Books Read in the Month of July 2020!

Here it is already the end of another month. Where does the time go? I have been busy as usual reading some wonderful books for the month of July of 2020. Here are the 7 books I read and reviewed for July . I might have read even more if I didn’t have another WIP to edit and prepare for publication in July. I hope you enjoy reading these reviews.

I love sharing my reads in this Jemsbooks Segment, Books Read in the Month. I hope you will get a chance to look these books over soon. Thank you for your kind support of my work and my fellow authors.

The Fifth Knight was a powerful historical novel depicting the murder of Archbishop Becket. The author takes the reader back in time during King Henry’s reign. Some of the story is accurate while the fifth knight and the anchoress and her daughter are fictional.

Theodosia and the fifth knight aka Benedict Palmer are the main protagonists in this thrilling saga. I was gripped by the descriptive passages of the battle between the fifth knight and the other four knights as he protects Theodosia, a young novitiate, caught in the middle of the fight. The knights were sent to procure Theodosia and her mother, the anchoress aka Sister Amelie, who have been hidden away in the abbey and protected by the Archbishop. When the fifth knight learns what the others will do to the mother and daughter he vows to protect them no matter what happens.

As I read along I felt as if I was reading a Baldacci novel. It is that good! This is an enjoyable, full, rich and well developed story line with bigger than life characters that you will love or hate but never forget. Highly recommended!

This book was part of a collection of 17 medical mysteries in the book, Do No Harm.

This story begins with a bang when a nurse is killed outside the hospital where she works. Dora, the main character, a private investigator witnesses the killing. She was there to pick up the woman in question to take her out for a drink. This woman, Sheila, was her best friend’s aunt. Seeing what happened to Sheila, Dora’s PI instincts kick in and she is off and running to solve this crime. Dora finds that nothing is as it seems, making for an intriguing mystery.

The author keeps the reader engrossed as she provides many suspects and twists and turns in the story line. The characters are interesting and varied with many side stories of their lives that kept the story moving. This was a quick and enjoyable read.

This book was part of a collection of 17 medical mysteries in the book, Do No Harm.

The Gamma Sequence is part of an anthology I read amongst 16 other thrillers in this collection under Do No Harm. Each story was based on a medical theme.

This story was gripping and edgy and kept this reader swiftly turning pages. The main protagonist, Hamilton “Hank” DeShear, is a PI who is trying to get his life together. When Lanaya, a geneticist, reaches out to him for help investigating the murders of fellow geneticists they find both of their lives in danger. The murders are somehow all connected and committed by a serial killer. They are on a race to find the killer before he kills his next victim. That next victim could be, Lanaya.

The author does a wonderful job of keeping the reader in suspense with plenty of well-developed characters, a full and rich story line and exciting scenes as the characters are on the run. I will be on the lookout for more books by this creative and best-selling author.

Unlawful Harvest was part of an anthology under the book, Do No Harm, that had 17 medical mysteries. This was a frightening thriller that brought forward the horror of transplants in foreign countries. How safe is it? Do other countries have a system like the USA?

Kenzie Kirsch in good health is the daughter of a rich family in politics who lives the life of luxury. Her sister is not as lucky being ill from a young child with a kidney disease. What Kenzie doesn’t know about her sister’s illness and sudden death spurns her on to investigate. Why did her parents not tell her about Amanda’s body rejecting Kenzie’s donated kidney? Why did they have to go to a foreign country for some kind of surgery? What Kenzie finds out with the help of a PI makes her distrust her parents’ decision that may have put her sister’s life in jeopardy. Who can she trust to find out the truth? What could she have done to stop it?

The mystery kept this reader involved as the possible suspects grew. This was an enjoyable medical thriller that brought forward all the horrors of illegal transplants. The author did a nice job with the story line and character building. I look forward to more in this series.

Andrew Joyce does a magnificent job of detailing the history of the injustice of the American Indians from the time they roamed free until they were unfairly taken from their lands to make room for the settlers who were seeking a place to live.

The story flowed and kept this reader engrossed as I followed along with Jacob Ariensen as he survived his travels by wagon train. He then came to be known as Yellow Hair after he was adopted by the Dakota Indians. He learned their way of life and tried to become a brave Dakota and eventually a good husband and father. I felt the pain and suffering of the indigenous peoples as they struggled to keep their way of life and protect their families.

After reading this unforgettable story of the Indians and their trials to survive one feels empathy toward them and wonders at the audacity of the American soldiers who took their lives. Both sides fought, killed and committed outrageous and horrific crimes against one another. If only they could have come to a better solution without taking so many lives and shared the land to benefit both sides.

This is a must read! The story will leave you with a deep sadness over the injustice of the American Indian. Andrew Joyce has created a story that will become a book enjoyed for generations to come. Be prepared to weep as I did! It will break your heart!

I highly recommend all Andrew Joyce’s books. They are well written with plenty of highly developed and fascinating characters and rich and full storylines.

This book was part of a collection of 17 medical thrillers in the book Do No Harm. It is also sold separately.

Justice for All is the first book I have read by this author and book 1 in A Hold Foundation Story series. It is a compelling and emotionally charged story of a woman abused who seeks vengeance for the crimes against her. Elizabeth Holt is a woman who has many scares some are visible to the eye while others are deep inside her which are constantly threatening to tear her apart.

Elizabeth nearly lost her life in a horrific attack one night. She must choose between her love, Alastair, or find the person responsible for the attack. She chooses to become a lawyer and help others but never loses sight of her main objective – finding and seeing the man punished for the horrible things he did to her and stop him from doing the same things to other woman.

This was a quick medical thriller that kept me spellbound. I wished for justice for Elizabeth and cheered her on to her goal. What this man took from her could never be given back. The saddest thing of all is there are others out there that have been through similar situations that have left them an empty shell. All Elizabeth strived for was Justice for All.

A worthwhile read!

Jjspina5.0 out of 5 stars An Emotional and Unforgettable Story!Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2020A Boy Named Rabbit Book 2 of Wake-Robin Ridge is an emotional story with an unforgettable character, Rabbit. I fell in love with little Rabbit from the first page. He is sweet, caring and well beyond his years in his intelligence and insight. There’s romance, family relationships, paranormal activity and a wonderful cast of characters.

The storyline is gripping and a real page turner. The author created likable characters and made this reader care about their welfare. I can see how this series could continue with some more fascinating stories involving Rabbit and his new family.

This is an enjoyable read. You will fall in love with Rabbit as I did, I’m sure. I hated to see the story end! I look forward to Book 3. Highly recommend!

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  1. macjam47 says:

    You had a great month of reading! I have Andrew Joyce’s Yellow Hair and Marcia Meara’s A boy Named Rabbit in my TBR. I’m looking forward to reading both. Great reviews, Janice. ❤️

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