Interview with Author Kathryn E. Jones!


Kathryn E. Jones

Please help me welcome Kathryn E. Jones to Jemsbooks Blog Segment, Interview an Author.

It’s lovely to meet you, Kathryn. The floor is now yours.

1. Tells us something about yourself.

I have always been an avid reader even before I could actually read. My mom tells me that I would make things up as I looked at the pictures. I enjoyed reading all through grade school and college – yes, I even enjoyed the stuff I had to read for the most part. And yes, I attended college in my early 40s so maybe that’s why I did all of my assignments. My first book was published by a local publisher in 2002, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I began to take my writing seriously enough to write continuously. Maybe college taught me about not giving up, but when I received my degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Creative Writing, it didn’t take me long to give up the journalism career in favor of what I really loved.

jjspina: That’s wonderful, Kathryn, that you got to do what you love to do daily. That love of reading must have been what was the turning point in that direction for you.

2. When did you know that you wanted to be an author?

The publishing end of things was always in my veins. I knew that it would be my dream job, I just had no idea how I was going to get there. I imagined a fancy building with fancy offices and cubicles and plenty of people who knew all there was to know about writing, publishing and marketing a book.

What I got a year or so after graduating from college was a publishing business in my home. A small, manageable business that is growing each year. I mentor, write, edit, market, publish, and even hand hold when necessary. Publishing that first book is scary, but more and more writers are interested in publishing on their own, and they want to do it right. Idea Creations Press is the publishing house I always wanted but never got until I created it. But sometimes dreams are like that.

jjspina: Sometimes we must create what isn’t there to make things right. It looks like you did just that. Congrats!

3. What criteria do you use for publishing an author’s book.

Great question! I love to think we are unique in that we want authors who have something to say without all of the world views vying for attention. In other words, we are looking for authors who have something inspirational to say, whether this inspiration comes from their own life or a life created by them. We want clean books. That doesn’t mean a book can’t have darkness and light, a bad guy and a good guy, it just needs to be clean read. No smut. No foul language. If your mother can read it, you’re pretty safe.

Jjspina: That all sounds reasonable to me.

4. What projects are you currently working on?

I have just finished my first tween science fantasy called, “Light Shade.” It’s the story of a boy from the future named Aaden. At first, Aaden appears to be your typical 10-year-old boy. He plays with Legos and thinks his mom is weird because she talks to plants. But when Aaden learns that the earth and everyone on it is going to be destroyed, and he has only two weeks to help his family escape, Aaden learns that he has gifts and talents never before imagined.

Book two in the Aaden Prescott Space Adventure series, “Light Descending,” will be released in the spring of 2019.

I have also published Christian fiction, Christian nonfiction, business nonfiction, and mystery.

Jjspina: This will be a fascinating story for kids. They love fantasy and sci-fi mixed together.

5. What would you do if you were not a writer/Publisher?

I love this question! I would be an interior decorator and would probably write books about design. As it is, in-between writing and mentoring other writers through the writing, publishing and marketing process, I do manage to do some decorating – without the degree of course. My husband and I are in process of remodeling our home. There have been some challenges – what do you do when you decide to open the wall after the baseboards are already in? but it has been a fun journey.

Jjspina: Yeah, what do you do? I hope you figure it out.

6. Please share your books, blog and website.

I would love to get to know you! Please visit me at:

Writer’s site:
Business site:

Light Shade:





Kathryn’s Bio:

Kathryn is a lover of words and a bearer of mood swings. When she is feeling the need to inspire, she writes a Christian fiction book. If a mystery is waiting to be uncovered, she finds it. If something otherworldly is finding its way through her fingertips, she travels to it.
Kathryn has been a reader since she was a young child. Although she took classes in writing as a teen, it wasn’t something she really thought would become her career until she was married. And even then, it took a few more years for something worthy enough to publish to manifest itself.
Kathryn’s first book was published in 2002. Since then, many other books have found their way out of her head depending on the sort of day she is having. Kathryn is a journalist, a teacher, a mentor, an editor, a publisher, and a marketer.
Her greatest joy, other than writing her next book, is meeting with readers and authors who enjoy the craft of writing as much as she does.

Thank you, Kathryn, for coming today to share a little about yourself and your new book. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and look forward to checking out your book. I wish you much success with this book and others that follow.

Now that you are part of family, please feel free to come back again to share more books.

Thank you, readers, for stopping by to read about Kathryn and her books. I hope you will take some time to check out her links above.



Blessings & Hugs!



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  1. Great interview Kathryn and Janice. The questions were perfect and the answers were intriguing. Good job!

  2. A lovely interview, Kathryn and Janice. It is amazing how many of us started writing and making up stories as children.

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  4. allan hudson says:

    Always happy to meet new authors. Thanks for your efforts Janice. Good interview.

  5. Jane Risdon says:

    Fabulous, I enjoyed this no end. I tweeted but I am in witter jail re new follows so must wait a while to do it. Good luck ladies.

  6. Kathryn Elizabeth Jones says:

    Thank you!

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