A Trip to Bar Harbor, Maine!

I recently traveled with my husband and another couple to lovely Bar Harbor, Maine. It was an enjoyable time. The area is quaint and lovely with plenty of restaurants, scenic views of
Cadillac Mountain and flowers everywhere. We were there from September 7th – 11th. The weather was cooler than in our home state but still pleasant most of our stay.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast (first time ever). It was an old house that was tastefully decorated with lovely wallpaper, comfy couches and vases of flowers in the living area. The Sand Bar Cottage Inn was warm and inviting and so were the staff. Heather took care of us to make sure we were comfortable and changed our room to do that. There are no elevators in this inn so we had to traipse our luggage up three floors which wasn’t easy. At our age we didn’t want to be on the top floor so she put us on the first floor which was very nice.

Plaque in front of Sand Bar Cottage Inn
(Daliahs, I think) in front of the bed & breakfast

Julia and Susie served us in the breakfast area while Jason was the chef who created delicious breakfasts of eggs or pancakes, waffles and quiche. Coffee was available all the time as was different kinds of Stash tea, water and orange juice. With each breakfast Susie brought us some kind of baked goods – blueberry muffins, poppyseed bread, cranberry or lemon cake, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, etc. It was not conducive to my usual diet but I was on vacation after all!

At 4:00 each afternoon they had tea and cakes or cookies – chocolate chip, peanut butter, macadamia chip, oatmeal raisin and other cakes. All were delicious and had to be tasted even if I am not a sweets’ person. I had a little. Sigh! Now that I am back home I need to be better. But, it was, after all, a vacation and time to relax and enjoy. I certainly did that.

5 lb lobster on display at Stewman’s

If you travel to Maine you have to have some seafood, especially lobster. I had a couple of lobster rolls, steamed clams, mussels, bouillabaisse, and seafood stew. All were delicious! Of course, I also had salads too. I think I got my seafood fix for a little while! The prices of lobster were high as was everything else. It’s a tourist area and that is to be expected.

Stewman’s Restaurant – one of the many where we ate lunch or dinner

We went on a hike today in Bar Harbor but did not make it up to Cadillac Mountain. It was a perfect day today too. Here are some photos of the beauty of the ocean on our way.

Thunder Hole Bar Harbor
Porcupine Islands in Bar Harbor
John & I

We had lovely weather for the first two days. On the next two days it rained but we went in and out of the rain with umbrellas. One day it rained so much that we were forced to take a trolley ride up to Cadillac Mountain. When we got to the top it was foggy but at least the rain had stopped.

Views on our walk
A rainy day walk
Rainy day on a walkway

I did not take any photos of my food this time. I am trying to curb my photo taking since I had at one time over 10K photos on my iPhone. Yikes! My iWatch stopped working. It was overloaded. I had to remove most of the photos and download the rest onto my computer. Now my computer is groaning! Haha!

Geddy’s Restaurant

It was a lovely break for me from work. I truly needed to get away from writing, and working on another WIP. Now it’s back to blogging, writing, sewing, and soon crocheting. But I may not complete another book this year. I will be taking it slower for the rest of the year. I published my goal of four books so I feel good about that. There is always next year.

Sentinel Seagull posed for this photo
Sky view with unusual clouds and sun shimmering colors

The above photo was on our way home. I snapped a few of this gorgeous sky view. I had never seen such unusual cloud patterns before. With the sun shining through them it created some beautiful colors. The colors glowed around the sun and were even more spectacular with the naked eye. I couldn’t look directly at the sun too long so I took this photo to remember and share it.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this post. I hope you enjoyed my photos and traveled along with me to this lovely area of Maine. Maine is my second favorite state to visit. Of course, New Hampshire is my favorite since it is my home state.

Thank you for your support of my books and blog and for all the reviews you have posted wherever my books are sold. Keep reading and I will keep writing! Take care.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina

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  1. noelleg44 says:

    I loveBar Harbor – one of my favorite places. We moored there on my 13th birthday and my Dad bought us all lobster dinners! Yum!

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