Interview with Author Wynette Mills

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Today I have the pleasure of introducing talented author, Wynette Mills.  Wynette has written two adorable children’s books.

Here is my review of Wynette Mill’s book, Nana’s Backyard Alphabet on Amazon and Goodreads:

This is a beautifully illustrated and cleverly written rhyming book that is educational and engaging. Children will love the fun and colorful illustrations and the musical quality of the ABC rhymes. 

This is a wonderful book for early readers to enjoy reading on their own or for parents to read to their pre-schoolers. Children will be delighted by this lovely book and want to read it over and over again.

Wynette Mills is a talented author that has another book available, Backyard Explorer, and more stories coming in the Nana Series.

1.     When did you first start writing children’s stories?

I have been writing poetry since high school that I would tuck away and read from time to time.  I started writing children’s poetry and short stories after becoming a grandma.  My grandchildren have always called me “Nana”.  My first book was intended to be a treasure book for my oldest grandson.  At the time he was six years old and having some difficulty with reading.  During the summer I would have my two grandsons while their parents were at work.  What started as interactive play by picking a subject, then using rhyming words we created jingles together.  The story sat in a drawer with many other poems for two years.  A friend convinced me to try to publish the story.   My son is a production artist/animator.  I contacted him and he became my illustrator.

2.     When did you publish your first book?

My first book, The Backyard Explorer: The Nana and Me Series was published in August of 2010.

3.     Please share the title of your books and a synopsis of each.

The book takes a whimsical look at children and the time they spend with their grandparents.  In a poetic and colorful look at nature, we find that children are eager and curious to learn about our earth and its many wonders.  The overall message is that we find joy in discovering the blessings in our own backyard.  It is a simple but important message brought to life by the colorful illustrations.  I hope to awake the passion to explore and learn.

The second book is titled, Nana’s Backyard Alphabet.  This book is based on my second grandson and experiences we have shared together.  My grandchildren are my inspiration every day.  I was raised on a farm and family is very important to me.  I love the outdoors and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with my grandchildren.  I feel by spending time with our children creates a bond and memories that will be carried on from generation to generation.   In the second book the alphabet is introduced in a unique way, and introduces the characters for the next three books.  The first two books are well received by preschool to second grade reading level.

4.     What do you want to achieve through your books?

It is my hope to teach respect for nature, and increase the child’s curiosity and use their imaginations.  I use high action verbs and adjectives to stimulate the imagination.  The stories acquaint children with respect for life, enthusiasm for learning, and being generous to others.

5.     Is there a favorite place for you to write?

My favorite place to write is usually at my computer with a cup of coffee.  I enjoy the quiet by the window looking into my backyard.  Many times ideas come to me at night and I get up and write them down.

6.     Do you have a new project you are working on?

The manuscript for my third book is finished and is in the illustration process.  This book is an adventure story for children age’s seven to nine.  It is a fun look at where your imagination can take you with reading.  It also teaches respect for our environment and will include fun facts

7.     Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I hope to have finished a book for each of my five grandchildren.  It will be my gift to them, hopefully a reminder of the love I have for each one of them.  I also am working on a book about my mother and father and the grief one goes through after losing a parent.  I find that during a time of grief writing your feelings down on paper and special memories is good therapy.

8.     What other interests do you have besides writing?

I enjoy flower gardening, reading and writing and in my younger years, horseback riding. 

9.     Please share all your links and where to purchase your books.

My books are available at many online bookstores and directly through the publishers.

You can purchase Wynette’s lovely books at these links.

Nana's Alphabet Wynette Mills

Backyard Alphabet

Back Yard Explorer Wynette Mills

Backyard Explorer

Connect with Wynette here:

Facebook Page

Thank you, Wynette, for visiting with me and my readers today.  It was wonderful to have you here and learn more about you and your lovely books that are beautifully illustrated.

Thank you readers and followers for your continuing support.  Please check out Wynette’s books and share the love.

All authors appreciate your support and a kind review if you purchase their books.  I have well over 100 reviews on Amazon and happily review books for all indie authors and traditional authors too.  I sincerely believe in supporting one another and kindness goes a long way to making our road to publishing a whole lot easier and smoother.   Thank you readers for reading our books!  You are the reason we write!!

Thought for the Day:  Think about doing a kind review of an indie author’s book today.


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4 Responses to Interview with Author Wynette Mills

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your author interviews Janice, have you ever explored what children’s authors have in common, if anything? I loved books as a child and we loaned 3-5 books a weeks from the library, as we got older these reduced but we still read each week until exams ate up time 😉

    • jjspina says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Charlotte. I think authors all have in common a passion for words, vivid imaginations, the ability to daydream as a child, and the ability to tell a story from their daydreaming and imaginations. I just may do a post about this. Thanks for making me think about it. xo

      • 😉 I look forward to it. Did your author friends have similar jobs before going into writing? Did they choose similar subjects at school? Was English literature their favourite subject? When I write I see pictures in my mind and when studying I have to draw out things I want to remember because I’m a visual learner – that’s why I think I always preferred children’s stories with illustrations.

  2. jjspina says:

    Very good points, Charlotte. I am a visual learner too. I can bet that many authors are visual learners too. Lol! Thanks for your input! I appreciate your keen observations!

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