Interview with Author Michael Fedison


I have the sincere pleasure of introducing the talented author, Michael Fedison to my segment, Interview An Author.  Thank you Michael for stopping in today to share your books with us.  I would like my readers to get to know you better through some questions that I will ask you.

  1.      When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

From very early on, I wrote my first short story in the second grade.  I have always had an overactive imagination, and have always loved to get lost in a story.

  2.      How did you come up with the idea for your novel, The Eye Dancers?

Initially, over twenty years ago (!), I had a dream.  I dreamed of a little girl, seven maybe eight years old, standing in the street outside my window.  It was late—well after midnight, and she stood under the streetlight.  The light seemed to pass straight through her, as if she were more ghost than girl.  She signaled for me to come outside and join her.  I still recall this dream with clarity.  I woke up startled, afraid, and energized!  I knew I had to write about this strange girl!

But, at the time, I simply didn’t have a story in which to place her.  After trying (and failing) several times to put her into a story, I decided to file her away in an “idea vault.”  Hopefully, someday, the right story would come along.

Twenty years later, I had the same dream, of the same girl.  This time, upon waking, the basic idea for The Eye-Dancers was in place.  It was a remarkable experience.  When I had gone to sleep the night before, I had nothing.  I hadn’t even thought of the “ghost girl” in years!  And then, in an instant, the story came.  Creativity is so often like that—ideas come, unasked for, unplanned.

Once I had the basic idea in place, writing the novel was a joy.  It was hard work, but the main characters in the book are inspired by childhood friends I grew up with.  That made them very real to me.  And The Eye-Dancers explores themes that have always resonated with me—the struggles, joys, challenges of adolescence; friendships forged through difficult circumstances; exploring the concept of what we term “reality”; parallel worlds and quantum physics; and the connection and unity of all things.

3.      How many books have you written and what are the titles?

As far as published novels, The Eye-Dancers is the first.  I have written several novels previously, but they probably will never see the light of day.:)  I have also written many short stories, and had several published in small, literary magazines.  I also post a few of my short stories on The Eye-Dancers website.

4.      When did you first become a published author?

I actually had a poem published in a small magazine back in the late 1990s.  That was my first published piece.  Shortly after that, some of my short stories were published, as well.

5.      On your incredible blog you have posted short stories.  When are you going to put them into a book?  I, for one, would buy it.

Thank you for the compliment!  I am in the process of putting together a collection of three short stories even as we speak!  I plan to publish this volume later this summer.  I also plan to publish several more volumes of short stories in the future.

6.      What else would you like to share about yourself and your writing?

Writing has always been a passion for me.  I write about the things I care about, and I hope that passion and caring comes across on the pages of my stories.

7.      What projects are you currently working on?

Aside from putting together a collection of short stories, I have just begun working on a sequel for The Eye-Dancers.  It is fun delving back into that world again!

 8.      Please tell us where we can purchase your books.

The Eye-Dancers can be purchased . . .

At Amazon

At Barnes & Noble:

At Smashwords:

And at Kobo:

Thanks so much for these great questions, Janice!  I really enjoyed answering them!

Thank you Michael.  You are an extremely talented and creative author and your passion and caring personality shows through your writing.  It was entirely my pleasure to have you on my blog and interview you.  I really feel that I know you better now.  I must say that I am looking forward to reading book two of Eye Dancers.  Eye Dancers was a thoroughly entertaining and fascinating story that all young adults and adults will find gripping and enjoyable.  It is a must read for the summer.

Thank you to my readers for stopping by to read about Interview An Author.  It has been so much fun doing this segment and I certainly hope you will continue to stop by to check out some more incredible authors and their books.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   A little kindness toward those who are in need goes a long way to making their lives more enjoyable.


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  1. I love reading your interviews, Janice. All of your authors are so interesting and it’s fun learning about their hopes and dreams.

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