Summer Newsletter – Jemsbooks!

Here is my summer newsletter that I wrote in July 2017. I already have more news to share for my fall newsletter which I will post in November.



Janice Spina aka

J.E. Spina

BOOKS FOR ALL AGES!     ISSUE #2    July 16, 2017

There have been some new additions and surprises to the Jemsbooks’ family since the last newsletter in September of 2016.

Jerry the Crabby Crayfish (children’s book) won a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in April of 2017.


This was an exciting time for Jemsbooks to add another award to the collection (total now 6). Jerry is our most popular children’s book. He was a real pet in a fish tank in our home.

He is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other online stores.

Jerry is loved by children and schools for it has a repetitive verse that children can repeat.

Also, Jerry teaches children about being happy with whom you are. That we are all important and if we work hard at what we are good at, we, too, will succeed. Just believe in yourself!

My husband, John, illustrator and cover creator, is responsible for creating such colorful and eye-catching illustrations and covers. I am blessed to have such a talented husband and he works cheaply. LOL!

On October 9, 2016 I published a new children’s book,

Colby the Courageous Cat.

Colby 2

Colby was my daughter’s cat for nine years. He was an independent soul who was fearless. He only came back home for a quick head rub and a meal.

This book is written in rhyme as are all Jemsbooks young children’s books. It is about a kitten, Colby, and his siblings that go on adventures and are watched over by him. Colby learns the importance of family.


Barnes & Noble:

On March 11, 2017 I published my first short story collection,

An Angel Among Us.

An Angel Among Us 2

This book was written for my friend, Anne Gillis Benedetto, who died in January of 2017. The first story is one I wrote especially for her. The book is named after this story. The collection is eclectic with genres in romance, grief/loss, horror, comedy, mystery, fantasy, suspense, and sci-fi. There is something for everyone.

In July 2017 I was published by The Writer’s Newsletter. I was asked to contribute to The Writer’s Newsletter in the form on a short story and my bio. Here is the link to check out my short story, The Well (genre-horror/suspense) from the multi-genre short story collection, An Angel Among us.

On May 18, 2017 I published another children’s book, 

Jeffrey the Jittery Giraffe.

Jeffrey 2

Jeffrey was written for a little boy whose grandmother I met at a book signing in Derry, NH. Unfortunately I cannot find her name to contact her. I hope that she will see this book and contact me.

This story is about a jittery giraffe who is afraid of loud noises. He learns a valuable lesson about believing in himself.

Here are the links to purchase. Amazon:

Barnes & Noble:

On June 4, 2017 I published Book 5, Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series for middle-grade/preteen/YA. The title is:

The Case of the Sad Mischievous Ghost.

This series has won four awards – one from Reader’s Favorite Book Awards and three from Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards.

Amazon Page for Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series:

This series was inspired by my two middle grandsons. It encourages and supports respect of others, listen to your mother, getting along with siblings, being kind to others, good behavior, and anti-bullying.  


Barnes & Noble:

Jemsbooks stands for good quality books that will instill in your children good behavior and life lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

My goal is to encourage children of all ages to read. Hopefully this love of reading will carry through their lifetime and to their offspring.

It is important for all parents, caretakers of young children to read to them daily. Make it a fun experience that they will remember always and treasure. Children love and crave the attention of their parents and what better way than to read together nightly.

This time together will become precious to all parties.

Please stay tuned for more books coming in 2017, 2018 and 2019 – two children’s books, one about a dog and the other about a hermit crab, book 6 of Davey & Derek Series, a spinoff of Davey & Derek with two female characters, Abby & Holly, into their own series, a YA fantasy series, book 2 of Hunting Mariah, and some more surprises. There is always another story running around in my head!

Remember: Reading Gives You Wings to Fly! Soar this summer and all year through with Jemsbooks!

Jemsbooks are for all ages!

I love to hear from readers and appreciate reviews wherever you purchased my books. I am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flipboard, Tumblr, and Goodreads too. Stop by any one of these places and say ‘hi’.

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On my website you will find all my books for purchase, other authors’ books, and reviews of my books, Copy Editing Service, and news of more books and giveaways.

All Jemsbooks can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. Some books are now available at and other online stores.

Amazon Author Page: for all Jemsbooks

Barnes & Noble Page for children’s books:

Barnes & Noble Page for 18+ books:

Thank you for your kind support and readership.

Remember:  Reading Gives You Wings to Fly!

Happy Reading!

Blessings & hugs,

Janice Spina

About jjspina

Janice is an multi-award-winning author with 39 books: 19 children's books for PS-Gr 4, 12 middle-grade/preteen, two young adult books, written under Janice Spina, and 5 novels, and a short story collection written under J.E. Spina. She is also a writer of poetry, blogger, avid reader, reviewer and a copy editor. Janice has always loved writing and started very young writing poetry, then stories. Her books have received 31 Book Awards and a few finalists awards. All Janice's books are available on, Kindle, B&N and other online book sites. One of her sports' poems was published in The Lawrence Eagle Tribune in October of 2008. She is currently working on book 2 of a YA fantasy series. There will be six books in all in this series. She hopes to work on a series of four books in a crime/mystery genre that will be offsprings of her thriller, Hunting Mariah. There are books in the works about an angel and another about a dog for ages 17+. Her hobbies are crocheting, walking to keep fit, hula hooping, tap dancing, going to the movies with her husband, and spending time with her five grandchildren. Janice loves to hear from readers and appreciates reviews. Sign up on her blog for a copy of her newsletters under Contact Me. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband who is her illustrator and cover creator.
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  1. A very busy and successful summer Janice… fantastic. xx ♥

  2. Congratulations on all of your books, awards, and achievements, Janice. You’re to be admired by everyone. 🙂

  3. macjam47 says:

    You are amazing! Congratulations!

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