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Traffic in the Snow! Snow is already melting! Spring is Here or is it?

I love to see how much traffic we get when it snows. There are so many tracks that overlap one another that it is impossible to know how many deer, turkeys and other animals have traversed our yard. But it is fascinating to see the traffic we receive. Do you see a bush that looks…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May God be with you!

This is a post I wrote back in 2017. I think, if you haven’t already read it, you may enjoy it. Who would have thought that the corned beef and cabbage we eat on St. Patrick’s Day carries this background. Surprising! Enjoy! An Irish Blessing (A Blessing from St. Patrick)May the road rise to meet…

Nor’easter in New England! Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Wow! We are getting tons of snow on 3/14/23 here in New England. This is our first big storm of the season to arrive this winter. Better to have it in March than in January or February since it will melt sooner because spring is coming, temps will be rising. Notice the amount of snow…


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