, be kind to those less fortunate, listen to and respect others, accept differences in each other as precious. We are all different but that’s what makes us special in God’s eyes. He made us that way. Why can’t we accept that and love one another for those differences.

This world would be a boring place if we are all the same. Right? Enjoy and celebrate your differences and share that with your children. If you need help in educating your children about life lessons, please check out my books on or on the right of this post. Click on covers for purchase or go to Amazon or

I would love to hear from readers about this subject. Take a stand and make your own communities safe for your children and advocate for a policy on handling bullying as my own town is doing. May God bless you and your children and keep them safe.

Thank you for stopping by to read about this important subject. Please do what you can to make your children understand the importance of not bullying others and to treat others as they would want to be treated.


Blessings & Hugs!


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Interview with Author Annette Rochelle Aben!



Annette Rochelle Aben

Please help me welcome author Annette Rochelle Aben to Segment, Interview an Author!

Hi Annette, it’s lovely to see you. Thank you for coming. Please step up  on the stage. The lights are on you!

Tell us something about yourself:

Believe it or not, this is one of the most difficult questions for me to address. What someone else might find interesting about me might be the very thing I do NOT mention. So, here goes.

I’m a grown-ass woman who has come to the realization that I know less about life than the day I was born. At least, I have the ability to know that this is not a bad thing. Much of this awareness comes from having my two adult siblings as roommates. Life with them teaches me that the difference between simple and complex is all about choosing between wanting to be happy or being right. Ergo, I live a life of choices every day.

jjspina: Now that is really challenging. I don’t know if I could live with my two siblings. I think you have a wonderful grasp of life and knowledge for which you don’t give yourself enough credit. I think you are fabulous! Love the baby photo, Annette! Even then you look determined and ready to take on the world! Haha!

Annette babyBaby Annette

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

That’s a trick question for me, as I have written since I could hold a pencil but it never dawned on me that I wanted to write and publish a book of my own until this century. I created a book, an award winning book, back in the 80’s but that was by accident, not on purpose. And it wasn’t for me, it was for my employer. In 2009, I self-published Perspective: It’s all about replacing one thought with another. That was when I realized that being a writer was going to have more influence on my life than I ever imagined.

Jjspina: Congratulations on that award. I find your books fascinating and intuitive.

Share your books and a synopsis of each

Perspective: It’s all about replacing one thought with anotheris filled with thought provoking prose, poetry and photographs.

Choose, the 2 step-plan, is actually a workshop I presented about choices we can make in our lives and how we can take action to make those choices a reality.

Angel Messages A Wing and A Prayer, is filled with my photos of Angels, poetry and prayers.

Angel Messages Two would be the sequel to the other Angel book but this is all photographs and poetry.

PhoKu, visual perspective haiku, my first attempt at writing haiku for photographs I took.

A Haiku Perspective 2015, A Haiku Perspective 2016, A Haiku Perspective 2017 and A Haiku Perspective 2018 are collections of “haiku style” poetry I wrote the years before.

BooKu, Halloween Haiku is a compilation of my sister’s yard art and haiku with a sense of humor.

A Tanka Picture Book is filled with photographs I have taken to which I added tanka poems I wrote.

Go YOU, some encouragement when you need it is pages of encouraging statements to bolster your energy.

All my books can be found through my Author Central Page,

Jjspina: These are all wonderful selections to enjoy.

What projects are you currently working on?

Gee whiz, I’ve so many ideas for books that I could spend 24/7 putting them together. However, at the moment, one of those taking shape is the sequel to my Halloween Haiku book,BooKu, titled: Son of BooKu This features new photos of my sister’s Halloween yard art and my snarky “haiku style”remarks. I am not a Halloween person, so this is my contribution to the celebration. Also, I am planning an early 2019 release of Think Tanka: vision in verse. I have learned to love writing tanka and have amassed nearly enough to fill a book. What is in the distant future? A cookbook, a children’s book and I’ve been kicking around putting together a book about final arrangements; yes I mean funerals, et al.

I am also a contributing writer, podcast host and the Editor of the digital magazine, The Magic Happens. Since the magazine changes every month and I load new podcasts frequently, I imagine that this would fall into this category.

Jjspina:Good luck with all these upcoming projects, Annette. I was on your podcast and had a wonderful time. You are a fabulous interviewer and host. You put this nervous ninny at ease so much that you couldn’t stop me from jabbering away. Sorry about that and thank you for the fantastic opportunity.

