New Additions to our Saltwater Tank!

We have some new additions to our saltwater tank to share. Some fish have short lives and we replace them with new fish. We have 16 fish in our 92 gallon tank at the moment.

We recently added a basslet with yellow and fuscia coloring. It didn’t look too happy in the tank because the other larger fish were bothering it. I snapped a closeup of him and hope that he is hiding behind the rocks and getting acclimate. We haven’t seen him since. Some fish are just bullies! Basslet is supposed to be a pretty aggressive fish and should be able to take care of those bullies. We hope so!


Here are some of the other new additions – damsels – 5 striped black & white and 6 blue. They are very happy schooling together and feeling safe against the larger fish. We planned it that way. With the basslet we couldn’t do that. Basslet don’t school or get along well. If we put in two together they would fight and possibly one would die. Sigh!

Damsels – blue and striped
Blue damsels
Blue Damsel, Striped Damsel and Basslet getting acquainted
Side view of the tan with Trigger in center, wrasse above him (green) and damsels scattered around
Clown fish striped, green wrasse and blue damsel with yellow tail
Picasso Trigger above with blue damsel and striped damsel meeting basslet
Hermit crab – Sebas Jr. in the corner in his shell home

Let’s not forget about our hermit crab – Sebas Jr. He is hiding ins his shell here in the corner of the tank next to the heater. He stays much to himself and doesn’t bother any of the fish unless they try to steal his clams that John drops in regularly. Sebas is very adapt at opening the shells and feasting on them.

Sebas Jr when we first got him

Sebas has since moved to a larger shell in the previous photo above. He sleeps during the day so I can’t photograph him until he wakes up at night after the nights are off in the tank.

Sebas Jr. working on a clam in his new shell home as he gets larger we will have to find him a new shell

I guess the fish in the tank are something like humans. They judge each other and accept or reject others who are different. Life is difficult in the sea just like this. Only the strongest survive and it is eat or be eaten. At least we try to keep them all as safe as we can. We are discerning about our choices of fish living in the tank. They are well fed and taken care of. Some live longer in our tank than if they stayed in the aquarium store. They get special attention. After all, they are our pets.

I hope you enjoyed learning about our new fish. I will let you know if basslet makes an appearance. Finger crossed.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. Feel free to come back any time. You are always welcome.Thank you for your kind support of my books and for any reviews you post wherever my books are sold.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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  1. Look how beautifully colorful the fish are!

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