The Wizard of Oz Play by Kids Coop Theatre!

Wizard of Oz








I had the sincere pleasure of attending the play – The Wizard of Oz by the Kids Coop Theatre on November 15, 2014 at the Derry Opera House.

IMG_0011 IMG_0012

My three grandsons above were part of the cast. Daniel, Londonderry High School junior, was the Cowardly Lion, Jason, a fifth grader, was an Ozian, Munchkin and a Winkie Guard, and Joey, a third grader, was part of the Lollipop Guild, an Ozian and a Winkie Guard. My younger grandsons were adorable and showed real promise of being formidable talents in future shows. The oldest grandson, Daniel’s voice soared in his rendition of the lion who needs a heart. He kept the audience spell bound with his beautiful voice and his impressive acting range. They really showed their talents and made this grandmother extremely proud.

Wiz of OzWiz Oz Cast

As the show started I felt transported into Kansas and then into the Land of Oz as each performance was spell bounding.

Dorothy, Morgane Vigroux, stole the show when she sang her heart out with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Her performance was reminiscent of the days of a young Judy Garland.

Toto, Dorothy’s sidekick, played by MiniMe Sachs, brought a few chuckles from the audience when he barked to ask for a treat. This was not part of the act but was impromptu and delighted the audience.

Ian Davis, Wicked Witch/Miss Gultch, did a wonderful version of wickedness that curled even my toes!

The scarecrow/Hank, Michael DeRosa, was so agile as he danced around and fell so gracefully in his role.


Sam Boyle, Hickory/Tinman, showed his talents as a dancer as he tap danced his way around the stage.


Glinda/Jitterbug/Girls’ Chorus, Nicole Delpidio, was lovely and graceful in her role as the beautiful witch.


Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz, Robbie Chubbuck, did an outstanding and professional job in both roles.  Below is the voice contraption through which the Wizard spoke. A very cleverly made item.


Aunty Em, Mackenzie Ozaroff, and Uncle Henry, Ian Davis, were believable as they took on the task of parenting Dorothy. As the rest of the cast and ensemble each in turn came on stage as munchkins, Ozians and other characters, the stage became alive with excitement.

There was so much talent on the stage it was mind boggling and brought tears to this observer’s eyes. I hope they all continue to act and sing and live their dreams on stage one day.

IMG_0125 IMG_0124 IMG_0068 IMG_0061

The props, background and music (by the Pit Band, directed by Amanda Morgan) displayed the scenes so perfectly and I couldn’t keep my feet still as I swayed and tapped to the music. It was funny, entertaining, and utterly delightful! It was a standing ovation for all!


This was a fantastic show with outstanding performances by all actors. Producers – Danielle Crouch and Lisa Powers and director, Jude Bascom, outdid themselves on all facets of this large production. Taking on a cast of this size and the extensive production has to be an enormous task. Kudos to the producers and director and all the rest of the production crew who did an incomparable job worthy of bigger stages and venues.

Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful show! I look forward to more enjoyable shows to come! I am a fan of Kids Coop Theatre!

Wiz Entire Cast


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9 Responses to The Wizard of Oz Play by Kids Coop Theatre!

  1. Wow. That’s quite a large cast and therefore an extensive production. I had expected 7 and 8-year-olds. Still, there appear to be an assortment of ages. Sounds awesome.

  2. Ipuna Black says:

    You must have been so proud to watch your grandsons. That is a large cast to keep straight. Great recap! Thanks for sharing.

    • jjspina says:

      Oh, boy was I ever proud of them. They really are having a great time in the Kids Coop Theatre. It has given them confidence and at the same time they are learning to cultivate their talents. A great program that I support and hope will continue for a long time. Thank for stopping by and your kind comments.

  3. Fabulous I love the Wizard of Oz. Congrats to your grandsons.

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