Books Read in the Month of April 2020!

Here it is already the end of another month. Where does the time go? I have been busy as usual reading some wonderful books for the month of April of 2020. Here are the 8 books I read and reviewed for April. I might have read even more if I didn’t have a WIP to edit and prepare for publication in May. I hope you enjoy reading these reviews.

If you are an avid reader, as I am, please review the books you love on Amazon or wherever you purchased them in order for others to enjoy your reviews. Reviews are one way for readers to know about an exceptional book. We indie authors love to receive reviews and appreciate the efforts of readers to do them. Thank you for your kind support of me and my books and for supporting my fellow authors too.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Shocker of a Thriller!Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2020Format: Kindle EditionThe Stranger Inside kept me riveted all the way through. I thought I knew who the killer was but the author put in road blocks, twists and turns and surprises that made me question what was going on.

I don’t want to give anything away but that this story will keep you turning pages as you try to solve the mystery. The author has created quite a thriller with a dysfunctional family, each member has his/her own demons to overcome. The two children struggle to get over the suicide of their father. The sight of him hanging never leaves their minds. The mother tries to keep her family together against all odds, the ill health of her son and the mental health of her daughter and her own unhappiness caused by ignoring her own mental health.

When a man comes into their lives she wants to trust him and let herself become involved with him. But things begin to happen and she feels unsure of him and their relationship when her daughter questions his background.

This was a quick read that I finished in one day. I couldn’t put the book down! I will definitely look for more by this author to see what other thrillers she has written.

This was an enjoyable read filled with love, loss, guilt, psychic abilities and the power of a mother’s love. The author has created characters that are likable and believable. Because of this readers will become involved in the characters’ welfare and become more engrossed in the story.

Molly Brennan returns home to take her daughter, Cassie, away from issues at school. Cassie has psychic abilities as does her mother and other generations of her family. She can see the future and predicted two of her school friends would have terrible accidents. Her abilities frightened her classmates and their parents forcing the principal to suspend Cassie from school for a week.

What Mollie doesn’t know is there are more problems ahead that she must deal with in order to save those she loves who are in danger. She must rely on strength, love and her own psychic abilities to save her daughter and grandmother. During this difficult time she finds something that she thought she had lost forever – her first love.

A lovely story that touches the heart.

I’ll Be Watching You is a gripping mystery/thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Nothing is as it seems in this story. You will watch your teens much closer after reading this.

From the first page I was hooked. The author does a commendable job of moving the story along and keeping you in suspense all the way through to the last page. It’s a scary thing to hear what someone can do to harm young girls and take away their innocence.

This story moved along and kept the mystery until the explosive ending! Highly recommend if you can read about a little sexually explicit content.

The Secrets of the Lost Stones is a lovely and touching story about finding forgiveness and love in spite of hardships. The author has created a story that will grip your heart and tug it along without the story. The characters she has created are some that you will love and care about from the first page.

The main protagonist is Jess Abbot who has suffered a loss so tragic that she cannot go on with her life. She has a tough time forgiving herself for what she thinks is her fault – the death of her young son. She comes into contact with a clairvoyant, Lucy, who calls her a loose end. Jess is offered a job taking care of Lucy and learns how different she truly is with her strange behavior and things that she sees.

When a young girl, Star, comes into Lucy’s home she is also considered a loose end. Jess is concerned for this young girl who doesn’t have a family looking for her. But weird things begin to happen after this girl is here and Jess begins to see things that she doesn’t want to believe are true.

I don’t want to give away the complete story by saying too much. But things come to a head and there is more than meets the eye as other issues come up to bring Jess and Star closer.

A worthwhile read that will touch your heart.

The Dark Bones is a thriller that will grip you from page one. The main protagonist, Rebecca North, a RCMP, returns home to bury her father, a retired police detective. What she finds instead are many lies, secrets and too many unexplained occurrences around her father’s death. She is determined to solve this mystery and find out what happened to her father. She doesn’t believe his death was an accident as the authorities are telling her.

Rebecca North is a resilient but troubled woman who has lost a love and now her father. She comes into contact with her lost love, Ash, when she returns to her childhood home. They still have feelings for one another and unfinished business between them that keeps bubbling up and threatens to take them both down.

Ash feels compelled to help Becs find out what happened to her father. He believes also that his death was not an accident. As the story progresses there are many suspects that surface and keep the reader guessing until the end.
There was some foul language interspersed. I prefer not to see this but it did not turn me away from the storyline.

An enjoyable read with a gripping story and plenty of characters to love or hate.

A dark, graphic thriller that is shocking! I don’t like reading this type of mystery but I purchased it without really knowing how dark it was. Just the same, I did enjoy it for it’s story line and interesting characters. It definitely kept me mesmerized and squirming with all the graphic violence that was displayed.

It displays the seedier side of life and how many sick people there are in this world out there making it for a scary story. I wanted to stop reading it a few times but was then pulled back in when something else happened forcing me to read a little more to find out the outcome.

This is the second book in the series. I read the first one but found this one much more violent and gripping. The author does a commendable job of keeping the reader turning pages to not only find out what happens next but also to see the perpetrator punished for what he did. I felt myself cheering on the police to get their acts together and do their job and quickly. My heart couldn’t take another shocking scene.

The Sight of Love is a sweet and tender love story that brought me to tears. It is heartfelt and touching. The author has a lovely way of drawing the reader into the story with his deep and elegant prose of describing love through the eyes of the main protagonist, Ethan, a talented artist.

Ethan’s first love has always been his painting. That is all he wishes to do with his life. He can’t imagine anything more important until he meets Rose. From the first moment he sees her in his gallery he is smitten – love at first sight. He can’t think of anything else except her. She inspires him so much that he creates his best work yet with her in mind.

Rose and Ethan are very much in love and find that their lives are complete as they become one and have a family. But what comes next is not what they expect to happen to upset their happy and perfect life. Ethan must deal with some unimaginable heartache. Will he be able to handle this? When he meets one of his estranged sisters he is met with even more problems that he is forced to meet head on with his parents who he left behind when he was just a teenager.

A lovely story that will draw you in and hold onto your heart. Keep tissues ready, you may need them. This is the second book in the series and as enjoyable or more so than the first.

Since You’ve Been Gone is a lovely story that touched my heart. The author created a memorable tale about love, loss, heartache and going forward with one’s life after all this.

The main protagonist, Olivia, feels on top of the world on her wedding day but something happens to send her over the edge when her soon to be husband doesn’t show up for their wedding. Once she finds out why her world is turned inside out and upside down.

She begins to grieve but soon finds out there is more trouble and heartache ahead that she must deal with. She must be stronger than she ever thought she could be. Having a difficult relationship with her mother through all this doesn’t help her deal with her emotions and problems. I don’t want to give anything away here by telling too much about what heartaches Olivia much overcome.

This was a memorable and heartfelt story that left me in tears at one point and hoping that Livvy will be able to work things out and be happy.

An Enjoyable Read!

I love sharing my reads in this Jemsbooks Segment, Books Read in the Month. I hope you will get a chance to look these books over soon. Thank you for your kind support of my work and my fellow authors.

Thank you for your support of my fellow authors by looking over these books on Amazon. We authors appreciate your kind support. Reviews are important and appreciated.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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  1. Some lovely books here, Janice. I am keen to read I’ll be watching you. I have read a few reviews for that book.

  2. macjam47 says:

    Eight books and a WIP! ou are a busy lady. ❤️❤️

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