Hummingbirds are Now Here!! What Joy and Wonder they bring!


How exciting it is to see the first hummingbird of the season visit our feeders on 5/6/21. I never get tired of seeing them return. The sight of them fills me with such joy and wonder. It’s a beautiful day today after a few dreary days of rain.

We have set out three feeders since late April. My husband announced he saw one a few days ago on 5/3/21! Sigh! He beats me every year with sightings!

Hummingbird window feeder
Hummingbird deck feeder
Hummingbird deck feeder – I tried to snap a photo of the little critter but he flitted away too swiftly for my camera.

It is a humbling feeling to know that these little birds traveled far and wide to return to our state to feed once again before they leave for another long journey. They are amazing to watch and quite beautiful in color. Here is a link from Wikipedia to learn more about them.

Every year I do a post about their arrival which is a joyous one and another one about their departure which is quite sad. There are some links below to other posts I have written in case you want to know more about these gorgeous little critters. I just adore them!

I have to thank my husband for making the sugar mixture they love and for caring for the feeders to replace the liquid often to ensure the birds always have some fresh supplies. He also put out the Oriole feeder since late April waiting for their arrival. Baltimore Orioles birds are beautiful too in orange and black (male) and lighter orange/yellow and black for females. I have posted about them in the past with some gorgeous closeups of them feeding on grape jelly. That’s what they like. They also like oranges too. Go here and here to read the posts.

I will keep my eyes peeled so that I can snap a few photos of these lovely hummingbirds to share with you.

Today, 5/7/21, I snapped a photo of a hummingbird for you. It may be hard to see him but if you enlarged the photo you can see him in flight as he hovers over the feeder. He does blend in with the trees in the background. Once there are more leaves you will be able to see them better when I take photos. It’s not always easy to get them in flight. They are too quick for the eye and so tiny. This one is darker in color. We have had ruby throated and emerald ones with gorgeous colorings on their wings that appear to glisten in the sunlight. Startling to the eyes to see this but so gorgeous and unforgettable.

Hummingbird at feeder

Here is a poem I wrote several years ago that I like to share each time I post about them.


by Janice Spina

It’s as delicate as a butterfly

And graceful as a lark.

Wings beating in a symphonic rhythm

As it maneuvers around each flower,

And dips its beak to draw out the sweet-smelling nectar.

I watch as it moves effortlessly.

Its iridescent wings rapidly beating

As it hovers like an acrobat in midair.

Its feathers glisten with color and reflect the sun’s rays.

Seeing this bird in its element is to experience pure wonder and joy.

One knows there is something greater out there

That made the glorious hummingbird!

Here is another post about these lovely birds from 2020/2019 with more information.

Two plants that we put out each year are Hibiscus and Passion Flower. They were in our house all winter long and only the Hibiscus produced two flowers. The Passion Flower produced none. These plants attract the hummingbirds because of their deep stamen and sweet nectar. Go here for more information about plant stamens.

The 17 Rose of Sharon plants that are on each side of our house and in the front produce beautiful flowers with deep stamens that house more tasty nectar for the hummingbirds. No wonder they keep coming back. We produce a smorgasbord of foods for them. The Rose of Sharon will not bloom until late July or early August but are now showing some greenery.

Rose of Sharon beginning to show signs of life
Rose of Sharon bushes now greened up on 5/28/21
Passion Flower now on deck
Hibiscus now on deck

Our pond in the back of our house is also showing signs of life. The birds love it there when the reeds grow tall and green. They sit on them and sway with the breeze. It’s lovely to see.

Pond greening up a bit
Getting greener now on 5/29/21

On May 7, 2021 we spotted our first Baltimore Oriole bird. We were enjoying a leisurely breakfast when my husband grabbed my arm and exclaimed, “It’s here! The Oriole is here!”

He is as excited as I am to see these birds each year. He always spies them before I do. Sigh!

Since I didn’t have my camera at my side I had to jump up and of course I frightened the bird away. I grabbed my phone and waited. Sure enough a female came then another male. I missed capturing the female but did get a few of the male.

Here’s the female in all her splendor! Wow!
So beautifulthe male!

If you ever see one you will know what I mean when I say, “It takes my breath away. They are so beautiful!”

As I sit here and sip my coffee I keep watch for another sighting. I can’t get enough of them. Patience does pay off sometimes because he came back again and I got this photo. Wow! I think he was posing for this photo.

Recently we had turkeys on parade. Although they are not the most attractive birds they do look quite regal and beautiful when they are strutting their stuff (the males looking for a mate). This took place during turkey hunting season. I wonder if they even realized that! They made themselves a bigger target unfortunately. We have heard shooting going on in the woods behind our house. It is a little disconcerting to say the least. I worry about the turkeys but there are so many of them that I guess they have to be culled out.

Turkey in full array strutting his stuff!
Turkey trying to impress a female! I was impressed! Haha!
Back side view of turkey plumage!

It was quite a show to watch from my kitchen window. They struttered all over our yard.

Well, I hope you enjoy this post about birds of a feather. I enjoy watching them and sharing their antics with you.

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


Janice Spina 

Award-Winning Author 

Jemsbooks for All Ages!







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  1. noelleg44 says:

    We had a flock of wild turkeys at our former home, Janice. One male and a bunch of females. So much fun to see. Our birdfeeder is inundated each day and we are about to put up a hummingbird feeder. We love watching the birds use the bird bath to bathe – they splash water everywhere and we have to clean it daily because they also drink from it!

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