Kindle Promotion – $.99 – Abby & Holly Series Book 1 – School Dance!



Abby & Holly School Dance

Promotion begins 11/29/18 and ends 12/6/18! Hurry and pick up your copy just in time for Christmas and get into this mystery series that has ghosts and fun adventures. This book promotes anti-bullying and encourages middle-graders, preteens and young adults to show respect to parents, elders and to each other. Isn’t this what we want for our children – to read clean books that foster good values in them?


This is Book 1 of a series of Abby & Holly books. These two girls were first introduced in Book 5 of the Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series.
The girls are first cousins on their mothers’ side. They moved to the quiet town of Lindon, New Hampshire and live in a grand old Victorian which is haunted.
The cousins are excited about attending the 6th grade dance. When their friend, Justine, is bullied, Abby and Holly, along with the help of a ghost and Davey & Derek, work together to formalize a plan to put a stop to the bullying.

I was requested by a reader of my boys’ series, Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series, to write a series for girls. This is how the Abby & Holly Series came to be. Book 2 is now available on Amazon – paperback, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble (coming soon). I plan to write two more books in this series in 2019!

Thank you for stopping by to read about this promotion. I hope you will pick up your copies for all the preteens/middle-graders/young adults on your Christmas list. Happy shopping! Thank you for your support!


Michelle Clements James

July 8, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
Michele Rolfe

July 4, 2018

Format: Paperback


July 6, 2018

Format: Paperback



July 24, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Move over, Davey and Derek? Or maybe not… The duo is back, and the girls and boys are taking the world by the horns with another thrilling adventure! The haunted house! The mysterious ghost! The undying friendship! Good life lessons! And no more bullying!

Abby and Holly are cousins. The girls were first introduced in Book 5 of the Davey and Derek Junior Detectives series.

Janice Spina has beautifully blended two separate series in her new book, which is meant to entertain and educate middle grade readers. This time she sent two girls to solve a mystery that was quite intriguing. While trying to be just normal students, team members are dealing with serious issues so common for sixth graders: jealousy, intolerance, and bullying. The story is fun and adventurous, but the author smartly implants very important seeds that touch on problems so familiar for a middle school audience.

In this new book, Abby and Holly team up with their friends Davey and Derek, two shy but very experienced young detectives. The team needs to find out who is sabotaging one of their classmates, Justine, who plans her sixth grade school dance. Fearing that the girl is being bullied, the team members work closely with each other and their friends.

The story is sweet. It flows smoothly, just like other books from this wonderful author, which manages to surprise the young readers with perfectly developed characters and a wise plot. Even if the readers haven’t had the chance to get familiar with the Davey and Derek series, they won’t feel lost or have a hard time connecting the new story to Davey and Derek. And just like me, I hope the girls and boys will jump into the new adventures with a touch of fantasy, mystery, and some stronger feelings like love, forgiveness, and being kind to each other.

Abby and Holly: School Dance” is one of those books that will make children feel good about themselves. The lessons of friendship and kindness are nicely incorporated into a fun story, which will put a smile on children’s faces. Trouble. Solution. Sweet first love. Friendship. And kindness. All of these qualities are in one book for young readers to enjoy. Yes, Justine is bullied, but she has a strong group of friends behind her, which helps her to overcome the fear of bullies. And with the help of her friends, the bullies may change their attitude too.

I am delighted that this book carries strong messages about the importance of being compassionate, kind, loving and accepting. It teaches teens to remember how they would feel if their places were reversed. Another entertaining and teaching series for middle schoolers by Janice Spina!

* I received this book as a gift from the author and chose to review it without compensation.

I hope you will pick up your copy for $.99. The price will go back up to $3.99 on 12/6/18! Hurry, hurry, hurry!


I love to hear from readers and appreciate and welcome reviews wherever my books are purchased! Thank you so much for your kind support!

Blessings of the holiday season & Hugs!


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Janice is an multi-award-winning author with 41 books: 20 children's books for PS-Gr 4, 12 middle-grade/preteen, two young adult books, written under Janice Spina, and 6 novels, and a short story collection written under J.E. Spina. She is also a writer of poetry, blogger, avid reader, reviewer and a copy editor. Janice has always loved writing and started very young writing poetry, then stories. Her books have received 33 Book Awards and a few finalists awards. All Janice's books are available on, Kindle, B&N and other online book sites. One of her sports' poems was published in The Lawrence Eagle Tribune in October of 2008. She is currently working on book 3 of a YA fantasy series an and book 2 in an angel series. There will be six books in all in this series. She hopes to work on a series of four books in a crime/mystery genre that will be offsprings of her thriller, Hunting Mariah. There are books in the works about a dog for ages YA. Her hobbies are crocheting, sewing, walking to keep fit, hula hooping, tap dancing, going to the movies with her husband, and spending time with her five grandchildren. Janice loves to hear from readers and appreciates reviews. Sign up on her blog for a copy of her newsletters under Contact Me. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband who is her illustrator and cover creator.
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