Books Read in the Month of July of 2019!

Here are the books in the month of July of 2019. I read 10 books this month. There were many entertaining reads by talented authors. I hope you will check out all these lovely books.

There are an infinitesimal amount of books to read in all genres for all tastes in reading. I will do my best each month to provide you with a varied selection of books to read along with my reviews. I hope that if you are an avid reader that you are also an avid reviewer as I am. Please be kind and review books. This enables others to enjoy books if they like your reviews. It also helps us indie authors to get our books out there.

An intriguing book that held my interest throughout. This is the start of a series of paranormal books with Marie Jenner as the protagonist of the mysteries. Marie has the ability to see and converse with ghosts. She inherited this ability from her mother.

Marie is drawn into a mystery as she gets closer to the cause of the ghost’s death. Things begin to happen that threaten her very life for there are some who would kill in order to keep their plans a secret.

A thoroughly enjoyable read that I would recommend to all who love paranormal mysteries that keep you engaged.

I received this free book by attending a recent book sale and signing by New England Authors Expo at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, MA.

It is a good resource for authors who plan to do book signings. It has helpful information, do’s, don’ts and what to expect at these venues. It will tell you what you should have in order to be prepared to attend these events. There is information also on how to book other venues for your books at libraries, coffee shops, and other stores.

The author gives suggestion on how to sign your book, connect with other authors and work with a fan base. The more book signings you attend the better you will be prepared to have a more successful day of sales and networking.

Lady Justice and the Mystery Mansion is another enjoyable and quick read by this talented author, He has the innate ability to combine mystery, suspense with a bit of humor.

The characters all geriatrics are entertaining and distinctive. Walt Williams, a former policeman, now a PI is drawn into all kinds of mysteries that include help from his former partner, brother-in-law, elderly father and girlfriend, a few of his tenants, one a jokester, a professor and the manager, who is a large woman who can take care of herself and others. The stories are creative and enjoyable.

I especially enjoyed this story and the way it led up to the mansion being cursed. It was an interesting history lesson at the same time of an old house. I look forward to more books in this lovely series.

4.0 out of 5 starsAn enjoyable cozy mystery!July 6, 2019Format: Kindle EditionThis is Book 2 of a cozy mystery series starring once again, legendary singer, Bebe Bollinger. Though this book is part of a series it can be a stand alone novel.

In this new story Bebe is still working on getting her career in high gear once again as in past years. She becomes intrigued by the Eurovision TV show that showcases singers from over six different countries. When an accident involving stage equipment nearly kills one of the entertainers Bebe is drawn into another mystery. She encourages her now good friend, Beth, a former policewoman, to go on ahead to work the case as a PI. Bebe intends to go there later after she finishes her latest project.

The story keeps the reader engaged as the pace grows and the accidents continue to pile up with more near casualties. The author describes the Eurovision TV Competition in much detail making the reader feel as it he/she were there.

Another enjoyable read by this creative author who continues to produce quality books in different genres. I have read other books by Christoph Fischer and enjoyed them all.

HL Carpenter, mother and daughter duo writers, have created an intriguing and  fascinating beginning to a mystery series with protagonist, accountant Fae Childers. Fae has lost her job to accusations of embezzlement, her mother, her fiancé and now found out that her grandmother, who she never met, has died. She is the beneficiary of her grandmother’s will.

Fae’s life has been turned inside out and upside down. She is forced into finding out more about her grandmother and her special skills as a fortune teller. When she goes to her grandmother’s house she moves in and learns some strange things are happening around her. Fae feels compelled to solve the mystery when neighbors are found dead and a body washes up on the beach.

There are complex characters, some you will love and others love to hate like the newspaper reporter, Pat Jablonski. Pat reports everything she hears whether it is savory or not. She has caused dissension in the community and has gained a lot of enemies along the way. What will she do next to cause trouble?

This is an enjoyable beginning to this mystery series that kept me enthralled up to the end. I look forward to more from this talented duo.

The Dead Key is an Amazon Break Through Novel which has certainly earned that honor. It is an engrossing mystery that will keep you engaged to the last page.

The characters and story line are perfectly drawn and detailed. There are two story lines being told simultaneously. One story line is from 1978 where the story is told through the eyes of a young secretary, Beatrice. The other is from 1998 and told through the eyes of engineer, Iris. 

There is greed, robbery, murder and embezzlement in the First Bank of Cleveland where Beatrice worked. She was thrust into all this intrigue and tried to find her way out of it. She is befriended by another secretary, Max, who is involved in more ways than she can reveal to Beatrice.

