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Jerry the Crabby Crayfish

This is a post I wrote in 2017 that I wanted to share with you again. Jerry the Crabby Crayfish is one of my most popular books. Kids and parents love Jerry. He teaches children that it is okay to be different. It is okay to be happy with who you are.

It’s time to stock up on books for fun summer reading that will instill good behavior in your children. Happy Reading! Reading is Good for your health!

If you are just tuning in, I have been writing limericks for my nine children’s books. I posted three previous ones. Go to Limerick for Louey here, Ricky here, and Lamby here.

Here is the fourth limerick for my fourth published children’s book (2014), Jerry the Crabby Crayfish.

Jerry the Crabby Crayfish

There once was a crayfish named Jerry

Who every day was anything but merry.
Each day his wish
Was to be a fish.
Until he realized he wanted to be just Jerry!


Jerry is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online stores.


Jerry is a crabby crayfish who all day long wishes he could be a fish. One day something happens in the fish tank that makes Jerry change his mind. Read about the valuable lesson Jerry learns.

Jemsbooks’ children’ books carry life lessons that instill in children good values. Jerry teaches children the importance of being happy with whom you are and strive to be the best you can possibly be. Jerry won a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award!

Jerry was a real crayfish in a tank in our home. He is no longer with us now but he was quite a character! He did wave his claws at anyone who came too close to his tank. When he was hungry  he would wave and tape one claw on the side of the tank to get our attention. He really was a beautiful blue color! He was a lot of fun to watch and we all miss him, my grandchildren especially.

Read the reviews on Amazon:

Jerry the Crabby Crayfish review by Wynette Mills

***** May 11, 2014

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Children will be very curious about this little blue creature. Aquariums and fish captivate little minds to ask “why” and “how”. It teaches us that we are all very special in our own way and by helping one another we learn much about ourselves. It also teaches children about the time and care it requires to have a pet as well as some science fun facts about Jerry molting. The illustrations will keep the children looking for more. I will look for more stories from this talented Author.

5.0 out of 5 starsDelightfully entertaining and educational!
BySRM-Reviewson February 19, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
In her new book for children, “Jerry the Crabby Crayfish”, author Janice Spina once again entertains young readers as she teaches them an important life lesson.

Jerry the crayfish, a cave dweller in a fish tank that was populated by various multi-colored fish, was a very unhappy fellow. Jerry was miserable and discontented with being a crayfish and was quite vocal about his desire to be a fish. But when opportunity arose for him to help others in the fish tank, Jerry realized his unique gifts and wished to be a fish no more.

Mrs. Spina lovely story telling abilities and her husband, John Spina’s fabulous illustrations make this kid book a must have!


5.0 out of 5 starsAnother Gem
ByAmazon Customeron March 24, 2014
Format: Paperback
This is the second book I have read by the author and I loved it. The repetition in the story and the message it reinforces should have children repeating “Swish, swish, swish, I wish I were a fish” all day long. Once again the illustrations by John Spina are a delight for the visual senses and the deceptively simply imagery is colorful and beautiful. Janice weaves another unique and interesting tale with a subtle environmental message about not interfering with what nature does best on her own. I also love the way she finishes each book with “The End” showing the behind (as in bottom) of each central character, which I think will have children giggling with delight. These books are best read out loud, with children turning the pages and listening, but older children will be able to read on their own without too much trouble. As an educational note: Janice introduces some exact names of some types of fish, never assuming that children would not be ready to learn them, which I think demonstrates her dedication to teaching and instructing children, as much as engaging them with the sweet little stories. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading Lamby the Lonely Lamb.

Check review on Barnes & Noble:

Jerry the Crabby Crayfish is a fun story to read. 

889 days ago
Jerry the Crabby Crayfish is a fun story to read. The verse is repetitive which gives the reader something to repeat in a fun and entertaining way. Jerry says, "Swish, swish, I wish I was a fish!" There is an important lesson to be learned about life as in all Jemsbooks. In this book children will learn that we sometimes are not happy with who we are or what we can do but that we are all important. We all have something that we are good at and never ever give up doing this well. The illustrations are colorful, fun, entertaining and go well with the story.

Remember Reading Gives You Wings to Fly! Soar every day with Jemsbooks! 

Please be kind and leave a review for books you read. Authors will appreciate your efforts!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying the limericks. Try your hand at writing some with your children. You will all have a fun time time creating them.

Drop by again for more limericks – five more coming!

Blessings & hugs,



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  1. I remember this one, Janice. It makes me smile.

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