A Mighty Mouse Strikes Again!


I posted a short while back about some problems I was experiencing with a mouse. It was digging in my Christmas cactus and eating whatever it could find in boxes and bags in my pantry cabinet. I would find pieces of plastic wrappings from chips, cookies, etc. all over the floor and shelves of my cabinet. It was nasty and disgusting to say the least! I was cleaning in the cabinet every day.

It became a challenge to get rid of it. What I didn’t mention in my previous post was that I hate rodents and am deathly afraid of them especially when they are in my house! Yikes! I get the creepy crawlies and goosebumps just thinking of one or maybe more in my house.

The last time we had unwanted critters inhabiting our home it took a couple of weeks to get rid of them – a whole family of five. The thing is, if the mouse is still dependent upon its mother for sustenance, it is not aware of the dangers of humans. It will race across the floor or meander around looking for its mother. It even lets off a horrific musty scent to let the mother know where it is.

Each night I would go to bed and tuck a towel tightly under the closed bedroom door to keep them from coming into the bedroom! Mice can flatten their bodies down and get in and out of tight places. Well, I don’t think it worked because I woke up several nights to the musty smell! Ugh! Yuck!

My hero of a husband finally caught them all with traps or by chasing them around with a broom and knocking them out as I screamed and ran out of the room! It would have made for a hysterical video. (Hangs head in shame)

Now our new visitor has been illusive and has managed to eat its way through many boxes and bags even when I doubled wrapped things in the cabinet. I threw everything away that it touched with its sharp little teeth and put anything it could possibly want to eat away in plastic and metal containers.


We have visited Home Depot on several occasions to purchase mouse traps of all varieties but nothing enticed this little guy to enter. We put peanut butter or cheese in all of them. We finally caught a mouse a few weeks ago down in our basement and we thought it was over. No – it wasn’t! Sigh!


He stopped digging in my plant after I put two special teabags of mint in there. Mice don’t like mint. Thank goodness!

We once again visited Home Depot a couple of days ago and purchased a small bottle of mouse bait – not the kind to kill him but the liquid that attracts him into the trap. Well this morning we were dog sitting my sister’s lovely dog and he followed me around, like a dog, into the pantry cabinet. I did my usual check for any signs of the little guy. Well, I did find his detritus and looking closer saw that there was something in the trap. I called my husband for help, because I won’t even touch the trap! Yuck!

He disposed of it as I made myself scarce to get out of his way! Ha! We can only hope that this is the end of our nightly visitor. Unless, he came with a whole family! Oh my God help me!!

Maybe now I can sleep in peace! Fingers crossed!

Has anyone else had mice in their houses? How did you catch them? What did you do to deter them from coming in altogether?

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my ranting! Hope you are safe from things that go bump, slither or scurry in the night! Lol!

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14 Responses to A Mighty Mouse Strikes Again!

  1. Jennie says:

    We have always lived in older homes. The only full proof prevention is stuffing steel wool into every possible entry. We learned this decades ago from an old, well seasoned yankee. Oh, he knew. And he was right. Pine wards off mice. We bought sacks of pine scented mice repellent on line. Works well. Still, nothing is full proof except for the steel wool.

  2. Didn’t know that pine and mint ward off mice. Luckily the house has been mice free but the garage not so. We did have a mice problem years ago in a previous house so know how it can be!

  3. Andrew Joyce says:

    Mice are cool … rats not so much. Living on a boat, you get one on board an average of every three years. I always give them a fighting chance. if they go into my homemade trap, I release them into the wild. If not, I’m forced to take more drastic actions.

  4. What a terrible experience. We had mice in FL and here. I read peppermint oil keeps them away. It seems to do a good job so far. Hope all is peaceful at your house now. Mice are creepy little critters.

  5. Caz Greenham says:

    A great blog. I’m afraid of mice too. Only yesterday, I discovered a Mouse Hole! Not indoors, but, in my garden and right where I tend my beautiful blooms. Husband is a great Mouser. He caught 4 today. My Lucy dog also catches mice. But, have to say, I shuddered thinking about me gardening within inches of this gaping hole: only uncovered due to my cutting back of overgrown shrubs. I feed the birds so I guess mice will visit the garden too.
    The Mouse Hole is quite big. I thought I was a Rat Run to begin with. And so, husband Geoff is off to check his Catch.

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