2018 is Flying By!

2018 is Flying By!

Where has more than half a year gone? I can’t believe that Christmas is   Five and half months away! Yikes!

Looking back to 2017 I made goals for 2018. Will I meet these goals in 2018? Well, here is what I proposed to do and what I accomplished so far.

GOALS                                           ACCOMPLISHED SO FAR

  1. Publish 5 books.             –      Published 4 books – one more coming
  2. Read and review 90 books – Read 59 books & counting
  3. Support and reblog fellow authors sites  – Supported several already

I’m going to work hard to make these goals. If any of my fellow bloggers or authors would like to be on my blog, please contact me here or by email – jjspina(at)myfairpoint(dot)net.

A special ‘thank you’ to all who have sent birthday wishes. It was a whirlwind of messages of which to respond. If I haven’t responded to yours I apologize. Thank you.

I had a wonderful day at my son’s house celebrating my birthday with plenty of delicious food, presents and of course cake! I did indulge (Marcia Meara) in a slice just for you. It was a delectable cake with whipped cream and strawberries over a vanilla cake. Yum! I refused to bring any home for fear I would eat it all. Sigh!

  Presents above

Birthday cards on display

An angel for my car

Grandchildren’s cards

I received gift cards to three different restaurants and one to a craft store. I feel blessed to have such a loving family.

My husband gave me earrings and some charms for my Pandora bracelet to represent each book I have published. It is such a nice momento for my books.

Here are some photos of my birthday cookout.

All the guys below & granddog and two out of three grandsons, all the gals & granddog on next photo. One grandson was not here for the photo. He was at a play practice.

My son and daughter

My brother and sister

Yes, I am the midget in the middle! Sigh! I am the runt of the litter. LOL!

We had a lovely day and the weather cooperated – not too hot or cool.

Thank you for stopping by to read about my goals and my birthday celebration. My husband always says, “I don’t know of anyone who celebrates their birthday a whole month!” He’s right, I begin a week before my birthday and continue on for a week after. Ha! Every business now has our birthdays and sends coupons and gifts to us. That is how it has been non-stop. I am not complaining. It’s been fun!


Blessings & Hugs!


About jjspina

Janice is an multi-award-winning author with 39 books: 19 children's books for PS-Gr 4, 12 middle-grade/preteen, two young adult books, written under Janice Spina, and 5 novels, and a short story collection written under J.E. Spina. She is also a writer of poetry, blogger, avid reader, reviewer and a copy editor. Janice has always loved writing and started very young writing poetry, then stories. Her books have received 31 Book Awards and a few finalists awards. All Janice's books are available on Amazon.com, Kindle, B&N and other online book sites. One of her sports' poems was published in The Lawrence Eagle Tribune in October of 2008. She is currently working on book 2 of a YA fantasy series. There will be six books in all in this series. She hopes to work on a series of four books in a crime/mystery genre that will be offsprings of her thriller, Hunting Mariah. There are books in the works about an angel and another about a dog for ages 17+. Her hobbies are crocheting, walking to keep fit, hula hooping, tap dancing, going to the movies with her husband, and spending time with her five grandchildren. Janice loves to hear from readers and appreciates reviews. Sign up on her blog http://jemsbooks.blog for a copy of her newsletters under Contact Me. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband who is her illustrator and cover creator.
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26 Responses to 2018 is Flying By!

  1. Robbie Yates says:

    You’re right – the year is flying. Want to know something even scarier? Christmas is only FIVE and a half months away!!!

  2. Great job with your goals so far.

    Sounds like you’re having a great time celebrating your birthday. The cake sounds very tasty, by the way.

  3. Looks like your year is very productive so far. Good job.

  4. Jennie says:

    The year is flying by, Janice. I think you’re doing well on goals. Looks like a great celebration. 🙂

  5. Time certainly is flying… Janice, I’m so glad you had a lovely birthday. I enjoyed seeing the photos. Many happy returns. Hugs on the wing!

  6. Marcia says:

    Wonderful to see you enjoying your birthday with your family. I had a friend once who used to call me “Little Bit,” and I thought of that nickname when I saw your last picture. 😀 (Of course, my friend was teasing, as I’m over 5’10” tall.) And I want you to know I’m PROUD of you for eating CAKE!!! Oh, yeah, and for doing such a good job on reaching so many of your goals, too. But mostly, the cake part. 😀 😀 😀

  7. Mae Clair says:

    LOVED the photos! And, omg, that cake looks delicious! What a fabulous birthday you had, surrounded by family and loved ones. I’ve also got to give you a huge high five for all you’ve accomplished this year. You’re amazing!

  8. Annika Perry says:

    I love the photos of you all and especially of you with your brother and sister … you look so close and happy! Congratulations on all you’ve achieved this year – so far!! I’m in awe of you … well done! Good luck for the next six months!

  9. dgkaye says:

    Oh yes the year is flying alright Janice. And you are amazing!!!! ❤ xx

  10. macjam47 says:

    The year is certainly flying by. I can’t believe we are half-way through. What a wonderful birthday you had and such lovely photos of your family! Much love and hugs, my dear friend.

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