Guest Post with Author Mike Martin!

I am honored to welcome talented author Mike Martin of the Winston Windflower Mystery Series. Thank you for coming today, Mike. It’s a pleasure to see you and hear about your lovely books.

Please step up to the podium, Mike, the floor is yours.

Setting the Scene in Newfoundland

Before I’d even written the first Sgt. Windflower Mystery, I knew that the story would be set in Newfoundland, my home province in Canada. I had no idea what kind of book it would be and certainly no clues about characters or plot development. But I knew that even though I hadn’t lived there for twenty-five years, I wanted to have the story set in Newfoundland.

If you’re from there, or have visited even once, you know the appeal of Canada’s newest province. It is relatively small, lightly populated and very friendly. I thought that my book (I didn’t know it would be a series) would be set in St. John’s, the capital city. That’s my hometown and a place I know well. But while Sgt. Windflower does visit St. John’s occasionally, almost all of the series is set in the small community of Grand Bank on the southeast coast of the island.

Why? That’s a good story in itself. As Shakespeare said ‘Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered’. My partner, Joan was not from Newfoundland, I was pretty sure of that. But as I got to know her more I found out that her father was. From Grand Bank. We started visiting Grand Bank during the summers and eventually she bought and lovingly restored her grandfather’s original house in Grand Bank. We started visiting more and soon were spending the month of August there.

One night, in Grand Bank, in the fog, the character, Sgt. Windflower, came to me and started telling me his story. Where he was from, what he was doing in Grand Bank. I started writing his story down and the stories have grown and blossomed into 13 books, translations in four languages and six audio books. Now, I’m getting ready to release the latest book in the series, All That Glitters.

As the stories unfolded, Newfoundland itself became a character and I was able to add a little bit of the food, geography, culture and history into every book. So, too, has the weather, which if you’ve been there, you can understand why. It’s often foggy and damp, almost always windy and sometimes it’s sunny and fine. All in the same day. The old saying about the weather in Newfoundland is that if you don’t like it, don’t worry. It’ll change in the next 10 minutes.

I’ve also had the chance to have Sgt. Windflower travel all over the province of Newfoundland and even set one of the books mainly in St. John’s. And I have to tell you how much fun it was to write about Bowring Park, Signal Hill and Marine Drive, just outside of town. Still my hometown, after all these years. I hope you can come and visit. There’s always another seat at the table in Sgt. Windflower Mysteries.

Jjspina: It is as if I am coming home after I read one of your books since I know the characters so well. They feel like family. It must give you a warm cozy feeling to go back there in your stories since that was once your home.

All That Glitters is available in fine bookstores all over Canada and around the world on Amazon

Mike Martin was born in St. John’s, NL on the east coast of Canada and now lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. He is a long-time freelance writer and his articles and essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online across Canada as well as in the United States and New Zealand.

He is the award-winning and best-selling author of the award-winning Sgt. Windflower Mystery series set in beautiful Grand Bank. There are now 13 books in this light mystery series with the publication of All That Glitters

A Tangled Web was shortlisted in 2017 for the best light mystery of the year, and Darkest Before the Dawn won the 2019 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award. 

Some Sgt. Windflower Mysteries are now available as audiobooks and the latest A Tangled Web was released as an audiobook in 2023. All audiobooks are available from Audible in Canada and around the world.

Mike is Past Chair of the Board of Crime Writers of Canada, a national organization promoting Canadian crime and mystery writers and a member of the Newfoundland Writers’ Guild and Capital Crime Writers.

You can follow the Sgt. Windflower Mysteries on Facebook at

Jjspina: After reading your books, Mike, I would love to visit Newfoundland when it is warmer. It sounds like it can get quite cold and snowy from your stories. I also enjoyed the recipes of the region you share in each book since I love fish and seafood.

Thank you, Mike, for stopping by to share your books with me and my readers. I have read all of your books in the Windflower Mysteries and throughly enjoyed them.

Here are some of my reviews of your books so that my readers can see how much I enjoyed them. Below is my review of book 1, Walker on the Cape, and the latest book in the series, All That Glitters. I hope my readers will check out your books soon and find out how lovely they are like snuggling up with a warm and cozy blanket on a cold day.


5.0 out of 5 stars An Intriguing Mystery!Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 9, 2015

The Walker on the Cape is a good beginning for the Winston Windflower Series. I read book 2 in error first but found it and this book intriguing and felt caught up in the series. In this book Winston Windflower, a member of RCMP, is called into service to solve the mystery of the murder of a quiet and reclusive man, Elias Martin. His death turns out to be more than just a heart attack. There are many forces who want to keep this murder a secret. Windflower finds himself up against strong and influentual people who will stop at nothing short of murder. These people do not know how resilient and persistent Windflower really is.

Mike Martin has created a fascinating character in Winston Windflower and I look forward to more books in this series.

Another addition to the Winston Windflower series that is an enjoyable read with most of the same characters making an appearance once again. The main protagonist, Winston Windflower, is back in another role but still helping the RCMP with cases using his expertise and experience. 

There is danger at every turn for Windflower but he endures it all evidenced by his courage and fearlessness but with compassion and empathy. Windflower smudges as in the other books and experiences dreams that he interprets with the help of his uncle Frank. 

There are other changes in roles for Tizzard and his wife, Carrie, who are still with the RCMP but not in Outer Bank. Tizzard is now acting superintendent until a permanent replacement can be found while Carrie is working with Windflower.

I love this series that makes me feel like I am going home again with the warmth, love, and down-home appeal of Newfoundland, and the people and the community that supports one another. I also enjoy hearing about the food and recipes that Windflower grills with fish and beef making my mouth water.

The author has created once again a lovely book to add to the Windflower series.

I was gifted a copy of this book and reviewed it honestly.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by to read this post. Come back again soon for more books, reviews, guest posts and interviews and whatever else pops into my already overcrowded brain.

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Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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  1. Darlene says:

    So nice to meet a fellow Canadian on your blog. Mike’s books sound wonderful. Newfoundland would be an ideal setting. I can tell you I have never met a person from Newfoundland I didn’t like. Probably the friendliest folks in the world!

  2. You always host the most interesting people and Mike is one of them! Thank you to Mike for sharing and to you for hosting.

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