Books Read in September 2020!

Here it is already the end of another month. Where does the time go? I have been busy as usual reading some wonderful books for the month of September of 2020. Here are the 6 books I read and reviewed for September. I might have read even more if I didn’t have a WIP. I hope you enjoy reading these reviews.

I love sharing my reads in this Jemsbooks Segment, Books Read in the Month. I hope you will get a chance to look these books over soon. Thank you for your kind support of my work and my fellow authors.

If you are an avid reader, as I am, please review the books you love on Amazon or wherever you purchased them in order for others to enjoy your reviews. Reviews are one way for readers to know about an exceptional book. We indie authors love to receive reviews and appreciate the efforts of readers to do them. Thank you for your kind support of me and my books and for supporting my fellow authors too.

This book is part of a collection of 17 medical thrillers in the book, Do No Harm.

Viable Hostage is a fast-moving medical crime thriller that has plenty of intriguing characters, medical jargon, suspects and a gripping story line.

Malorie, the main protagonist, is a medical student who becomes embroiled in finding her best friend who has gone missing. No one believes that Lani is missing. With Lani’s past behavior staying out late, they believe she is probably only on a drug or alcoholic binge as in past times.

This story kept me guessing who and what was going on and who is responsible when body parts begin to turn up. The author did a wonderful job of keeping the suspense going until the end. When the action grows I was on the edge of my seat.

An enjoyable and worthwhile read!

This book is part of a collection of 17 medical thrillers in the book, Do No Harm.

Jjspina5.0 out of 5 stars A Mesmerizing Medical Mystery/Thriller!Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2020This book is part of a collection of 17 medical mysteries in the book, Do No Harm.

The Marburg Mutation is full of mystery, action heroes, exciting scenes and a deadly virus which is offered on the open market. Who will purchase this virus and how will the FBI stop it from getting out there?

This story kept me riveted as the action heroine, Janet McIntyre, an FBI agent, goes on the chase to find and stop the person who created the virus from selling it on the open market. She is brave, resourceful and resilient. Will she be able to discover who the scientist is that created this virus and save some of the people who are being used as guinea pigs with this virus?

I’ve enjoyed this story and how the author kept the suspense and action ratcheted up all throughout the chapters. I was on the edge of my seat in some of these harrowing scenes. If you like medical mysteries, this one is for you!

The Cat That Changed America

This is an interesting tale created around an actual mountain lion born in the mountains of California. His name is P22 which comes from the region where he finally settled.

The author has created an intriguing story about this animal who did an amazing thing – he crossed two highways to get to the forest area where he wanted to make his hunting ground and new home. He included a few other animals in the story with whom P22 interacted – a couple opossums, llamas and P22’s father.

This animal was featured on the news a year or more ago. I remember seeing photos of him roaming the mountainous area around California.

Children will enjoy reading about P22 and cheer him on as he strives to find a new home in spite of the dangers he must face.

This book is part of a collection of 17 medical thrillers in the book, Do No Harm.

The Savant of Chelsea is a fascinating story about a woman with mental illness. The descriptions of Alexandra indicate a combination of Savant, Tourette’s Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome. Alexandra tries to escape her illness by running long distances.

It is difficult to believe that just exercise will heal a person with any of these conditions. But this is a work of fiction and an enjoyable one at that.

The author created a story with endearing characters (the children) besides the main protagonist, Alexandra, who gripped your heart. The story presented the seedy side of life as Alexandra relives her horrendous life with a mother with mental illness who took drugs and was a prostitute. Alexandra is raped at the age of 10 and has the baby who is taken from her by her mother. Alexandra is heart broken for years and finally discovers what happened to her daughter.

Love is what heals and helps Alexandra to get back to a normal life when she meets her seven grandchildren. She feels compelled to take them out of the same type of environment that she had as a child and brings them back to New York, her home to raise.

I won’t tell you how this ends, but if you want to know what happens next, buy this book. An enjoyable and worthwhile read for lovers of medical mysteries.

A Perfect Storm is Book 9 in this cozy mystery series with Sgt. Winston Windflower of the RCMP based in Grand Bank, Newfoundland. The author has created an enjoyable series with memorable and lovable characters who work together for the common good of their community.

I have read all of the books in this series and absolutely love the characters in them. It’s like going home each time I read about Sgt. Winston Windflower, his family, and his fellow officers in Grand Bank, Newfoundland. Winston is a strong but kind and considerate man who does all he can to help others in his line of work as a Mountie. He is dependable, hard-working, an exceptional husband and father and a friend to many. When someone needs a hand, Winston is the man to turn to.

In this book Windflower must deal with a drug problem that is spreading across the communities by skinheads and Aryan groups who threaten the safety of their land and families. Also, there are some new characters added. A favorite character, Tizzard, returns to rethink his future after trying his hand unsuccessfully at being a PI. Winston must deal with a loss in his life and some changes are coming in his future.

This is book 9 in this series which features each book as a stand alone story with plenty of problems at work for Winston to handle as he goes about his daily life with his wife, Sheila, baby daughter, Amelia Louise, dog, Lady, and cat, Molly. The town of Grand Bank is somewhat of a sleepy town with inhabitants who help and care for one another. When something out of the ordinary happens they band together like a family.

I look forward with anticipation to another one of these cozy mysteries. I can see this series on TV or in a movie on the big screen.

I was given a copy of this book and choose to review it without any compensation.

jspina5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful and Riveting Story of a Young Hero! Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2020 Beneath a Scarlet Sky was a wonderful story about an amazing young man who survived during WWII. The author has definitely added his own spin and details to Pino’s life story because some of his exploits are difficult to imagine being possible. I’m sure Pino changed history in his own way just by helping so many people escape Hitler’s grasp.

This was an epic novel that will soon be a major motion picture that I will definitely go to see. I was riveted by all that was happening to Pino and how he handled himself for such a young man. His love story was sweet and tender in a world full of horror, murder and espionage.

The characters surrounding Pino were not as well defined as he but there was enough detail to keep track of them in my opinion. Sometimes there can be too much detail that can take away from the story. I think the author did a commendable job of using the information he had from Pino and added what he needed to pull the story together.

This was an enjoyable read though long but I couldn’t put it down and kept thinking of Pino in between readings. I give this book 5 golden stars for enjoyment, storyline, writing and for bringing Pino to life for all of us to get to know. He did a great service for his country and should be recognized for his bravery and resilience. I highly recommend!

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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  1. These all look terrific, Janice. The one about P22 particularly caught my eye. A great idea for a story for children.

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