Books Read and Reviewed in March 2023!

Here it is already the end of another month. Where does the time go? I have been busy as usual reading some wonderful books for the month of March of 2023. Here are the 6 books I read and reviewed for March. I might have read even more if I didn’t have a few WIP. But I always seemed to have a WIP! That fact never stops me! I hope you enjoy reading these reviews.

I love sharing my eclectic reads in this Jemsbooks Segment, Books Read in the Month. I hope you will get a chance to look over these books soon. Thank you for your kind support of my work and that of my fellow authors.

If you are an avid reader, as I am, please review the books you love on Amazon or wherever you purchased them in order for others to enjoy your reviews. Reviews are one way for readers to know about an exceptional book. We indie authors love to receive reviews and appreciate the efforts of readers to do them. Once again, I thank you for your kind support of me and my books and for supporting my fellow authors too.

When I wrote these reviews I rated them on Amazon, Goodreads and sometimes Barnes & Noble. I did not include the ratings here though. It is best to share my thoughts with you about how I felt about the book without the rating. Ratings can be deceiving at times.

We all feel differently about books. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we like them and still other times we may dislike a book. Some others are so memorable they take our breaths away! While others are sweet, sensitive and enjoyable reads that we soon will forget. But all these books I have reviewed were lovely reads as you can see from my reviews. I hope you enjoy my reviews and that they help you decide if you would like to read any of them.

A tale full of mystery, supernatural aspects and love on the fringes. The characters were well defined and interesting in this story told entirely through third person POVs and one in first person by the main character, David Snow, a detective who has been tossed out of work due to an injury received in the line of duty.

Something is amiss with the man who took over David’s job. Does he have designs to do more damage to David’s reputation? David must fight his way back to do what he loves to do and not settle for less by being a private investigator.

Other characters come into play that forces David to look at his life more closely, his past romantic involvement and present friendship with a woman who needs his help to investigate a disappearance.

An intriguing story that held my attention right to the end.

This book is a gripping suspense full of angst, lies and secrets, even family cannot be trusted. The story is told through the eyes of a mother, Donna, and her daughter, Lauren, jumping back and forth between them, in the past and present.

The characters are intriguing, many of them are suspect as revealed by Donna in her POV. The women in this story are strong and resilient, know their own minds and are not afraid to do what they need to do to protect themselves.

There are some revelations as the story grows and more things are revealed to Lauren causing her to reconsider what her mother has told her about her father and grandmother.

This was an enjoyable suspenseful mystery with plenty of surprises.

I was surprised at the low ratings on this book but I didn’t let them deter me from purchasing it. Bradford has always been one of my favorite authors with her Woman of Substance being my favorite.

This book was full of mystery, travel, and romance. The main character, Nicky Wells, a well-known TV news correspondent travels far and wide on her stories. The story begins in China at the massacre at Tiananmen Square which gave the reader a feel for how dangerous her job was.

There are other characters that come and go throughout the story but only two play more prominent roles in the tale, Nicky and her lover, Cleeland Donovan, a world famous travel photographer. They meet while on many stories in faraway places.

Nicky’s fiancé, Charles Devereaux, is in and out of the story but some of the mystery is based around his suicidal death when Nicky sees someone who looks like him on the news. This sighting brings Nicky to follow clues to try and find him and discover once and for all why he supposedly faked his death to disappear.

It is quite a long story which could have been shorter and gotten more to the crux of things sooner, but I enjoyed Bradford’s writing style and descriptive prose. Not my favorite story but still an enjoyable one!

This is an epic historical novel of the discovery of a steamship Pulaski which sank in 1838 with about 192 people on board. The author depicts the tale through much research to uncover one family who traveled from Savannah on this steamship which never made it to its destination of Maryland.

The author creates a story about this family told through from POV of members of the family and the main protagonist, Everly Winthrop, a history professor, who is asked to curate the artifacts recovered that are found after the Pulaski is discovered.

The story encompasses the feelings, angst, heartache and sacrifice of those who suffered as they strived to stay alive while watching their own family members and others die in front of them without being able to save anyone; what they were made of, how they dealt with adversity, and how they survived to live again in spite of the nightmares they continue to suffer for the rest of their lives. Some made better lives for themselves and learned from their mistakes while another took a different path to deal with his anger and loss of family as a way to forget the tragedy.

This was an unforgettable story of an unimaginable and horrific event that tore at the heartstrings of the city of Savannah that will never be forgotten and will forever be immortalized in their archives and museums.

This is the first book I’ve read by this talented author of suspense. The story starts out slowly but increases with intensity as more details are unveiled in Rowan O’Sullivan, the main character’s personality.

The author created a slow-moving tale of a woman who is suffering from some kind of trauma during delivery. She can’t remember anything about it though. She is troubled and can’t figure out what is wrong. She doesn’t trust her babysitter or even her husband with taking care of her precious baby. Is she losing her mind or is it just PTSD after a difficult delivery?

The reader is kept guessing throughout the story about what is going on with Rowan. Is it Rowan who is crazy or Gabe, her husband, or maybe the babysitter, June. Rowan tries to find the answers throughout this time and slowly uncovers what is wrong. Is she prepared to face that truth?

This was an enjoyable suspense-filled read that kept me guessing until the end. I will be looking at more of this author’s work.

This story tells it all of the lies and corruption in politics, of those who are privileged against those who aren’t, of greed and attainment of power over others, of those who are self-centered, narcissistic, and determined to succeed no matter what it takes.

Some of the suggestions of the congressman’s wife, Jody Asher, for other congressman’s wives is a little dated since there are many women now in politics so this standard to assist other wives is no longer valid. Maybe this is what the author intended to go back in a time when there were few woman serving in Congress.

The story was interesting and held my interest as it continued to a logical ending with a little surprise added. If you enjoy reading about the political scene you will enjoy this book.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. You are welcome to come back again anytime.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these books, Janice. Congrats to the authors!

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