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Welcome to my blog segment, Interview an Author.  Today I have the honor of interviewing Paul G. Day who is the talented author of several books of different genres.

Thank you Paul for visiting with me today and sharing  a little bit about yourself and your books with my readers.

1.     When and how did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

It wasn’t so much a decision as it was that I simply love to write. But I guess if I had to put a time on it I began to seriously write way back in 1994 when, at the tender age of 29, I went back to High School to finish my certificate. It was there that the English Teacher inspired me to pursue writing. I studied Writing for Young Children and Young Adult Fiction at University a year later and that’s when I really fell in love with writing.

2.    How do you come up with your ideas for your stories?

Well, sometimes ideas come to me in my dreams. Other times I am inspired by what people do or say. More often though, my stories (or more importantly the stories of my characters) come from my own personal experiences. I often say I am Red Bear because I am very much the lost little simple bear who is just trying to find out where he fits in. This simple premise is evident right across the board in all my stories, whether it’s a little red bear or a girl on an interstellar space ship.

3.    Your stories are of different genres and very eclectic.  Is there one genre you enjoy writing about more than others?

I enjoy reading Sci-fi, but I confess I find it difficult to write technically. I have never been a detail person, more a big picture guy. I enjoy mainly writing Children’s Books. There’s a certain innocence in children’s fiction you don’t find anywhere else. The challenge is to find your voice. I do write in multiple genres, because some ideas just don’t fit into the confines of a simple picture book.

4.    Tell us the titles of your books and a synopsis of each.

Well, this might take a while, but I’ll let you decide which ones to include. (I decided to include them all.) Here goes:

Star Child (series) Book 1: The Cosmic Birth Book 2: Children of Destiny and Book 3: The Sons of Earth

Tamsin is born aboard a massive interstellar starship called Destiny. She shares the ship with a half dozen robots and a humanoid she calls Destine. Destine is as human as is possible for a machine and it is she who is responsible for instructing, nourishing and training Tamsin. But as Tamsin grows to learn the secrets of the ship, she also discovers the terrible facts of her past and the difficult future ahead of her, as well as the choices she will have to make.

The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly (Juvenile 3 part series)

Lilly is a tiny black fairy and an outcast from the fairy world because she is so different and because the elders see her existence as a curse. Living on the outskirts of the fairy Kingdom, she learns to be self sufficient. She befriends a Dragonfly and is introduced to the Dragonfly World, where she learns their language and finds a place among them. But when all the fairies of the Kingdom suddenly vanish, Lilly must face her past and confront a powerful evil as she learns to use the magic her mother endowed her with.

The Misadventures of Red Bear (series)

Red Bear is very much the Forrest Gump of Bear World. He is simple, endearing, clumsy, shy, unsure and sometimes a little foolish. Nevertheless, during his journey of self-discovery (a strong theme in all my books), he draws upon hidden talents he never knew he had, brought on by circumstance and necessity. Through each adventure, Red Bear learns something new and he grows to eventually become a hero.

ABC Reading Series (Magic Fairy Kingdom & Monkey’s ABC)

This is a new genre for me. I had never considered writing learning books, but because I am a Teacher, it makes sense to put my skills to some use.

The Girl Who Kept Secrets (YA Series)

This is the novel I have wanted to write for some time. After a few false starts and a complete re-write, I finally completed part 1 of a 2 part novel. This is a story about family, about friendship and the cultural divide that can sometimes seem insurmountable. When two girls meet at school, they form a friendship so strong that nothing seems able to break it. That is, until the friend’s Uncle moves to Australia and everything unravels. But it is more than just friendship and family in peril. The whole world, it seems, is on the brink of catastrophe and one girl knows a truth so shocking, a secret so terrible, that she cannot keep it any longer.

5.    Do you have another job besides being a writer and author?

I am a qualified High School Teacher, specializing in Drama. But before that I was a qualified Automotive Mechanic. Yeah, I know, Go figure. Anyway, I have been teaching now for ten years, but my first love is and always has been stories.

6.    What do you do in your spare time when you can find some?

Well, writing takes up any spare time I would have. However, my wife and I are renovating a 1890’s Farm House, which takes a fair amount of my time. At the moment I am on leave, so I have more time than my wife. Striking a balance is the key. I try not to spend too much time writing when my wife is home. But because I am so passionate, I don’t always get the balance right. Apart from that I love camping and film making with my daughter.

7.    Do you have any other projects you are working on?

Wow. Yes indeed. Too many, in fact. Sometimes the hardest part about being a writer is trying to figure out which project can wait. I am a naturally impatient man and want to see results quickly, so I tend to dive right on in and fix it all up later. I have a series I want to write called “The Four Edged Sword”, a fantasy tale about a kingdom divided by a warring family and their natural suspicion of each other. Central to the plot is a talisman crafted by the ancients in ages past. I have made maps and designed a whole world for this Kingdom. It is not an easy task. It’s a very long term project and the first novel will be several hundred pages long.

I am also writing a local legend called “Kip The Copper Coast Kid”, “Dragon Bones” and the sequels to “The Black Fairy” and “Star Child: The Cosmic Birth”.

8.    Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I am a complex person, not easy to understand in the real world and it usually takes people a long time to get to know me. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, which makes it a
little easier. If I say something I mean it and if I make a promise I try not to break it. I have flaws, chief among them is the tendency to procrastinate and I day dream a lot.

9.    Please share your website and blog and how to purchase your books with me and my readers.

My Blogs can be found at the following addresses:


Blogger “My YA Novels” (My main Blog)

Twitter (feel free to follow me)

YouTube (My Book Trailers etc.)

Google Plus (My main Social Connection)

Amazon Author Page (purchase all my books here)


Thank you Janice for taking the time to interview me and giving me this chance to share my books with a wider audience.

It was my pleasure to interview you, Paul.  I enjoyed getting to know you better as I am sure my readers did too. Thank you for sharing your books with us.  You are a very talented author and your books are excellent reading for the summer or any time.  You certainly are a very busy writer with all the projects you presently have on your plate.  I have read three of your books and loved each one.  My reviews can be found on  The new books sound wonderful and I look forward to reading them all.

I wish you well, Paul, and want you to know that you are always welcome to come back and visit to share any new books or projects with me and my readers.

Thank you readers for stopping by my segment, Interview an Author.  It was another enjoyable time spent getting to know such a creative writer and author.  I hope you will check out Paul G. Day’s site and look over the great selection of books he has to offer.

Come back again for more interviews and other news about my publishing venture.

Remember:  Reading Gives You Wings to Fly!

Thought for the day:  Teach your children by example, read, read, read and read some more.  They will learn to love reading too!

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  1. Deanie Dunne says:

    Very nice interview, Janice. Mr. Day is an interesting person and must be very talented to be able to write so many different types of books. He must also be very busy, being a teacher and having other projects,too. I’m sure many people enjoyed learning about him, as I did.

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