Do You Know How Many Days There Are Until Christmas?

Having just come back from a vacation I feel I am behind the eight ball in getting ready for Christmas! Yikes! As of (11/19/19) there are 36 days until Christmas! Can you believe it? I can’t either!

Christmas Tree

I have so much to do after I finish all my dirty laundry from vacation, shopping and decorating the house, and getting my lists ready for what I will make for all the company we have coming from both sides of our families. Sigh! I am exhausted already and not getting any younger doing the same things I have been doing for who knows how long!

Please let me help you with your holiday shopping to make it easier for you. I love giving books to everyone on my list (some of my books and other authors’).

Books are something that everyone enjoys! Are you looking for just the right books to please everyone on your Christmas list? Well, look no further than Jemsbooks!

Christmas Book Tree

Let’s begin with young children – ages PS-8. I write all my young children’s books in rhyme with life lessons. They are fun adventures with a story told in rhyme and some have a repetitive theme that children love to repeat along with you.

Here are the links below to purchase the books listed. You can also click on the covers to the right of this post that will take you directly to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Please check out all the reviews for these children’s books and note the awards that they have received – One – Mom’s Choice Award and 4 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards.


Barnes & Noble

Jemsbooks children’s books PS – Age 8

Life Lessons in each book:

Louey the Lazy Elephant – Always listen to your mother

Ricky the Rambunctious Raccoon – Always listen to your mother and never wander alone at night

Lamby the Lonely Lamb – Accept Differences in others

Jerry the Crabby Crayfish – Be the Best You can Be

Jesse the Precocious Polar Bear – Friends matter and listen to your mother

Broose the Moose on the Loose – Accept Differences in others

Sebastian Meets Marvin the Monkey – Be kind to animals

Colby the Courageous Cat – Be kind to your siblings

Jeffrey the Jittery Giraffe – Be brave and believe in yourself, help others be brave too

Clarence the Hermit Crab – Believe in yourself and do the best you can do even if you are different than others

Lucy the Talented Toy Terrier – Love and be kind to your pets

The First Star – A Fairy Tale – Love is more important than riches

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I wish you luck with your Christmas shopping! I appreciate your kind support and any reviews you write for my books!

I love to hear from readers and fans and welcome your input as to ideas for new books. I have a dragon series coming next year. My husband/illustrator/cover creator is presently working on Book 1 of this series which will have six books in all. This series will be colorful, fun adventures and have life lessons too, of course. Watch for the Dragons coming!!

A new post will be coming with MG/PT/YA books for Christmas shopping!


Blessings & Hugs!


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Week Three in Sunny Aruba – One Happy Island!

Time is flying by here in Aruba. Soon we will be leaving this lovely little island with warm, balmy breezes in the 80’s and 90’s to go home to temps in the teens and 20’s. Brrr! I don’t think my body can take the drastic change.

It has been a memorable trip as always here with the wonderful hospitality of the friendly and welcoming Aruban people. We can’t wait to go back again next year!

The weather here is always in the 80’s and above and the water is about the same temp but feels cooler after you have been in the sun and want to take a dip. It is refreshing and difficult to leave once you are in it. There are plenty of water sports for those who want to partake and even boat trips, sailing and deep sea fishing for the brave souls. We have been coming for 20 years so we have done quite a few boat trips, snorkeling and Jeep tours on the other side of the island to last a lifetime. But if you come for the first time you must do them at least once. I have never done the parasailing or other raft rides – too scary for me. I like the sunset sails, snorkeling on the catamarans or trimarans and glass bottom boats.

Here are some photos of places we dined with friends and all the delicious food we ate. Once I arrive home I will share more photos from my husband’s camera after he downloads it to his computer. All the photos I have in my blogs on Aruba are from my cell phone. I think they are pretty good for a phone.

We always dine at Yemanji’s (one of our favorite restaurants) downtown in Oranjestad with friends. It is dining in a courtyard setting with food cooked on a wood fired grill. Delicious!

Our friends, Shirley & Jay, at Yemanji
Our friends, Trish & Marty, at Yemanji
John & I at Yemanji on Friday
Filet & Grilled Shrimp with onions and bacon
Mashed potatoes, grilled shrimp (other half of the filet dinner)
At Wacky Wahoo’s on Saturday

We always go to this little quaint and colorful restaurant – Wacky Wahoo’s (another favorite). You have to get a reservation way ahead of time. We couldn’t get one during the first two weeks we were in Aruba. It is well worth it! The food is wonderful and the people are friendly and accommodating. There is even a waiter there who looks just like Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong. John always takes a photo of this Cheech lookalike with me. His name is really Rudy.

