Chapter Five – Short Story – The True Meaning of Christmas!

Here is the re-post for Christmas  (2016) of my short story that I shared last year. Pick it up on links below if you are just visiting for the first time. Hope you are enjoying it and that it puts you into the true spirit of Christmas!

As part of the celebration of my third blogging anniversary I am posting a chapter a day of a short story that I wrote last year. If you are just tuning in now please go to Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three and Chapter Four to read from the beginning.

I hope you are enjoying this story and that you are feeling blessed for all that you have. There are many who are unfortunate and need our help. Please spread some love and help the less fortunate this Christmas. Be an angel to someone in need!


The True Meaning of Christmas

Chapter 5

Now it was time to go to Mrs. Antonelli’s house. She really didn’t know anything about this lady but what her mother had told her – she was a cold woman who didn’t like children and never had any of her own. Would she be good to her and her siblings? Clarinda would protect her brother and sister and not let this lady hurt them in any way. She took a deep breath as she always had to get her strength up and face whatever was ahead. Clarinda turned to face Mrs. Antonelli who was holding onto her brother and sister.

Mrs. Antonelli looked kindly at Clarinda and said, “Hi Clarinda, it’s nice to meet you. I hope you and your brother and sister will be happy staying with me while your mother recuperates. Do you have everything you need? If not, I will get whatever you need for all of you. Don’t worry about anything, dear. Let me take care of you.” Angela waited to see what Clarinda would say but she just looked at Mrs. Antonelli with eyes full of tears threatening to fall.

Mrs. Antonelli beckoned for Clarinda to come forward so they could leave. The children were getting antsy and tired and were hungry. They hadn’t eaten since noon time. Clarinda only hoped that Mrs. Antonelli would feed the children so they would be able to sleep the night through with full tummies. She couldn’t remember when she last had a full tummy at bedtime or any time.

Angela led the children out to her car after locking up the house and making sure that Clarinda had a key to get back in case she forgot something. After making sure the children were snapped into seat belts she headed home. She would have to make sure she purchased car seats for the younger children. At least she didn’t have to go too far with them since she only lived a block away and didn’t have to worry about being stopped and fined for not having them in car seats.

When they arrived at her house, Angela went to the kitchen and prepared a nourishing dinner for the children. They looked a little pale and underfed and by what Dr. Harvey said they were very needy. Looking around the  living room at their house she hadn’t seen any signs of toys that children always leave out and about. She reminded herself to make a list for toys and more snacks that kids like for her next shopping trip. The saddest of all was the lack of any Christmas decorations for the children in their house. She would take care of that too before Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying this story and are feeling the true spirit of Christmas.

Remember: Reading Gives You Wings to Fly!

Please give a little more this season to others and feel your heart soar!

A local restaurant that I have breakfast and lunch regularly had a small tree decorated with paper ornaments and on each ornament was listed an item and on the back for whom it was for, e.g. Mom, Dad, Child, etc. They are collecting gifts for three needy families. I thought this was a wonderful way to help others.

This great idea got me into the holiday spirit. I gave a set of my children’s books and middle-grade books to this restaurant. I would love to see the joy in the eyes of the children as they open their presents. Also, I chose an ornament that had gas card on it for one mom which is what she wished for this Christmas. I will definitely take part in this gift giving next year if they do it again. I think it would be a fantastic idea for many other businesses to do something like this to help those who would otherwise go without.

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season!


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