Sad Day – Our Trigger fish and Dori, a Hippo Tang both passed!

I recently wrote a post about our cantankerous Trigger fish. He was quite a fellow and controlled the tank. Today we woke up to find him and his buddy, Dori, a Hippo Tang, both gone to the hereafter. So sad. I couldn’t look at the fish when my husband removed them from the tank. It broke my heart to see them like that.

Trigger and Dori

Trigger and I had a long talk the other day. I had to scold him again about hiding the thermometer that we had in the tank that rested at the bottom. My husband hasn’t found it yet. Maybe when he moves the rocks around he will find it. Sigh! He removed the other one that was attached to the glass with a suction cup. He didn’t like it there. Read about his escapades here.

Tank once was full of fish

We had Trigger and Dori for a long time – many years. I guess it was their time to go or maybe they ate some fish that didn’t agree with them. We don’t know. There will not be an autopsy and the arrangements are private so we can grieve. I am kidding, of course. But I still am sad about their loss. The tank is so empty now with only two clown fish looking forlorn. They know things will be different now. They will have more of the tank to swim in and around. Of course, my husband will be purchasing some new fish to fill the tank. He can’t stand looking at an empty tank. Neither can I. I will share the new arrivals when they are all acclimated. It may not be a little while. We have to make sure the water is pristine for the new fish.

Trigger in another pose
A Young Trigger – he was quite small when we first bought him. He grew to be enormous!
Trigger and friends

Trigger had a good life, was well fed, cared for and loved for a long time in a large 95 gallon saltwater tank. He provided many entertaining moments for us over the years. He was cantankerous, bossy and quite a bully to the other inhabitants of his tank home. Only Dori and Nemo and Marlin were comfortable with him and lasted the longest in his company.

I took a photo of the tank now that only two clown fish are there. It’s sad to see it so bereft of Trigger and Dori.

Tank quite empty without Trigger & Dori
Two clown fish peeking out of the rocks
Clown Fish – Marlin looking at me

I promise to share any new fish we buy with you soon. The tank looks so sad.

We shopped for some new additions to the tank on June 14th two days after Trigger’s and Dori’s passing and a thorough clean out of the tank by my husband. This is what we bought.

Three Anemones in the daylight mode
Anemones in the night light mode

One of the anemones is already adhered to the rocks. The other two are trying to get to a rock to get settled in their new home. They need to grip something solid in order to live and feed easily. They are fascinating creatures. They may look like plants but are really animals.

They move quickly through the water and roll along until they can get to a rock and anchor themselves. They do change position from one rock to another when they desire a new place to roost.

If you want to know more about anemones go here.

We have two clown fish who we hope will host these anemones. Clown fish are known to love to nestle inside the creatures like in the movie Nemo. If you have seen this movie you will remember that is where Nemo and Marlin lived.

Once a clown fish hosts an anemone he becomes quite territorial and will protect and even feed the animal. When we purchased them in an aquarium store the clerk demonstrated how a clown fish protects an anemone. He put his hand into the tank and tried to touch an anemone but a clown fish bit him a few times to get him away from it.

These same two clown fish that we have had for as long as Trigger and Dori hosted a couple of anemones we had previously. Unfortunately the anemones didn’t live long which upset the clown fish. He kept looking for it. I’m sure they will both be very happy to have three to host. I will snap some photos when that happens.

Here are a couple photos of the hosting our clown did previously.

Clown fish sitting with anemone
Clown fish near anemone

Watch for more photos of a new hosting. So exciting to see it happen when the clown fish becomes enamored with the anemone. So sweet.

Before I closed out this post I had to take a peek at the tank to see if anything was happening, but all I saw was that the anemone anchored to the glass. It will probably move again tomorrow and grab onto one of the rocks.

One Anemone now adhered to the glass

Stay tuned for more info on the hosting process. The clown fish are hiding right now but will be out and about inspecting these new inhabitants of the tank soon. Their curiosity will get the better of them.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. I hope you will come back again soon for more entertaining posts about whatever comes to my overcrowded mind. I appreciate your kind support of me and my books and any reviews you do wherever my books are sold.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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6 Responses to Sad Day – Our Trigger fish and Dori, a Hippo Tang both passed!

  1. Victoria Zigler says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Trigger and Dory. Swim free on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  2. I am sorry about your fish, Janice. They are lovely peaceful creatures.

  3. noelleg44 says:

    Oh, Janice, how sad. Fish are such a blessing – they bring you calm and watching them is a treat. Clearly, these two had your heart!

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