Cheech lookalike! Notice the glass of sangria! My favorite on the island!
Seafood dish with red snapper, shrimp, calamari and mussels, plantain and polenta – beautiful presentation and absolutely delicious! They are one of the best restaurants on the island!
Mural at Wacky Wahoo
Comical placques at Wacky Wahoo
More placques
View from our table at Azzurro’s Restaurant at the Playa Linda Resort. Food was not as good as the view unfortunately.
Dining with friends, Marty & Trish, at Azzurro’s
John & I at Azzurro’s – fun time with friends – Sunday
Selfie on Villa Balcony before dinner on Monday
Posing on Villa Balcony
Selfie in Aruba in 2019
John & I at Tango’s – Monday
Sirloin Steak & Veggies at Tango’s – Had a few bites before I took this photo. We had to take part of it back for the next day’s lunch! It was delicious!
Tossed Salad
Chef at Tango’s cooking over coal fired grill
Our waitress at Tango’s – she was lovely.

There are only four days left of our vacation in Aruba. The time has flown, but all good things come to an end. Sigh! It has been a wonderful and relaxing time. I will have read at least five books, not as many as I read at home. We do spend a huge part of the day in the water which is absolutely balmy and fabulous. It’s like sitting in a warm tub with little waves that bob you up and down in a rhythmic manner. Love it! We talk to friends while soaking up the sun and water about, what else, food and where we went or plan to go for dinner.

Each year we find a new place to dine and cross off another that is too expensive. Prices continue to go up here for everything, not just food, shopping and dining. We don’t have much choice but to pay it or go elsewhere to find something cheaper.

We do bring some food down with us for breakfast and lunch and go out nightly for dinner. That has worked for us so far. Many others shop when they get to Aruba but must pay extra for cabs just to get to the shopping area.

Here are more photos of the last few days in Aruba. We will enjoy every minute until we can return again next year! We snapped a few on our way to dinner on Tuesday. I love this flowering bush. It’s a flowering cactus. There are plenty of cacti on the island since this is a desert island but you will see lots of palm trees too which were brought in from other islands. There are also Divi Divi trees which are one of the only indigenous trees on the island. They grow in the direction of the wind.

Flowering bushes in Aruba
Sunset at Divi Phoenix Resort
John with Sangria and Margarita Pizza at Amore Mio – Tuesday
Me and my Sangria and Vegetariana Pizza at Amore Mio
Vegetariana Pizza at Amore Mio

One of the nicest places on the island is Madame Jeannette’s. We went with friends, Jane and Tim, on Wednesday during our last week.

Dining at Madam Jeannette’s
Dining with friends, Jane & Tim, at Madame Jeannette’s
Coconut Shrimp (John’s dinner)
Almond encrusted grouper (My dinner)

On Thursday we went back to another favorite place – Blossom’s, formerly Yee’s, for Asian food. They have a fabulous lemon chicken which is no longer on the menu but they make it for us every year. We had it the first week and went again last week and this week too.

Dining at Blossoms – having a Sangria on Thursday.

I feel so spoiled. John promises to make some Sangria for me when we get home since I have enjoyed it so much here. He’s a good man!

John having a Zombie
Delicious lettuce wraps
Steamed Peking Dumplings
Blossoms Fried Rice & Crab Rangoons

It’s Friday, our last night in beautiful Aruba! We will miss waking up to look out at the gorgeous shades of turquoise to dark blue water each morning, eating on our lovely balcony, both breakfast and lunch, and soaking up the sun as we take our daily walks. Ahh! I am already missing our home away from home! Sigh!

We went with our friends, Trish & Marty and their friends, Tanya & Jacob, to a new restaurant for us, Ricardo’s, on our last night to celebrate our wonderful vacation, making it a perfect ending.

Dinner at Ricardo’s with Trish, Marty, Tanya & Jacob on Friday, our last night in Aruba!
Tanya, Trish and me
John, Marty & Jacob
Sunset at Ricardo’s right on the beach
Beautiful sunset at Ricardos – looks like a postcard!
Chicken Parm (without the cheese) at Ricardo’s – my husband’s is much better!
Flan at Ricardo’s – rich and thick and delicious!

Here it is our third and last week in Aruba. We have eaten all kinds of fish, chicken, pizza, steak and had lots of Sangria. We walked miles and miles and swam and soaked up the sun but now we are browned and pruned and full from all the delicious food. It’s time to go home! We can’t eat or drink any more! Sigh! Luckily we walked many miles each day to help keep the weight off with all this food. But it has been a fantastic trip and we now will look forward to three more weeks next year!

