Cover Reveal! New Young Adult Fantasy (Book 1) Coming Soon! Watch for more Books from Jemsbooks!

I finally completed Book 1 of my new young adult fantasy. I began looking it over in May of 2021 and over the past three days I have spent all day from mid-morning until 5:00 pm working on edits and polishing it up. Phew! The MS is now in the hands of my wonderful beta readers.

This is a new genre for me. I wasn’t too sure about working on this MS which I began ten years ago at the same time as Lubelia Alycea. When I work on a new genre I find the synapses in my brain sparking and charging up. It is amazing to feel that alive! This feeling encourages me to write more. I hope you will like it and be taken away to the beautiful land of Sovorotskina.

Here is the cover of the new book created by my talented husband, John.

The Legend of the Taken Ones (Gateskin Chronicles Book 1)

This series is written for young adults 13-17+ but adults will enjoy it too. Upon completion of this series I will have officially written for all ages (PS – 18+) and most genres! I refuse to write about zombies and other horror though.


This is Book 1 of a fantasy series that will have six books in all. In this book learn about the three children of King Gateskin and his wife Queen Solinara. The children have had powers since they were quite young.

Serena was three years old when she learned of her power to move objects with her mind. Her brother, Simon, can fly and their sister, Catalina, can become invisible or blend into her surroundings. They live with their parents in Sovorotskina, the Land of Light.

With these powers comes responsibility and the children must try to use their powers for the common good and responsibly to help others. The three children befriend a tree sprite named Spindle who accompanies them on their adventure. Along the way they meet up with their aunt and uncle, their mother’s brother and his wife, Wizard Hotenfaran and Fairy Procelina. The group must travel into the evil land of Parotovina, the Land of Darkness, to save King Gateskin, who was kidnapped, and also rescue some of the descendants of their friends and fellow Sovorotskinas who were captured and taken by the Evil Ones. These descendants have been waiting a long time to be free to return to the villages of their ancestors.

The children have many trials and adventures along the way. Will they be able to rescue their father and fellow Sovorotskinans without endangering their own lives? Will the evil King Kaposkaran and his Queen Beregina stop Serena and her siblings from being successful or will they turn Serena and her siblings to their dark ways?

I have to admit I didn’t like writing this genre as much as I enjoyed writing MG/PT chapter books or mystery/crime/thrillers. It took a little while for me to get into the groove of writing again because of that. I also wrote Book 6 recently of a children’s book series – Drystan the Dragon and Friends which my husband is illustrating and finishing up soon. Both books will be published in August. Watch for cover reveal of this book soon.

It always happens that John and I are working simultaneously on books that are published in the same month. It’s a lot of work but this may be the last time we do that. I don’t plan to write any more children’s books at this time. We have 18 now including the new one. That doesn’t mean that John won’t be busy. He will be creating all the covers for the upcoming books. Also, he may get back to painting which he hasn’t done in a long time because of me and my books. Sigh!

I plan to branch out to completing five more books in this fantasy series then moving on to a new series spinoff using Mariah from the Hunting Mariah/Mariah’s Revenge Series. I hope to complete 4-6 books in this new crime/thriller/mystery series (my favorite genre). Who knows what I will do after all these books. But there is always another idea running around in my head. For instance, maybe doing a book featuring my favorite character from In A Second – Gramma Grace. Some readers have expressed an interest in seeing more of her. She is entertaining and cunning.

Well, in the meantime while I am waiting for input from my beta readers I will be thinking about what to write in Book 2. I always need a title first before I begin a book. The titles keep changing so I don’t know what they will be yet. I’ll work on it. Once the title clicks for me then the story will flow with the characters taking over. I never know how a story will end. The characters are in charge which is a scary thing at times. Many times I want to end the story but they always seem to have something else to say. Sigh! In this book you will see many strong female characters but also some formidable male ones too. I like a mixture of both.

I guess I will be back to the keyboard in the meantime and finish up the children’s book with my husband. There is a lot of compilation to complete. Of course I need to do editing and copyrighting before publication too. But we are getting there. I find it more involved working on children’s books than novels because of all the work to format the pictures just right. Yikes! You would think that we would have this down pat by now but I notice subtle changes in Amazon’s publication process that stump us is again and again. But we will get it done.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. I hope you will come back again real soon for more interesting posts. Thank you also for your kind support of me and my books, blog and for the many reviews you may have posted wherever my books are sold. Please keep those reviews coming. They are the only way that Amazon will consider our books for further promotion and consideration. Keep reading, reviewing and I will keep writing. Take care!

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina

Award-Winning Author

Jemsbooks for All Ages!








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  1. Your cover is very appealing! Good luck with your new book and the series.

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