Hobbies when I am not writing?

I make jewelry and have for years. Years ago I stated making clip on earrings because severe allergies to metals demanded I allow my pierced ears to close up. It was hard for me to find earrings I really liked, so I made my own. My favorite jewelry piece to make is a bracelet. Whether ankle or wrist, I can whip one out in no time. Yes, I sell them and have sold my creations for years. Something else I have made and sold are rosaries. I am not Catholic but I love making rosaries for others. Perhaps I was a Nun or a Priest in a former life.

jjspina: How lovely, Annette. You must get great pleasure out of working with your hands to make these items. And, maybe you were a clergy in your former life.

Thank you, Janice for allowing me to be a part of your interview series.

Annette’s Links:

Thank you, Annette, for coming to share a little about yourself and your lovely books. You are quite a talented and inspirational author and person. I was honored to have you here today.

Here is my review of Annette’s book, Perspectives, on Amazon:


5.0 out of 5 starsLovely Uplifting Words of Inspiration!

December 31, 2017

Verified Purchase

This book is chock full of inspiring words, phrases, poems and feelings. This reader felt warm hugs and positive thoughts after reading this lovely book.

The author is a positive person who eloquently displays her incredible spirit with her words. Anyone who reads this book will want to think that anything is possible if you only believe in yourself.

Annette Rochelle Aben is a truly inspiring author that I recommend to anyone who needs guidance and a positive spirit in his/her life.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by today to read about this talented author. I hope you will take some time to check out her books and peruse her sites and listen to her podcasts. You will be thoroughly entertained.


Reading is good for your health! Get healthy and start reading!

Please leave some love for authors by reviewing their books wherever you purchased them. We authors will love you back!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Interview with Author Judy Penz-Sheluk!


Judy Penz-Sheluk

Please help me welcome author Judy Penz-Sheluk to Segment, Interview an Author.

Nice to meet you Judy.  Please feel free to take the stage.

1. Please tell us something about yourself.

I’m the Amazon international bestselling author of two mystery series: The Glass Dolphin Mysteries and the Marketville Mysteries, and some short stories. I’ve also the Senior Editor of New England Antiques Journal(

jjspina: I look forward to reading your books. I love mysteries!

2. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

I’ve been writing stories “inside my head” since I was a kid—I thought everyone wrote stories in their head. I started writing them down in 2002, after taking a creative writing workshop. I started writing my first book, The Hanged Man’s Noose, on Christmas Eve, 2012.

jjspina: I know what you mean, Judy. I did the same thing.

3. What process do you need in order to write?

I start with a basic premise, i.e. in The Hanged Man’s Noose, it’s “a greedy developer comes to a small historic town with plans to build a megabox store on the Main Street, thereby hurting all the indie shops located there. Then I “what if” my way through the chapters—I’m very much a pantser, and don’t work well with an outline.

jjspina: I agree definitely. I am a pantser too.

4. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Life. In the previous example, we see that sort of thing happen all the time. Big box store comes in, little shops struggle and eventually go under. In my most recent book, Past & Present, the idea came to me when going through my mother’s train case after she passed away in Sept. 2016. There were all sorts of documents and photos in there that I never knew existed, including her immigration papers. As I started to unravel her journey, the idea for a book just came to me. It was as if she was with me when I wrote it.

jjspina: Maybe her spirit was with you.

5. What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on book 3 of the Marketville Mystery series, and about halfway through the first draft. I’ve also beenplaying around with book 3 in the Glass Dolphin Mystery series. I’m working on a jewelry caper mystery with a friend who was in the business for many years. I’ve never co-wrote with anyone before, and we’re in the early stages, but so far it’s been interesting. We’ll see where it goes.

jjspina: Good luck with the new book. I hope it all works out well for you.

6. What do you expect to accomplish in 2018?

I will have released two books in 2018: book 2 in Glass Dolphin (A Hole in One) and book 2 in Marketville (Past & Present). I’d like to finish book 3 in the Marketville series, to the point where I can send it off to my beta readers. Beyond that, I just want to keep writing and loving every minute of it.

jjspina: That’s wonderful!  Enjoy it!