I will post one more time about Aruba with some of the photos my husband took on his camera of our fun Wednesdays when we have mango daiquiris, pina coladas and sangria with all kinds of appetizers right on the beach. Our group of yearly friends old and new gather together at 3:00 to drink, eat, chat and enjoy the beautiful day in Aruba. John snapped many photos each Wednesday of everyone having a wonderful time. Watch for this post after I get home. I will have lots of laundry to do so it may take a few days or more before I get organized and used to being home in the frigid weather. Yikes!

Another few photos of Aruba and its fabulous sunsets!

Sunset over Palm Beach
Sunset at Divi Resort
Sunset captured with sailboat
Sunset at Divi Phoenix Resort on Boardwalk to pier
Sunset on Eagle Beach with Divi Divi Trees
Sunset on Eagle Beach with Palapas (huts) and cacti

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my photos and will one day get to visit this lovely little island to experience its beauty, delicious food and friendly and welcoming people.

I will be featuring some more photos once my husband downloads them to his computer. It may be a little while though because we need to recuperate from vacation after coming home to frigid temps. Oh well, all good things come to an end.

Last Selfie in Aruba 2019


All Jemsbooks are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble or by clicking on covers to the right of this post. Thank you for your kind support and any reviews you write of my books.

Blessings & Hugs! Bon Bini from Aruba – One Happy Island! Goodbye Aruba until next year, God willing!


All photos and material on this website is copyrighted by this blogger.

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Celebrating Veterans – Thank you for your service!

I want to say a large ‘THANK YOU’ to all Veterans for their service and sacrifice in order for all of us to live free. God Bless You All!

On our way to Aruba we had a stop in Baltimore. It so happens there was a plane that arrived there that was to be our next flight to take us to Aruba. On this plane were Veterans from WWll, Vietnam, and even the Korean War. We watched in awe as these heroes came off the plane and were greeted by some cadets from the local schools. They clapped and shook hands with each veteran bringing tears to the eyes of many including me. This plane was flown by another veteran who along with a group of others arranged for these veterans to come to Baltimore to be dined and honored for their service to their country in a special celebration.

I was honored to be there to see these men and women who served their country so bravely, some losing limbs during their time. Since it is Veteran’s Day I thought it was a perfect time to share these photos.

Cadets’ hats stacked up as they waited in line at the gate to honor the Veterans.
One of the women volunteers who arranged this trip to honor the Veterans at this dinner.
A Town Cryer who was dressed in garb and announced each Vet as he/she came off plane.
Cadets line up to greet and honor arriving Vets.
Vets being honored by cadets in Baltimore
Disabled Vets being honored in Baltimore
More Vets being honored in Baltimore
Vets being honored by cadets

It was a moving tribute to see the faces of the Vets and Cadets as they shook hands and each Vet grew emotional at being honored in this way. All of us who were there waiting for the next leg of our trip were also emotional as we observed this wonderful ceremony. It made me think of my father who was a Marine serving during WWll. He received a Purple Heart. He would have been proud to see how other Vets were treated with such respect and warmth. We clapped until our hands were sore for there were many Veterans on this plane. Some walked while others had to ride in wheelchairs. I will never forget the feeling as I snapped all these photos and had to capture this day in my blog to share with others.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post. I hope you enjoyed this moving tribute as much as I did. The tears are still ready to fall as I remember the expressions of gratitude and pride on the faces of both the Cadets and Vets as they mingled afterward.

May God bless our Veterans! Thank you all for your unselfish service to your country! We appreciate all that you sacrificed in order for us to live free!

Blessings & Hugs,


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Jemsbooks for Christmas!

Are you looking for that special book for your young children to enjoy that will teach them important life lessons while they have a fun time reading? Well, please check out Jemsbooks for all your Christmas shopping needs.

Jemsbooks has books for all ages from PS-Grade 3, Middle Grade/Preteen/Young Adult to 18+. You can shop quickly by clicking on covers to the right of this post. The links will take you directly to Amazon. If you would rather go to Barnes & Noble, click here for children’s & MG/PT/YA books and here for 18+ books.

Jemsbooks carry life lessons which are so important for young children to learn early and often in order to instill in them the need to remember to respect parents, elders and others, friends matter, be kind to each other, accept differences in others, bullying is never accepted or tolerated, and always listen to your mother, for she knows best.

Amazon has ebooks and paperbacks of all Jemsbooks while Barnes & Noble has only paperbacks. Here are the covers for you to peruse.




