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Welcome to the book launch of my good friend, Steve Smy (Imagineer-ing).  I am honored to share this book launch with all my readers.  Steve is an amazing writer and has written some very creative and imaginative stories.  If you have not read any of his books please go to Amazon and Barnes & Noble and check them out.  You will be amazed and delighted.  Keep a look out for his new book, A Darkness in Amazonia.  Thank you all for stopping by.  Please support Steve!

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Released on 10th September, 2013, through various online sources.  Available as ebook, paperback and hardback.

A Darkness in Amazonia Front Cover 02 800x500

A Darkness in Amazonia


Steve K Smy

Being Part 4 of G1: The Guardians

In the depths of the Amazonian jungle, lost for millennia, its location hidden by the local peoples from every explorer, lies a city – a city that shouldn’t exist.

Discovered by an archaeologist, Professor Hiram Leibowitz, despite every attempt to conceal its existence, the first revelations prove that this is a perilous site that the archaeologist and his dig crew are not equipped to handle.  Fortunately, Leibowitz knows who is the right person to investigate this great mystery.  At a safe distance from the city, Leibowitz contacts his old friend – Siribahta Dhal, Director of the Guardians.

A sequence of events is set in motion as Siribahta sends in his elite team: G1.  It takes very little time to discover that the city is one of the most dangerous relics of a lost Age ever found.  Protected by the slaves of an unknown power, hiding truths that prove that not all Evil is alien in origin, the nameless city will test G1 to the utmost.  This will not be a battle – it will be a war…

The first novel and fourth tale in the series.

Follow G1’s adventures in the three previous volumes: the novelettes Shade of Evil and Evil Under The Circle, and the novella The Sigil of Ahriman, all available as ebooks and paperbacks.


Purchase details:

ebook from: Smashwords Amazon stores worldwide The ebook will become available from other online bookstores over time!

Paperback from:

Hardback from: (n.b. you may order the hardback edition but the normal delivery time may be slightly extended during the first week or two from the launch date).

More information:

Author’s website/blog

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Author Bio: Steve K Smy was born in Ipswich, Suffolk – a picturesque part of England famed for being part of Constable Country, where the renowned artist John Constable worked and produced many of his finest paintings. He has lived virtually his whole life there. He started writing for pleasure when he was 13 years old, with a science fiction novel! Naturally, his writing was less dominant for many years, as he and his wife Jenny raised their three children to adulthood and independence. He returned to writing seriously in February 2012, following a long illness. Since then, he has written and published, in ebook format, several short stories and, in ebook and paperback formats, four novelettes and a novella. He has also been working on a major fantasy novel.

His published stories include tales in three series: the Thief series of fantasy short stories, the mixed genre G1: The Guardians series (two novelettes and a novella, to date) and the science fiction Captain Henri Duschelle Stories (a short story and two novelettes, so far). The novelettes and novella have now been published in paperback. Fans of the G1: The Guardians series should be aware that a novel (part four of the series) is going to be published very soon!

Mr Smy is also a blogger with a growing readership for his blog Imagineer-ing.  Again, fans of the G1: The Guardians series will be happy to hear that they can find background information on the stories, especially the political shape of the world, in a special section of the blog site!

Thank you to all my readers for stopping by.  I hope you will support Steve and go to Amazon and purchase his amazing book!  I can attest to how amazing this book is.  I edited it for Steve.  You will be kept in suspense and on the edge of your seat as you travel along with the story.  There is action, adventure and discoveries too shocking to tell you.  You must read the book!  If you love sci-fi fantasy then this is the book for you.

Remember:  Reading Gives You Wings to Fly!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   To read is to dream, to dream is to create, to create is to discover yourself.


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