Books Read in the Month of February 2022!

Here it is already the end of another month. Where does the time go? I have been busy as usual reading some wonderful books for the month of February of 2022. Here are the 7 books I read and reviewed for February. I might have read even more if I didn’t have another WIP. But I always seemed to have a WIP! I hope you enjoy reading these reviews.

I love sharing my reads in this Jemsbooks Segment, Books Read in the Month. I hope you will get a chance to look these books over soon. Thank you for your kind support of my work and that of my fellow authors.

If you are an avid reader, as I am, please review the books you love on Amazon or wherever you purchased them in order for others to enjoy your reviews. Reviews are one way for readers to know about an exceptional book. We indie authors love to receive reviews and appreciate the efforts of readers to do them. Thank you for your kind support of me, my books and for supporting my fellow authors too.

Word Art for Reading/Reviewing

Secrets of the Galapagos is like being on a trip and seeing all the sights of the Galapagos in this enjoyable mystery without leaving home.

The author takes the reader on an adventure with mystery, suspense and danger at every turn for the main protagonist, Giovanna Rogers. She intertwines some romance, intrigue, and murder. She catalogs the list of endangered species there with some fascinating information about turtles which I enjoyed. Giovanna has not gotten over losing her business and her fiancé because of a con artist. This trip may give her a chance to get even with this con artist who is also on his way to the Galapagos.

Even though I have never visited the Galapagos I felt as if I were there. The characters were varied and interesting keeping this reader engaged until the satisfying conclusion. I would recommend this story for all who enjoy learning about fascinating places along with an enjoyable mystery.

I was gifted this book and chose to review without compensation.

Bloodstone is Book 1 of a creative fantasy series for middle-graders and preteens with short chapters, poetry at the beginning of each chapter which makes for a quick and fun read.

This story is based on the life of a teenager, Amelina Scott. It’s through her eyes that we see what is wrong with her life.

Her father is tormented by something that has cursed him. Her mother is unable to accept her husband’s fate. Their house is cursed also by what had transpired in the past to her father. Amelina is stuck in the middle of this dysfunctional family.

She is summoned by a strange woman in a Cottage with crystals that may change her life and be able to free her father from the curse. She is pulled into a darkness with a new friend who is dangerous and untrustworthy but she feels strangely attracted to a teen she just met, Ryder. She has a friend who is trapped in the mirrors in her home, Esme. She has an odd cat who wandered into her life one day, Shadow, who stays by her side as if he needs to protect her. She has friends who are intrigued by her quirkiness and magical abilities. What else can happen in her life?

There is romance, mystery, and paranormal activity in this story. This is only the beginning. What will happen next?

This is a perfect series for young teens to enjoy. I found it entertaining with unusual occurrences at every turn.

I was gifted this book and chose to review without it compensation.

No one can write like John Grisham! This latest book in the Jake Brigance series is a wonderful legal thriller. It’s chock-full of courtroom drama that keeps the reader on edge along with the jury.

A young man, sixteen years old is on trial for killing his mother’s boyfriend. But it is not cut and dry for there are many issues that are revealed that bring the reader to his side. Why did he do it?

The main character, Counselor Jake Brigance, is forced to take on this case. He is reluctant to keep it and wants another lawyer to take over. Nothing seems to go his way and he is stuck with defending this young man who looks barely older than thirteen. As Jake digs deeper into the case he realizes what a horrendous life this poor young man has led. There is verbal and physical abuse of this boy and his mother and sister to face. Will he be able to get a not guilty verdict or will this end the life of this unfortunate young man?

This book kept me engrossed until the end. I had a hard time putting it down. I read until late at night and picked it up once again in the morning. I highly recommend this read! It will surprise you and have you rooting for the killer to be freed! But will he? Read it and find out! Another exceptional book by the King of Courtroom Thrillers!

A deeply touching yet heartbreaking story of love, loss and acceptance that is a real tear jerker. There is much angst as each character must deal with his/her own demons – a mother loses her baby and leaves her husband and two sons behind to punish herself, her actions affect the rest of her family and cause much hardship. Can she ever go back? Will she find happiness in spite of all the loss she has suffered? Will her lost child ever be found?

The author has created an unforgettable story that once you begin you cannot put it down until you find out what happens. There are myriad characters with distinct and varied personalities that keep the story flowing. She has combined such tough subjects as kidnapping, mental illness, alcoholism, drugs and dealing with the spirit world. Each character has a journey to complete with many obstacles in the way. Will they be able to survive?

This is the first book I have read by this author. I enjoyed it so much that I will definitely check out more of her work.

Born to Die is a suspenseful thriller that kept me on edge. There is murder, mayhem, romance and all kinds of surprises. This is the kind of book I love.

Something strange is happening in this quiet town. There are women dying who look uncannily alike. Who is doing this and why? When Kacey, the main protagonist, sees a woman in the hospital where she works as a doctor she is puzzled. Who is this woman who looks enough like her to be her sister?

The mystery goes on and on with more women who look like Kacey involved in accidents? Or are they being murdered and made to look like accidents? Detectives Alvarez and Pescoli are on the cases as they keep piling up. Will they be able to figure out what is happening before more bodies are uncovered?

The author knows how to develop an intriguing storyline and when to put in clues that keep the reader engrossed in the story. This was an enjoyable and worthwhile read that I could not put down. I highly recommend!

The Tracker is a political thriller with non-stop action, thrills and twists and turns. It kept me on the edge of my seat and cheering the main character, Sam Callahan. Sam has had a horrendous life in foster homes with abusive foster parents. Will he ever be able to forget all this and get on with his life?

Just when Sam finally gets on the right track and is on his way to becoming a lawyer he is dragged into the middle of a murder involving a politician. Who sent him the text to come there to see this and why? He is running out of time and friends to help him. Someone wants him dead now after he videotaped the murder. Where will he go?

This book was well written chronicling the past and present life of Sam in different chapters simultaneously. The author gives us a birds-eye view of Sam as a child and then as an adult. I felt the angst, horror and tragedy of his life at so young an age. I held my breath at every turn as Sam tries to solve this murder without getting himself killed in the process. 

I highly recommend this political thriller full of suspense and mystery.

A powerful story about rape, abuse, trafficking, greed, heartache and loss. The main character, Adele, discovers a shocking crime that was committed against her mother in a diary she finds in her grandmother’s attic. With this diary in hand she vies to uncover those responsible for this heinous crime.

The author keeps the reader in suspense as she weaves a story that is heartbreaking, tragic and emotional. There are plenty of suspects and twists and turns as the story comes alive from Adele’s deep search. Those who do not want this crime uncovered do what they can to put a stop to Adele’s words in her blog by discrediting them.

There is much to say about this book but I don’t want to give anything away.
A worthwhile and emotional read that I highly recommend!

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this post. These are entertaining and worthwhile reads. I hope you will check them out soon. Please remember to leave a review. We authors will love you for your efforts to spread the word about our books! Happy reading!

Please come back again soon. There will be plenty more enjoyable posts for you to read. Each month check out my reads and reviews. Authors, maybe your books will be in here one day.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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  1. Jan Sikes says:

    An interesting and eclectic selection of books! Thanks for sharing, Janice!

  2. HI Janice, a lovely selection of books. I have also read this novel of Sharon’s and I enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to reading Marje’s book soon.

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