Chapter Nine – Short Story – The True Meaning of Christmas!

Well, today is the last chapter of my short story, The True Meaning of Christmas. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed it. Are you feeling the joy of this beautiful time of year? Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza may you be blessed with happiness and good health. If you haven’t read the previous chapters go to Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight.


The True Meaning of Christmas

Copyrighted by Janice Spina 2014

Chapter Nine

Clarinda jumped up from her warm bed and looked around and realized where she was. But something wasn’t right. Oh my God! She just remembered she forgot to bring Mrs. Antonelli’s wash? How would she get paid so she could buy her family gifts for Christmas? She must tell Mrs. Antonelli.

Clarinda ran all the way down the stairs and stopped at the foot of the stairs when she saw the Antonelli’s hugging and crying. She wondered what was wrong. Were they upset because she and her siblings were there?

She coughed to get their attention but didn’t move. The Antonelli’s turned around and were surprised to see Clarinda standing there staring at them and looking a little upset.

They went over to her and took her into their arms and hugged her. Clarinda hugged them back but was surprised at their gesture. She stepped back and said, “Excuse me Mr. & Mrs. Antonelli, but I almost forgot to tell you I finished your wash and left it at my house. Do you want me to go get it so you can pay me? I need to buy my brother and sister and mother gifts for Christmas.”

“Oh, no, dear sweet child. You will never have to wash or do anything like that again. We will take care of you and your siblings and your mother for as long as we live and you will never want for anything. May God bless you all. You will always have a home here, too, if you ever need us.”

Clarinda couldn’t say a word she was shocked at what these nice people had just said. All she could do was cry and run into their arms and kiss them and thank them again and again but added, “Can we go visit our mother in the hospital on Christmas Day? I don’t want her to be alone.” Clarinda looked on the verge of tears just talking about her sick mother.

“Oh, dear sweet child, of course. We were going to tell you tomorrow about what we planned to do. We are going to go shopping for new clothes for you and your siblings and buy each of you a present to give to your mother for Christmas. We will bring a Christmas dinner to her and we can all eat together. I am sure the hospital will allow us to eat together so we can celebrate the holiday as a family. When we get back we will go over to your house and decorate and buy some new things for your rooms and for your mother too. We want your house to look like new when your mother returns home.” Angela had tears in her eyes as she explained their plan.

“Oh, Mr. & Mrs. Antonelli, this is the best Christmas I have ever had! Thank you so much! Now I can go to asleep! I can’t wait to tell Andrew and Brenda that we are going to see Mama and celebrate Christmas together. Good night and Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas to you, too, sweet child!”

Angela and Leonard hugged and cried as they talked excitedly about what they were going to do and buy for the children and their mother for Christmas. They had never remembered feeling such pure joy. They gave thanks to God for bringing these children and their mother into their lonely lives. They vowed from this day on to always give to those in need not just at Christmas time but all the time.

Leonard looked at his lovely wife as she beamed with joy and said, “I often asked myself – ‘What is the true meaning of Christmas?’ Now I know – this is the true meaning of Christmas – giving to others in need. Not only will this be the best Christmas ever for this family but it will be the best one for us too!” Leonard put his arms around his wife and hugged her as they wiped away some joyful tears.


Thank you all for stopping by to read my short story. I have another one that I may share with you after the holidays. This has given me the desire to write more short stories and put them all into a collection and publish next year. Thank you for your kind messages and compliments! Your support is important to me and it gives me a recharge to write some more.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza or whatever you are celebrating. I don’t want to leave anyone out.

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7 Responses to Chapter Nine – Short Story – The True Meaning of Christmas!

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Lovely – have so enjoyed your story.

  2. The end. Well, there is always an end. A great one with this little Christmas story. Loved it, Janice, thank you for the true Christmas. Enjoyed it so much

  3. lbeth1950 says:

    Enjoyed this so much. Makes me determined to write my own Christmas story. Thanks so much!

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