Some More Fish Added to our Tank!

We now have two clown fish, three anemones, a Foxface, Lubbock’s Fancy Wrasse, Gold Spotted Rabbit Fish, a Coral Beauty and a Gamma. They all appeared so far to be getting along.

Foxface in front to the left with black on face, above him is the Gold Spotted Rabbit Fish, above him is the Gamma.
Foxface on left with Rabbit Fish (same family), gamma above and Anemones in front – orange with white tentacles
Gamma, Rabbit fish, Coral Beauty, Clown fish, Wrasse all swimming together around the anemones.

I think the anemones are trying to entice the fish with its tentacles. If a fish gets too close the anemone can sting the fish and pull it into its body and eat it slowly. The fish will be stunned and not be able to get away. It hasn’t happened yet but I hope the fish stay alert and away from it.

It is fascinating to watch them. I could stand there in front of the tank for hours glued to it. But Foxface doesn’t like that and neither do the clown fish who feel as if I am threatening to infringe on their territory. As I write this Foxface has hidden inside one of the rock caves and has turned brown with his fins standing up in defense. I guess it’s time I move away and give them some space.

Here are a couple more photos I just snapped of most of the fish and one of Foxface hiding out in the cave.

Foxface In cave, wrasse out front with anemones
Gamma, Coral Beauty, rabbit fish, and anemones

I noticed recently that one of the anemones looks like he is gone to the fish tank beyond. Now we are down to two anemones. I have a feeling that the large anemone might have drained him of life. He sat on him for a long time and now he looks a little decrepit. So sad.

Small anemone hanging in there, large one finishing off the third anemone

I guess it is the fight to the finish where only the strongest survive. It’s the way of life in the animal kingdom. Sad to say. The fish are all doing well so far. The wrasse is swimming around the anemones hoping to get a taste of what is left of the third anemone. He doesn’t stand a chance to grab a tentacle. They are all gone already.

Having fish as pets is fascinating. I love watching them in their environment. It’s so relaxing. We do take good care of them for their duration of life. They eat well and grow large and look healthy. The larger the tank the larger the fish will grow.

The two fish we lost recently had long lives and grew to be several inches long. Here is a photo of the trigger and the hippo tang (blue fish like Dori in the Nemo movie) who were well cared for.

Hippo tang (Dori), Tang (dark blue) another Foxface, two gammas, (purple and yellow), tip of a wrasse on left, tomato clown on right, and two blue damsels in center bottom

The photo above is of several fish we had in the past. The last two to die off from this group were the Trigger and Hippo Tang. Notice how close they stayed next to one another while they ate. They did that until the end. They were best buds!

It’s always sad to say goodbye to one of our finned pets. They each have their own personalities and will be remembered in photos. I have taken many of each group of fish we have owned. That way we can always remember them.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. I hope you enjoyed seeing our fish and learning a little about them. Please come back again real soon. Thank you also for your kind support of me, my books and blog and for all the reviews you posted wherever my books are sold. Keep those reviews coming. We indie authors love them and so does Amazon. Reviews are the only way Amazon will recognize our books enough to promote them.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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6 Responses to Some More Fish Added to our Tank!

  1. Victoria Zigler says:

    Glad most of the tank occupents are doing well. Sorry about the anemone you lost though.

  2. noelleg44 says:

    I am enjoying your fish tank saga. Sorry to hear you lost Foxface and an anemone. Watching fishis so soothing!

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