Jemsbooks Children’s Books – PS- Grade 3
Davey & Derek Junior Detectives – Award-winning Series – Ages 10 and up
Abby & Holly Series – Award-winning – Ages 10 and up
How Far is Heaven – Paranormal/Mystery/Romance
An Angel Among Us – Eclectic Short Story Collection – 15 Stories dedicated to a friend who lost her life to breast cancer18+
Hunting Mariah – Thriller/Mystery/Suspense/Crime – 18+
Mariah’s Revenge – Thriller/Mystery/Suspense/Crime – Sequel to Hunting Mariah – 18+

If your children see you reading daily they will want to do the same. Begin reading to small children before bedtime or any time to prepare them for a healthier and happier future. You will notice how much fun you both will have getting closer to each other. A perfect time to cuddle and giggle together over Jemsbooks entertaining and fun books.

Go to Amazon and Barnes & Nobles to read all the lovely reviews of Jemsbooks to see what others are saying about my books. Also, please note that Jemsbooks have won many awards for excellence from Mom’s Choice Awards, Pinnacle Book Achievements Awards, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, Authorsdb Book Cover Contest, and was a finalist in Red City Review Book Awards and Authorsdb First Lines Contests, and received Five Star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite Book Awards.

Thank you so much for your kind support and for stopping by to read this post. It is always a pleasure to have you visit. Please come back again real soon.


Blessings & Hugs!


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Week Two in Aruba – One Happy Island!

Well, week one is behind us now in Aruba. I can’t believe how fast time flies here! We are having a wonderful and relaxing time on this lovely island where everyone smiles and says ‘hello’ or Bon Bini.

Of course there is always something to get negative about but we deal with whatever comes and smile if we are missing something in our rooms like glasses, utensils, or a light doesn’t work. All we have to do is call maintenance or housekeeping and all is fixed.

We are in our new room for two weeks now. We moved from the Divi Phoenix Resort tower and are now in the Villas which are only three floors next to the tower which has 14 floors. The new room is larger with two full baths and a king-sized bed, kitchenette, living room and a large deck which you can see in a photo of me below. What a life!

There are so many restaurants to dine at and enjoy the delicious food, Aruban or American. There are all kinds of fish – grouper, mahi, mahi, red and yellow snapper, barracuda, bronzinni, Chilean Sea Bass and wahoo among others. My favorites are red and yellow snapper and barracuda and wahoo.

My favorite restaurants are:

Waki Wahoo – wonderful dishes of fish

Driftwood – do their own fishing daily for fresh from the ocean to your table

Suisse Chalet – used to love this place for steak – but this year it has gone up tremendously in price that we may not go back! Sigh!

Pure Ocean – fish and more – at our Divi Phoenix Resort

Sea Breeze – new one to us but enjoyed my red snapper!

Madam Jeannette’s – wonderful food in outside dining, fish and more

Azzurro – Italian and more

Mio More – pizza and more

Gianni’s – Italian and more (owns Azzurros)

Yemanjis – smoked and grilled good – fish and more

Blossom’s – Asian and hibachi

Dushi Bagels & Burgers – breakfast and lunch and dinner

Gelatissimo – Gelato

I may have forgotten some – but there are so many choices. Prices are going up in some places but others are still reasonable. People here are so welcoming and happy to serve you. They make you want to keep coming back!

View from our Villa Balcony Room
Selfie on our Villa Balcony
Posing on our large deck – Ready for a day on the beach!

View of Weekly Owner’s party from our balcony
Sunset from Pure Ocean Restaurant at Divi Phoenix Resort – Dine where the sun sets and then watch the stars come out.
Dining at Pure Ocean
Delicious Wedge Salad – what is left of it!
Pasta Pescatore at Pure Ocean Restaurant
Dining with friends, Trish & Marty at Old Cunnucco House
My favorite drink here – Red Sangria
Coconut Shrimp at Old Cunnucco House
Dining at Sea Breeze at the Holiday Inn – where I had a large filet of my favorite fish – red snapper. Sorry I ate it before I remembered to snap a photo! Oops!
Dining with friends, Jay & Shirley at Sea Breeze
Gorgeous Sunset on our walk to dinner one night
Working on this post before dinner tonight from balcony – what a view, huh?
My friend, Maria, and me at Ellioti Restaurant
Paul and John at Ellioti
At Blossoms Restaurant with friend, Shirley
John taking part in cooking at Blossoms (Hibachi)
Fire in the hole at Blossoms Hibachi show
Dinner at Dushi Bagels & Burgers
Juicy Burger at Dushi Bagels & Burgers

The weather here in Aruba has been fabulous, but I don’t want to jinx us. Temps in 80’s to 90 and windy, which keeps the bugs at bay. Ahh! It doesn’t get much better than this.

