A Rascal of a Fish – our Trigger!

If you have been following me you know how much we care for our tropical fish and freshwater fish. My husband takes care of them and I just enjoy watching them. It takes a good deal of time and effort to clean the take and feed them. John loves doing it. I’m thankful he does because I couldn’t do it all and would miss seeing them.

I haven’t written about our tropical fish in a while. We once had 13 tropical fish in our 95 gallon tank. As of this post we are down to four – a Trigger fish we call Trigger, two Clown fish (Nemo and Marlin), and a blue Hippo Tang named Dori.

Here they all are:

Trigger & one Clown fish
Hippo Tang – blue
Trigger & Dori (Trigger posed for this shot.)
Second Clown fish
A Mussel for Trigger

This Trigger fish loves to snack on clams and mussels. In the wild he loves to hunt for his food but being in a tank there is nowhere to hunt. My husband has to improvise by dropping in some snacks from time to time for Trigger e.g., whole clams, mussels or pieces of frozen shrimp or fish. He can be cantankerous at times when he doesn’t get a snack. He thinks he’s the boss since the tank is his home and territory. He doesn’t get along with many other fish, reason why there aren’t too many in the tank with him. He does like Dori, the Hippo Tang, though. They are buddies. The Clown fish are fine with him too. They are not intimidated by him and do their own thing. Do I feel a new book about Trigger surfacing? Who knows?

Here is the tank when we had many fish at one time.

There’s a Foxface, Puffer, Starfish, Hippo Tang, Gamma, Wrasse, Angel, Damsel and Clown fish.

We had them all for a long time and evidently their time was over. It’s always so sad to see them die. I cry each time we lose another one. We had a Lion fish that did not do well with Trigger. He used to hide away from him. So sad to see that happen to him. He finally died from stress, we think.

Lion Fish

I really liked this Lion fish. He was sweet and would come up to the glass and look at me. I talked to it and it appeared to respond by opening and closing his mouth as if he was talking to me. A Lion fish is known to be poisonous though and can sting you if you get near him when you put your hand into the tank to feed him or clean the tank.

I have written about two of our tank creatures – Jerry the Crabby Crayfish and Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab. Both of these crustaceans were characters and full of spunk. If you want to know more about them check out my books.Jerry and Clarence Henry are both gone now and are still missed. That’s the reason why I wrote stories about them so they would live on for others to learn about them and enjoy them as we had. Jerry is my most popular book on Amazon. Jerry was in a freshwater tank while Clarence Henry resided in a saltwater tank. They never met. Ha! They are together now on our shelves.

We don’t have any other pets in our home but our fish. We consider them to be as important as a dog or cat. They are loved and enjoyed by us. Believe it or not they all have their own personalities too. Surprising, huh? We can’t pet them, that’s true, but we can interact by looking into the tank. They do come right up to the glass and look at us too.

Fish tank with thermometer in upper right corner on inside of glass (circular object)

Trigger has been giving my husband a hard time about a thermometer in the tank that is secured by a suction cup to the inside. Trigger decided today to take off the thermometer with his teeth (yes, he does have teeth). My husband noticed it and reached inside to put it back on. A short time later Trigger removed it again. I could hear my husband scolding Trigger for doing that again and again. They went back and forth all day. John finally lost the battle and removed the thermometer from the bottom of the tank and replaced it with a floating one. So far Trigger hasn’t objected to that. Time with tell.

I watched Trigger do this and scolded him too. He came right up to the glass and then went to his cave after I told him to stop. I think he was sulking like a spoiled little kid. Ha!

Well, breaking news – Trigger got hold of the floating thermometer and it is nowhere to be seen. I looked everywhere I could and I couldn’t find it. He must have buried it under the rocks. What a scoundrel!

I went to take a photo of it to show you but it’s disappeared! He must be a fish magician. He can make things vanish.

This cantankerous fish also doesn’t like it when John tries to clean up the tank. Trigger let’s him know that he isn’t happy about it. Once John is finished Trigger begins to move things around and swirl up the sand at the bottom in mounds like it would be in the ocean caused by the waves. It is something to see when he does it. You can see the swirls in the photo with the Lion Fish above.

Red the Red Chocolate Chip Starfish

Another thing Trigger did was to tip over Red the Red Chocolate Chip Starfish as you can see in the above photo. John kept turning Red back over several times after Trigger kept doing it again and again. Poor Red got tired of trying to turn over again and finally succumbed. Trigger is really a bully! Because of his bullying we cannot purchase any more fish to introduce into the tank. They wouldn’t stand a chance, sad to say. Sigh! If we only could find a fish to put him in his place. Ha!

Here are some memorable fish we had in our saltwater tank over the years. They are missed.

Orange Banded Trigger (Gorgeous colors)
Spiny Puffer (Miss Puffer a lot – he was so sweet!)
Puffer interacting with me (Fun to watch and friendly and curious)
Freshwater Frog (We had two of these but they disappeared out of the tank. One we found that had hopped all the way to our bedroom door. I almost stepped on his dried out body the next morning! Yuck!
Foxface (Elegant, shy and sensitive to sounds and vibrations – changed color to brown when frightened.)
Angel fish (Beautiful and swift moving if you came near the tank – a little shy)
Purple Tipped Anemone (Fascinating to watch as it undulated with the current of the water and moved sinuously adhering to the rocks.) These are hard to keep and sensitive to changes in water and temperature.

Fish are pets too! As you can see by this post. They may not live as long as other pets but they are loved and appreciated as much. I hope you enjoyed reading about our pets. They have provided us with many hours of entertainment and inspiration to write about them.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. I appreciate your kind support of me and my books and all the reviews that I receive. Please keep them coming! I hope you will keep coming back for more entertaining reading and events about new works, daily news, birds, fish and other things that pop into my already overcrowded head.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina

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3 Responses to A Rascal of a Fish – our Trigger!

  1. Victoria Zigler says:

    Sounds like Trigger needs his own book. I think Puffer was hoping for one when he came over for an interview while you still had him too… LOL! Trigger is welcome for an interview the next time you have abook you want to promote, by the way. I’d love to have any of your fish come over so we can learn more about them (and help you promote your books at the same time).

  2. Wow, beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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