Favorite Children’s Book Authors

Here are some excellent children’s book authors that I would like to share with you.

Deanie H. Dunne is the talented author of children’s stories about horses and other animals. Here are the links for her extraordinary books.

Tails New Cover Medium

Hattie in jpeg

Charlene from Barnes & Noble

Deannie photoCharlie's cover from Amazon

Here’s Charlene’s link on Amazon:   http://www.amazon.com/Charlene-Star-Deanie-Humphrys-Dunne/dp/1620242141/

Tails: http://www.amazon.com/Tails-of-Sweetbrier-ebook/dp/B00DRPCA9E/

Charlie:  http://www.amazon.com/Charlie-the-Horse-ebook/dp/B00CEJ2Y4A/

Hattie:   http://www.amazon.com/Charlene-Hatties-Heroes-Deanie-Humphrys-Dunne/dp/1612860710/
my blog: www.dhdunne.blogspot.com

JZ Bingham is a talented author of Dreamy Dreams Collection.  All her stories are in rhyme.  Here are her links:


My website:
Publisher website:
GoodReads Author Page:
Salty Splashes Video Trailer:
LinkedIn: JZ Bingham
and, of course Twitter: @JZBingham
D.C. Rush, Don and Cathy Rush, are talented authors of Robbie’s Quest books which are about birds and nature.  Here are their links:

Ocean cover

Paul G. Day is a very creative author who writes in different genres – children’s books and YA novels.  Here are the links to his sites to purchase his wonderful selection of books and also follow him.  He is also the creator/founder of the fast growing site, PiA, Published Indie Authors.  This site offers support, education and resources for Indie Authors and amazing children’s books and novels for all ages.

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/291409.Paul_Day/blog

Blogger “My YA Novels” (My main Blog)


Twitter (feel free to follow me)


YouTube (My Book Trailers etc.)


Google Plus (My main Social Connection)


Amazon Author Page (purchase all my books here)


Newest book – Kipp the Copper Coast Kid on Kindle:


51m4PAhRwNL__AA160_ 51O-jljfSXL__AA160_ 61AoJn4B9cL__AA160_ 61B6glEE5qL__AA160_ 61wOx5CPCsL__AA160_

Sarah Mazor of MazorBooks is a talented author and publisher of children’s books that foster positive influence and good behavior in children.  They are adorable, entertaining and children will delight in reading them over and over again.  Here is the link on Amazon for all Mazorbooks.


6 Responses to Favorite Children’s Book Authors

  1. Deanie Dunne says:

    Your author page looks beautiful!

  2. Deanie Dunne says:

    Oh, I’ll check that out and see who the new one is!

  3. jjspina says:

    You are already in the group PIA. It looks great! Paul did an outstanding job!

  4. All remarkable childrens books!

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