We have been fortunate to find this beautiful place and will be able to enjoy it hopefully for many more years to come, God willing. We are grateful for meeting all the lovely people who we see each year at our resort and spending time together dining, swimming and catching up.

This is now Thursday of our second week here but it is flying by! I hope to write another blog and share more photos of this lovely, peaceful and relaxing island. Of course I am reading as much as I can do but spending more time enjoying the warm balmy water for hours each day. I am becoming a prune and turning almost as dark.

Thank you for stopping by to view and read my post. I appreciate your kind support. Stop by again for more photos of Aruba coming soon!


Keep the reviews coming on Amazon or wherever you purchase my books. We authors live for reviews! Thank you kindly! Shop on this blog by clicking on covers to the right of this post. Christmas will be here before you know it! Happy shopping!

Blessings & Hugs & Bon Bini from Aruba!


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Books Read in the Month of October of 2019!

Here it is already the end of another month. Where does the time go? I have been busy as usual reading some wonderful books for the month of October of 2019. Here are the 9 books I read and reviewed for October.

I loved sharing my reads in this Jemsbooks Segment, Books Read in the Month. I hope you will get a chance to look these books over soon.

If you are an avid reader as I am, please review the books you love on Amazon or wherever you purchased them in order for others to enjoy your reviews. Reviews are one way for readers to know about an exceptional book. We indie authors love to receive reviews and appreciate the efforts of readers to do them. Thank you for your kind support.

Loving someone who can’t get his act together is a tough thing to do and quite a challenge. Laila and Chad are young lovers and marry too soon. Now their lives are torn apart by Chad’s drinking and drug habits. What will they have to do in order to begin again and learn to love one another.

The author takes on a sensitive and relevant subject of today in this enjoyable story of hope and love. How far will they go to keep their love alive? Will Laila be able to forgive Chad for hurting her in the past? Will she take him back and learn to accept him flawed as he is?

I found this book to be heartbreaking as these star-crossed lovers try to find love once again. It’s a perfect beach read for summer or anytime.

This book was an epic story that had to be digested in smaller increments since it was 671 pages. It was like reading three books in one.

I did enjoy it but found it to be too long at times – could have been three books. The main story was fascinating about the twins’ birth and how they grew to be so different. There was a large amount of medical technology involving surgeries that was hard to keep up with at times.

There were many fascinating characters that were followed throughout the story but the main characters were the twin boys from birth to

Cutting for Stone deserved 5 stars for storyline, 4 for length and 4 for too much medical information for the lay person to comprehend. I was almost relieved when I finally finished it. It was a huge project to take on. At times I had to get away from it and read three other books that were quicker reads and not so intense.

I don’t feel that it’s necessary to outline the story since others have already done that. All I want to do is let the reader know what they are about to undertake. This book is well worthwhile to read but make sure you have patience and plenty of time to finish this book.

I can see this book being made into an epic long movie one day. It was an incredible undertaking to compile so much into one story. Kudos to the author for this epic novel!

4.0 out of 5 starsA Love Story of Lost then Found!October 6, 2019Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseKatherine and Jake’s love story in Lightning Lingers Book 2 of Lightning Strikes Trilogy is a case of young love and tragedy that breaks the couple apart. Katherine and Jake move apart after his father’s disappearance and go on with their lives in separate ways.

She goes back to school and becomes a doctor while Jake takes up flying one thing he vowed he would never do after his father’s death in a plane during a thunder storm. When they are forced together once again they must find their place together or part forever. Will they be able to forgive and forget the past and all the hurt they caused each other?

The author created strong characters, both men and women in this book which makes for a better story as they go up against one another and come to terms. This reader can see how she became a best-selling author.

This was an enjoyable love story with a mystery running through it that made it compelling to finish quickly. I look forward to Book 3 in this series.

5.0 out of 5 starsWinston Windflower, a Hero in my eyes!October 13, 2019Format: Kindle EditionI received a free copy of this new book by Mike Martin. Having read all of his books to date I was happy to read this latest one. My review is of my own volition and a honest view of the book.

Winston Windflower is a hero in this book but he has been one in my eyes throughout this series. If only there was a real person like him, a kind and generous man, a wonderful, affectionate father and supportive husband. He is the consummate family man but a hard-working Mountie too.

