Writing in Different Genres!

This is an old post from 2017 that I wanted to share with you again. I wrote this as part of anthology with other authors for best-selling author, Kristina Stanley. Check out this book for more enjoyable posts by other authors in this collection and Kristina’s other wonderful books.

Writing in Different Genres

by Janice Spina

How important is it for authors to be able to write across genres?

First of all, not everyone cares to write in multi-genres. There are some who choose to write in one genre and for select readers. There is nothing wrong with writing in one or multi-genres. Who am I to tell anyone what is the right thing to do?

If you look at J K Rowling, for instance, she has excelled in writing for YA, PT, MG groups (young adult, preteen, middle-grade). She has also written for 18+. I am one of her biggest fans for the first group but I did not enjoy the 18+ mysteries as much as the Harry Potter series. That does not mean that her books didn’t sell well! On the contrary, once she became established as a successful author anything she wrote (even under a pen name) sold off the shelves. If only I could do that! Sigh!

I chose to write in different and multi-genres to keep myself fresh. I started out with children’s books, ages 0-8, then branched out to MG and PT, ages 9-12, then 18+. I have received a Silver Medal from MOM’S Choice Awards for one children’s book, nine Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards for my children’s and MG books, and two Reader’s Favorite Book Awards, and a Silver Medal from Authorsdb Cover Contest for my MG books and was a Finalist in Authorsdb First Lines Contest and Red City Review Book Awards. These awards make an author feel that maybe she is doing something right. I am definitely enjoying what I do. I will keep on doing it and improve my craft along the way.

Whatever you write about, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, do your best, research your material, read other author’s work and about others’ successes to hone your writing. I have read between 90-105 books each year to improve my writing in any way I can.

I follow my dream daily by writing. Like my motto says, Reading Gives You Wings to Fly! Soar with Jemsbooks.com! I am definitely soaring! Believe in yourself and do what you love to do daily! Happy Reading!

(A different version of this post was originally in an anthology by Kristina Stanley. Check out her blog and books sometime.)

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  1. Congratulations on the new book Janice and I will do a new book promotion next Thursday… looks great…hugsxx

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