Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series – Enjoyable Read for MG/PT/YA! A Wonderful Review to Share!

I was flipping through some of my older reviews of Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series and came across this wonderful review. I had to share it with you again. If your children haven’t read any of this series, grab a copy of this first book and let them begin the fun adventures with the twins. They will love them as did this adult who wrote the review. Thank you, Hugh A, for this fabulous review!

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives: The Case of the Missing Cell Phone – Kindle edition by Spina, Janice, Spina, John. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives: The Case of the Missing Cell PhoneHughA Sheer Delight Of A Read

August 11, 2016 Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase Twin brothers, Davey & Derek, are up for an adventure. They want to become junior detectives and solve their first case. With the help of their friend Mickey, they soon have their first case to solve after overhearing a conversation their mother has on the phone.

It’s not long before the three boys are on the case to find a missing cell phone. However, the case is not going to be that easy to solve for the Fifth graders, given that the suspects are all in the Sixth grade at their school. When the police get involved, the whole school can talk about nothing else and the three junior detectives become even more determined to solve the case of the missing cell phone.

It’s been a long time since I read a book that has been written for children, but from the opening chapter I was engrossed in this story and could not put it down. Okay, it only took me two hours to read, but for the entire time I was willing on the main characters to quickly find the culprit(s) so they could be brought to justice.

The main characters are very likable and you can’t but want them to succeed in their first case as junior detectives. For me, the Author’s characters remind me of the works of the great Children’s Author, Enid Blyton. Even the villains are written in a way that you can not feel for them and, when you read the book, you’ll get exactly what I mean.

The story moves along at a fast pace and there’s nothing in it that will make the reader wonder if they’ve missed anything. Sure, there is a red-herring, but what’s an excellent detective mystery without the odd red herring thrown in? Given who the Author has written the book for, I firmly believe she’s done an excellent job. It’s a no wonder, then, that the book has already won an award.

I was delighted to hear that there is a second book in the series. Janice Spina is on to a real winner here and I can only see that Davey & Derek are going to become characters that children of all ages are going to love. Now, if only she could introduce a pet dog into the stories like Enid Blyton did with The Famous Five and The Secret Seven, then I think the character selection would be complete.

If you’re looking for a book that has the very real prospects of becoming a great series of stories for Junior School children, then look no further than this book. View this book’s reviews on Amazon

Wow! This was a great review! If I hadn’t written this book myself I would have bought it right away! Ha! I hope you feel that way too and will grab a copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble today. There are six books in all in this fun adventure series that your kids will love. They include important life lessons about being kind to others, friends and family are important and differences should be accepted, and love one another. Each book is a stand alone story with the same characters and some others thrown in from time to time. Now is the time to stock up on summer reading for our kids. Happy Reading! Thank you so much for your support!

Here are all six books on Amazon. Let the adventures begin for your children! I would love to hear from you if they enjoyed them. I feature book reviews from readers/fans on my blog like above. If your children would like to see their review here, send me the link to it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble by email at jjspina@comcast.net and I will be happy to share it. I will send along a Jemsbooks bookmark to you for your children in appreciation. (Of course, you would have to supply your address. I will not share it with anyone. I will destroy the email with it afterward.)

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives (6 book series) Kindle Edition (amazon.com)

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series Books 1-6

This series was written for my two middle grandsons when they were just 9 and 11. They are now strapping teenagers. They loved these books and have done book reviews for school from them. I hope you boys or girls will love them too.

Hop over today to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or click on the covers to the right of this post of the books you choose to purchase and let your MG/PT/YA begin adventures that will lift their spirits, make their hearts soar and spark their imagination! Give gifts of books today and you will give them more than just a book, you will give them wings to fly!

Blessings & Hugs! Stay Safe, Stay Well and God Bless!


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