Mike Martin has created an enjoyable series with plenty of action in Winston’s daily life as a Mountie. There are drugs, murders, mayhem and danger at every turn as he tries to solve and connect the dots in these cases. The supporting characters are well defined and likable and round out the story satisfactorily. The background of Canada sounds like a lovely place to live besides all the fog and cold weather and snow.

The author writes in an easy manner that makes the story feel as if you are part of the cast and at home or taking a walk along with Winston and Lady, his dog. A thoroughly enjoyable and quick read that makes you want for more. Love Mike Martin books. Looking forward to more! Highly recommend!

Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, Book 2 is an action-packed fantasy that has a gripping storyline and memorable characters. The author has created a fun story with plenty of adventures for the main character, Luke Callindor, and his cohorts.

I read Book 1 more than a year or so ago but picked right up with Luke and his friends as if I never left them. This book continues with more adventures, odd creatures, spells, castors, gnomes, and the usual suspects that kept this reader enthralled.

This series could be made into a TV series or full-length movies as in the Lord of the Rings. It is not as complex as the Lord but equally fascinating and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, Luke, Fizzle, Fritz and Nyx. 

I look forward to reading and learning more about these endearing characters and their fun and challenging adventures. Kudos to the talented and creative Charles E Yallowitz!

Duplicity is a non-stop roller coaster of a thriller that has so many twists and turns that I fell dizzy but in a good way! I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery which held many surprises and kept me turning pages as fast as I could. It was difficult to put this book down – it was that gripping!

It’s difficult to talk about a book like this without giving something away, therefore, I will not tell you what the book is about except that Max and Alyssa are a happily married couple until the untimely death of Max. The mystery centers on this but delves much deeper as the pace ratchets up and up until you find yourself holding your breath at the revelations that come to pass. Can you believe all that transpires in this story? Will you be able to catch your breath when all is revealed? Check it out and find out for yourself.

A wonderful story that will stay with you for a long time. Highly recommend!

Summer Rain was a enjoyable third book in this suspenseful series. I liked all the characters in play especially the main characters, Dani and Patrick, and how they met and connected through lightning.

The author has done a wonderful joy of piecing the three stories together, each book being centered upon one of the family members and how they were compelled to search for answers after the loss of their father in a plane crash. Patrick was added to this story and linked to Dani through a similar loss in his life, his mother who was killed in another plane crash. Barbara Freethy created strong, resilient characters who are not afraid to venture into the unknown in spite of danger at every turn. This makes for some exciting and suspenseful reading.

I look forward to reading the next series involving one of the FBI characters that will spin off from this book. I’m sure the author will have more satisfying stories to tell that will keep this reader engaged.

The Lake House secret is the first book I have read by this author but certainly not the last. It was an engrossing read with plenty of suspense and love interest to keep me invested in its conclusion.

There are many suspects when the remains are found close to the protagonist’s, Jenessa Jones’ neighborhood. Beginning her new job as a reporter in her home town Jenessa finds herself embroiled in the mystery and committed to learning whose remains are uncovered and the perpetrator of the crime. What she doesn’t realize is some evidence points to someone close to her. Can she find the killer before powerful people cover up the crime or before the police bungle up the investigation?

This was an enjoyable and quick read that is just the beginning of a series of mysteries by this talented author. I look forward to more from Debra Burroughs.

Search for the Golden Serpent (Book 1) is like taking a step back in time. It’s full of adventures, humans and gods at war with one another and a fight to prevent Christianity to surface. The main character, Evan (Evandros) is catapulted back in time by Zeus to help the gods stop Christianity from taking away their powers and find some precious artifacts.

The author created a wonderful storyline around ancient times and complex characters who make the reader feel as if he/she is actually on the quest along with Evan and his counterparts. It began slowly but once Evan was pulled back in time the story ratcheted up.

I have read other books by this creative author who certainly does her research to fill in her stories with rich details about Greek mythology that bring her stories alive. I highly recommend this book and others by Luciana Cavallaro.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my monthly reviews for October of 2019. I hope you will check out these wonderful books soon. Watch for more interesting posts coming each week and monthly reviews of all the books I read.


Please be kind and leave reviews for authors wherever you purchase our books. We authors will love you for your efforts! Thank you so much!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

Time is quickly passing and soon we will be in the throes of the busy holiday season. I have already begun my Christmas shopping and will finish once I return from vacation in Aruba.

Here are some suggestions for Christmas gift giving for the young children in your family.

Young Children’s Books

All these books are available on Amazon and BN and also by clicking on the book covers to the right of this post. Check out all the wonderful reviews of these books while you are on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jemsbooks carries life lessons for children to encourage them to be kind to others, respect elders, parents and each other, bullying is never accepted or tolerated, accept differences in others, listen to your mother, believe in yourself and have courage to be the best you can be.