7. What hobbies do you have when you are not writing?

I love to golf and belong to two ladies leagues (both 9 hole). I’m an avid reader, mostly mystery and suspense, though I will veer out of that lane on occasion. I enjoy walking my dog, Gibbs, an almost three-year-old Golden Retriever, along the nature trails surrounding my house.

jjspina: Golfing, reading and walking your dog will keep you busy. Love Golden Retrievers. I had a Black Lab. Beautiful animals!

8. What is your target audience for your book?

There’s no overt sex, violence or bad language in any of my books. They really can be read by anyone, at any age, who enjoys mysteries.

jjspina: I like books like that. There are entirely too many with all of the above.

9. Please share your books with us and a synopsis of each.

You can read about all my books and short stories on my website:

My most recent release, Past & Present: A Marketville Mystery #2, is currently available for pre-order at the introductory price of $2.99 (reg. $5.99) on Kindle. Publication date is Sept. 21, 2018. Here’s a bit about it:

Sometimes the past reaches out to the present…

It’s been thirteen months since Calamity (Callie) Barnstable inherited a house in Marketville under the condition that she search for the person who murdered her mother thirty years earlier. She solves the mystery, but what next? Unemployment? Another nine-to-five job in Toronto? 

Callie decides to set down roots in Marketville, take the skills and knowledge she acquired over the past year, and start her own business: Past & Present Investigations.

It’s not long before Callie and her new business partner, best friend Chantelle Marchand, get their first client: a woman who wants to find out everything she can about her grandmother, Anneliese Prei, and how she came to a “bad end” in 1956. It sounds like a perfect first assignment. Except for one thing: Anneliese’s past winds its way into Callie’s present, and not in a manner anyone—least of all Callie—could have predicted. 

10. Please share your links and where to purchase your books.


Barnes & Noble:



11. What advice would you give prospective authors?

Write every day. The writing muscle is like every other muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

jjspina: Great advice and so true.

Social Links:







Thank you, Judy, for coming today. It was a pleasure to learn more about you and your books. I wish you much success with your future endeavors. I look forward to reading your books and promise to review them.

Please feel free to come back again when you have new books to share now that you are part of Jemsbooks Blog family.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by to read about Judy Penz-Sheluk. I hope you will visit her links and check out her lovely books.


Reading is Good for your Health! Please show authors a little love by reviewing their books! They will appreciate your effort and love you for it.

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Cover Reveal for Mae Clair’s New Book – End of Day!

It’s my sincere pleasure to share Mae Clair’s new novel cover reveal with all my readers. With balloons, lot of fanfare and celebrations – TA DA – here it is! Congratulations to Mae Clair!

Book cover for End of Day, mystery/suspense novel by Mae Clair shows old dilapidated church with bell tower and a cemetery in the background overgrown with weeds

Release Date: January 15, 2019
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Kensington Publishing • Lyrical Underground Imprint

The past is never truly buried…

Generations of Jillian Cley’s family have been tasked with a strange duty—tending the burial plot of Gabriel Vane, whose body was the first to be interred in the Hode’s Hill cemetery. Jillian faithfully continues the long-standing tradition—until one October night, Vane’s body is stolen from its resting place. Is it a Halloween prank? Or something more sinister?

As the descendants of those buried in the church yard begin to experience bizarre “accidents,” Jillian tries to uncover the cause. Deeply empathic, she does not make friends easily, or lightly. But to fend off the terror taking over her town, she must join forces with artist Dante DeLuca, whose sensitivity to the spirit world has been both a blessing and a curse. The two soon realize Jillian’s murky family history is entwined in a tragic legacy tracing back to the founding of Hode’s Hill. In order to set matters right, an ancient wrong must be avenged…or Jillian, Dante, and everyone in town will forever be at the mercy of a vengeful spirit.

End of Day can be read as a stand alone novel or as a follow-up to book one of the Hode’s Hill series, Cusp of Night.

End of Day is available for pre-order through this link
and available to add to your Goodreads to-be-read list here.

Connect with Mae Clair at BOOKBUB and the following haunts:

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It was my pleasure to help you spread the word about your lovely new book, Mae. I wish you much success with it and all your wonderful books.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by to hear about this talented author’s new book and be one of the first to see the cover. I hope that you will check out this book and all her lovely books on her links above. I have read several of Mae’s books and have enjoyed all of them. They are entertaining, intriguing, mysterious, suspenseful, and full of  interesting information about urban legends.


Reading is good for your health! Please leave some love for authors by reviewing their books wherever you purchased them. We authors will love you back.

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