The bank is closed down before the employees or customers know what is happening. There are those in high places with great wealth and influence who are in control. Iris gets involved when her office is enlisted to do a renovation survey of the old bank. Iris finds files, keys and the remains of a body while doing her survey. She learns of Beatrice and her friend Max from some files and goes on a search to find answers to so many questions of why the bank closed so abruptly and what happened to Beatrice, Max and many other employees. What she finds is more than she wanted to know about her own aunt who once worked there.

An enjoyable and worthwhile read that I highly recommend.

Lady Justice and the Vet touches on a tough subject – PTSD. It takes us on a journey first to Afghanistan where horrific things had happened and what had caused one of the characters to have nightmares and flashbacks. This is an all too common occurrence after men and woman have gone to combat and have seen and experienced horrible things no one should ever have to experience.

We flash forward to the present time for this Vet who is now having nightmares and flashbacks each time he hears loud noises such as thunder or a gunshot. These sounds flash him back to another time that he wants to forget but he cannot. He is thrown into different scenarios that put him into the path of the main character, Walt Williams and his partner, Ox.

Walt tries to help this man and others for he is suffering from flashbacks himself of an incident in his line of work as a policeman (jumping off a building) that continues to torment him at night. There are other things happening as Walt is trying to heal himself – terrorists are plotting to kill Americans and one of these terrorists is an American who is a disgruntled Vet.

In each of these books Walt’s life is on the line as he tries to right the wrong in this world. Lady Justice isn’t always on the right side.

The author continues to write stories that deal with current subjects and tough issues and intersperses some of his contagious humor into each story. I know that when I pick up one of these quick-reads that I will be entertained and informed of what is plaguing our world. I highly recommend all books in the Lady Justice Series.

5.0 out of 5 starsA Story of Rediscovering Oneself!July 23, 2019Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseI have read many of this talented author’s books and enjoyed them all. This was an enjoyable read about a woman coming into her own with renewed energy, resilience and confidence.

This story is based in Maine on a small coastal town of Big Sawyer. The main protagonist, Julia Bechtel, comes to the island to vacation and visit with her Aunt Zoe. On her way to the island she is involved in a horrible boat accident that kills nine people. The only survivors are Julia, Noah Prine, a lobsterman, and a young woman, Kim Colella. Their lives are entwined from that moment on.

Julia struggles with the why and how this accident happened. She feels torn over the loss of all the other passengers that were on the boat and is drawn into the lives of the islanders. Her life is forever changed in ways she could never have imagined. She must rediscover herself and what she can do to make her life matter since she has been given a second chance on life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to rediscover what it is important in one’s life. The author did an enormous amount of research about lobstering and angora rabbits in order to make this book more realistic.

ina5.0 out of 5 starsA Story of Family, Life, Loves and Difficult Decisions!July 27, 2019Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseA long, cool rain was reminiscent of books by Barbara Delinsky, Nora Roberts and Barbara Freethy. Linda Seed is a talented writer who one day will join this famous group as one of the best in her genre.

I loved her characters because they were believable whether they were some you like or hate. That makes for a more interesting story line with a diverse group of characters. If characters were too likable and syrupy in nature a reader would lose interest in the story. Kudos to Linda Seed for creating the type of characters you love to hate.

This is a story of a family and their disappointments and surprises that happen to disrupt their daily lives. That is real life – no family is perfect and neither are their lives.

The main story is about the growing relationship between Julia McCray, a landscaper, and Colin Delaney, a billionaire lawyer. They are drawn together when Julia’s brother, Drew, discovers that their father is not his father and that he is the son of Redmond Delaney.

Julia is torn between giving her brother support during this difficult upheaval of his life and her love for Colin who is now her brother’s cousin. She must decide what is more important – her brother’s reluctance and anger over discovering who his father really is or her love for Colin.

This is book 1 in this Delaney family series. The writing style was easy, relaxed and enjoyable and look forward to the rest of the books in this series

As Times Goes By is another enjoyable mystery by the Queen of Suspense. Mary Higgins Clark has created once again a story line that keeps the reader engrossed as she has two plots going at the same time. Her characters are well drawn, varied and interesting.

I have been reading MHC books for many years and have never been disappointed. I know that when I pick up one of her books I will be entertained and intrigued right up until the satisfying ending.

May the Queen of Suspense keep going strong to create and provide many more wonderful mysteries for all mystery lovers out there.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my Books Read in July 2019 Segment. I hope you are enjoying my selections and will check out these interesting reads for some fun and relaxing summer reading. Thank you for your kind support. Stop by every month to see more monthly reads and in between to read some engaging posts about books, publishing, travel and whatever else I come up with for you.


Blessings & Hugs!



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  1. A collection of fabulous books, Janice.

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    A great collection! Happy reading. xo

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    Thank you so much for including our book on your list! ❤

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