It’s important that our children learn basic life lessons to help them grow to be kind, considerate, respectful, healthy and happy adults. Reading Jemsbooks will lead them in the right direction. Children are our most precious individuals and the future lies in their hands. Let’s give them all the help they will need to be the best they can be. Reading is good for their health.

Here are some suggestions for MG/PT/YA in your family. All these books carry life lessons for the older children that encourage them to be kind, caring, respectful to each other, parents and adults, bullying is never tolerated or accepted, always listen to your parents, and believe in yourself.

Middle-Grade/Preteen/Young Adult Books
MG/PT/YA Books

Here are some suggestions for parents and 18+.

How Far Is Heavenmystery/romance/paranormal

Blurb: How Far Is Heaven

Parker and Priscilla Wilfork are happily married with two children. Life seemed perfect and peaceful until Parker goes on a business trip and does not return. Priscilla finds her world turned upside down when she searches for answers to how and why Parker disappeared.

One night Priscilla has a dream that Parker is an angel. Does this mean that Parker is now dead? After two years and no sign of Parker except in her dreams, Priscilla makes the decision to tell her children that their father has gone to Heaven.

Priscilla tries to get their lives back together until one day Deanna disappears too. Now Priscilla must go on a quest to find her daughter before it’s too late. She fears her daughter’s disappearance might be connected in some way to her husband’s. Can Priscilla go on with her life if she loses Deanna too?

With the help of a handsome police Sergeant, Blake Furelli, they work together to try to find Deanna and solve the mystery behind Parker’s disappearance. During this trying time, Blake, who suffered a loss of his own, feels drawn to the ethereal beauty of Priscilla.

An Angel Among Us – An Eclectic Short Story Collection

Blurb: An Angel Among Us (15 short stories)

A collection of short stories that covers several genres including romance, grief/loss, mystery, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal. This book is dedicated to a courageous friend who passed this year. The first story is specially created for her and is the inspiration for the title of this book.

Hunting Mariah – mystery/suspense/thriller/crime

Blurb: Hunting Mariah

An insane killer, obsessed with blood and death, seeks revenge with those he perceives wronged him. He is now on the loose. His next victim may be Mariah.

Mariah has lost her memory. Will she remember what has transpired in her past? Can Mariah escape this deadly killer’s grasp. Will she finally be safe? Will the killer be apprehended?

Mariah’s Revenge – Book 2 of Hunting Mariahthriller/mystery/suspense/crime

Blurb: Mariah’s Revenge

This book begins where the first book, Hunting Mariah, left off. This suspense/thriller/crime novel will keep you turning pages as the tension grows. There will be twists and turns and some surprises. Many of the same characters will be in play to give support and encouragement to Mariah along the way.
A new man comes into Mariah’s life that reminds her of someone she wants to forget. He threatens to bring back the horrors that she and her family once endured. While the one she wants to forget suffers from a horrendous attack that puts his life in jeopardy.
Mariah must draw on her strength and resilience to survive danger at every turn. How much more can Mariah endure? How far will Mariah go to protect her family?

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Happy Halloween from Aruba!

Here are some photos around the neighborhood that I snapped before we left for Aruba showing the spirit of Halloween.

Each year we travel to Aruba around Halloween. The Arubans celebrate Halloween in a big way. Everywhere you look you will see signs of ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night.

Here are some photos of Halloween decorations that have popped up since we arrived in Aruba.

Halloween in Aruba skeleton
Halloween Decorations in Aruba
Halloween decorations outside restaurants
Ghosts that go bump into the night
Sunset on Eve of Halloween
Skeleton Head
Ghosts Slinking around
A Ghostly Clown
Skulls await entrance at Gianni’s Restaurant
An eerie welcome at Gianni’s

Tonight on Halloween we walked around to see young children dressed in costumes with their parents. I wouldn’t take their photos for fear the parents would be upset. But they were all so cute.

Christmas Lights in Aruba

I hope you had a fun Halloween wherever you celebrated it. Stay safe and well.

Can you believe the photo above? They began connecting Christmas lights on Halloween! Nothing like rushing the holidays! Sigh!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of Halloween in Aruba.


Books for HalloweenAbby & Holly Series and Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series – fun reading for middle-graders/preteens/young adults with ghosts, fun adventures, mysteries, haunted house and more!

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Aruba Vacation – One Happy Island!

Aruba is my favorite island to visit each year. Here you can relax, sun, swim and eat delicious food! What more could you ask for?

This is the perfect vacation spot if you are looking for a warm, sunny place to rest, relax and read and soak up the sun and warm water that is out of the hurricane belt. Weather is always 80’s to 90’s and sunny, warm and windy. Water is cool when you first go in but refreshing and soon feels like a comfortable bath that you never want to leave. Ahh! We love it and spend hours every day in the water.

I hope to soak up as much as I can before going back home. Ahh! I plan on reading many books too that I will be reviewing for your reading pleasure for the months of October and November.

Here are a couple of photos as we flew in.

Beautiful Aruba from plane
Almost there!
First Night at Pure Beach Restaurant
Gorgeous Sunset
View of Pure Ocean Restaurant – Dined here second night
View of sun setting from Balcony of Room
Pure Ocean Restaurant – Hostess
Delicious Shrimp Cocktail with pickled onions and greens
Chicken Saltimbocca

The third night we ate at our favorite Asian restaurant, Yee’s which used to be Blossom’s for those of you who know anything about Aruba.

Enjoying a tasty Sangria with fruit at Yee’s Asian Restaurant
Our first selfie on our balcony

This is just the first week we are here. At this rate if I take a photo or every night’s meal I will be busy for three weeks. Hope you enjoyed a snippet of what Aruba is like. Hope you get to visit this lovely little island. It really is One Happy Island! Who wouldn’t be happy here?

My first day here I got a sunburn on my arms even though I had sprayed and creamed well. We are in the water so long each day that the sunscreen washes off. From now on I have to leave the water and reapply more sunscreen. I forgot how much closer we are to the Equator and how damaging the sun can be.

I promise not to bore you with every night but I will post some more photos of the ocean and of course sunsets and food.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post and enjoy my photos. I appreciate your kind support. Watch for more posts coming about Aruba.


All Jemsbooks are available by clicking on the covers on the right of this post or by going to Amazon or Barnes & Noble for children and Barnes & Noble for Novels 18+. Thank you!

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Taking a Break from Everything!

I am taking my yearly break and heading to Aruba for a wonderful and relaxing vacation! While we are there I promise to post a few times with beautiful photos of the island and the delectable food! Sorry if I make your mouth water and cause you any distress from envious thoughts. Please forgive me. I wish you all could come down some day and experience the beauty of this lovely little island. It is our hideaway every year since we have timeshares that force us to go. But no one is twisting my arm to go. I love it!

We have been blessed to meet some special friends each year and have a fabulous time on the beach and out to dinners. We look forward to these fun weeks every year and find ourselves counting the months, days and hours until we get back there again.

Here are a few photos from last year. Enjoy!

View from Timeshare Balcon
Aruban Sunset from our balcony
Seafood Linguine – Pure Ocean Aruba 2018

Aruba is One Happy Island. Ask any of the natives there and they will tell you this. What I love about returning each year is they remember you and welcome you with – Welcome Home! It does feel like home since we’ve been going there together since we got married over 20 years. I purchased one timeshare week back in 1986 and have been a few times more than my husband. But it’s more fun with him along side me. Now we have three timeshares for three weeks. Ahhh! It’s the life! But we are ready to come home after glorious three weeks to getting back to our usual routines and food.

Being on an island we have plenty of fresh fish and seafood to our hearts’ content. I love it all! There are many restaurants, too many to count, that also offer Italian fare, steaks (delicious Argentinian or New York), Pork and chicken. All are excellent.

Some of my favorite restaurants are:

Azzurro (Italian & More)

Suisse Chalet (Steaks, fish, lamb & more)

Driftwood (fish and seafood)

Yee’s (Asian cuisine)

Gianni’s (Italian & steaks)

Amio More (Pizza and more)

Yamanji (fish & more)

Waki Wahoo (fish and more)

Pure Ocean and Pure Beach (varied menu at our timeshare restaurants at Phoenix Divi Resort) Dine outside and watch the sun set and then sit under the stars and watch the ocean as sailboats go by.

Gellatissimo (gelato & pastries)

These are just a sampling of all the fantastic restaurants on this island that you can try. We dined at 21 restaurants one year and still did not get to all of them.

It’s a fascinating little island – one of the ABC Islands.

Here is a little more information if you want to know more about Aruba here.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your kind support of my blog and my 25 books. Until I return wishing you a lovely day, every day. Watch for more posts from lovely Aruba coming soon!


All Jemsbooks are available by clicking on covers to the right of this post or by going to Amazon and Barnes & Noble (children’s), Barnes & Noble (18+). Thank you!

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